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I think /fur/ could use a drawthread

>someone makes a request

>someone else draws that request for them

Simple as that

Pic completely unrelated
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aw gosh i'll try to pour my heart and soul into the next thing i do for an ungrateful stranger on a forum nobody cares about for free


i'm sorry i lost my temper here but really requesters, if you have very specific things in mind just pay an artist you already like to do it


the only thing I meant by .jpg is that its the worst file format for an image
the art itself is really good, didn't mean to offend you


sorry i flew off the handle i've just been generally in a poor mood today
thank you for staying polite despite my smelly outburst


File: 1522769783424.jpeg (149.17 KB, 1200x675, CD45719C-5CC6-408E-A5FD-7….jpeg)

Requesting a robot to hold her down in that position whilr another blasts her pussy or ROB smashing ber cunt.


File: 1522802380765.jpg (253.65 KB, 988x1280, 40df16ffa07259c18b9eb87e39….jpg)

Think You can draw a anthro female dragon being hanged in there underwear,panties and bra,in a trapdoor short drop style that is visual?

Pic related.


File: 1523100677105.png (615.97 KB, 1163x1920, C9E45EF4-FE20-486E-A150-1F….png)

Requesting for this sexy headless feraligatr girl flexing while her head watches her body and saying praises to her as she flexes.


Bumping this request


Do you think we could have a picture of Judy Hopps being covered in cement like in "The Dangerous: Death by cement"

Easy to find on youtube.


some straight shota snuff, perhaps? Preferably hanging/decapitation? bonus: incest related.
would be cool.


Would someone like to draw nubless or toothless dead? Clean or explicit (maybe fairly bloody) I just want more dead dragons



File: 1532243445295.png (442.95 KB, 1080x1080, sketch-1532243227508.png)

Anyone up for Zoophobia Guro?


are you taking requests or is this a request?


File: 1532331625486.png (291.6 KB, 500x1109, 97BFCB70-87A3-40D9-8397-5F….png)

Requesting for Princess Ember(as pictured) as a dullahan plz.


File: 1532418204664.jpeg (203.24 KB, 1000x1400, 988F8604-3C9B-452E-9240-3….jpeg)

Requesting to see Rouge the bat dead lying on the ground or slumped against a wall, covered in cum and pissing herself, missing her top and jumpsuit but still having her boots and gloves. Would appreciate it if you could see her face too.


bumping this request


File: 1533902579886.jpg (1.18 MB, 1256x1752, renamon request.jpg)

Requesting Renamon getting an abortion like Chun-Li in pic related.
Limbs are optional


File: 1536871710296.jpg (83.38 KB, 540x1025, anthro-dragon-req.jpg)


Here you go ! Hope you like it


File: 1537023982820.png (188.74 KB, 783x952, Natanireq.png)

As you asked! I hope it's close to what you wanted, I would love to see the commissions you had !


Not that anon but do you have a place where you post?


Unfortunately no. These two drawings are the first guro requests I've done. It is kind of a premiere, so I'm glad you're interested !


do you have discord?


File: 1537059268921.jpeg (129.39 KB, 800x496, CE8A9EC8-AFF3-48DB-8308-7….jpeg)

Would someone care to draw this cobra’s corpse getting bleed out and fucked violently in a stand and carry position?
Thank’s for your time.


Holy cow! I would also like to get ahold of you on FA/IB/Discord or something :3


File: 1537122236968.png (337.31 KB, 678x1018, 7300req.png)

I care ! I liked that request, enjoy it!

Thank you, but I prefer to remain on gurochan for now. I'm very glad you like it !


can you look at some of the older requests? >>5528 perhaps?


>>7328 fuck yes thank you so much for that!
It looks amazing!


File: 1537126801283.jpeg (76.52 KB, 750x562, 82456043-37F3-4543-9580-7….jpeg)

Would anybody like to draw this otter’s corpse bleeding, on the ground, ready to be fucked in the pussy?


File: 1537127042169.jpeg (80.42 KB, 800x533, F974A3EA-4701-46B2-AFE4-D….jpeg)

>>7328 if it’s not to much trouble, would you like to draw this Lucario in a bra and shorts in the moment just after dying to an Ivysaur strangling her with his vines?


I second’d this request.


Thanks it looks great, never enough dragon hangings around.


File: 1537133664025.jpg (123.26 KB, 788x1306, 969533ae5cb15b8980f5039d87….jpg)

Could someone draw mipha tied up like this hanged,Like a pulled up and left to die hanging,nobody else in the drawing just her.




File: 1537937553015.png (181.2 KB, 524x480, 2A58BBB6-9046-464B-9DA2-5D….png)

Someone please draw this mini boss from Cuphead as a corpse on the ground, neck snapped and covered in cum, thanks






Could you draw Babs Bunny, or Lola Bunny, or both, nude wearing goggles/flippers, drowning underwater, maybe tied to a weight or caught on seaweed?


File: 1549208902642.png (141.87 KB, 1080x1080, sketch-1549208774966.png)

Not quite the same with a request but eh,


File: 1551240556460.png (335.32 KB, 1058x800, winnie_diaper.png)

Requesting the left, Winnie in a filled diaper in a position similar to those on the right. She’d either look embarrassed or disgruntled/annoyed.


File: 1551382293377.png (882.52 KB, 1587x1976, 9470e709172aecd95c4f7f0cf6….png)

Requesting a gory bursting version of this comic sequence


File: 1551761487704.png (2.29 MB, 1193x1280, JUDDYFEBRUARYCOMMISSION_SM….png)

Can someone make a bleeding breasts edit of this


This is a draw thread, not edit thread.


File: 1552098551433.jpeg (109.67 KB, 1136x1190, 498D6A58-374E-4C8F-A32E-9….jpeg)

New fortnite skin snuffed, showing off face and paws. Covered in cum would be nice


do good artists hang out here?


I might take a crack at some things. Wouldn't call myself a 'good' artist but we'll see. I just wish there were less living headless requests. I like things a little more bloody. I'd do scat too.


File: 1552613852149.jpg (93.8 KB, 800x631, aae3a7262a7c06783dbcf34a55….jpg)

In that case, mind if I make a request of having these bitches getting brutally shot to death?


I'd like to see anything with a lady vampire, staked and about to turn to dust or caught out in sunlight and burning.



File: 1552980069289.jpg (112.71 KB, 867x922, 8e91223e708a706137a2c4f6bc….jpg)

Any chances for beheading or necro rape after some kind of death with the Wolf Girl? :)

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