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I think /fur/ could use a drawthread

>someone makes a request

>someone else draws that request for them

Simple as that

Pic completely unrelated
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>I’m a masochist, not a psychopath because I draw things
>I would rather kill Han Solo instead of Jar Jar Binks
Pure comedy gold right here.


Fictional or not, hating someone so much so you want to see him dying in suffer is not ok.
>bullshit excuse
don't project your psychopathic vision onto others;3


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File: 1580862903508.jpeg (63.27 KB, 600x500, 2DE2BF7F-51DB-4080-9402-E….jpeg)


File: 1580863262285.jpeg (129.38 KB, 650x382, C5875CCA-4A1C-4E24-A83D-7….jpeg)

>Can’t differentiate fictional and real
>I don’t want to see this person die even if he done something absolutely heinous irl
>You’re so dumb because you don’t get it


>Can’t differentiate fictional and real
Hate is bad, m'kay?

>I don’t want to see this person die even if he done something absolutely heinous irl



This just in, SDG won’t do requests because he’s absolutely useless. Our artist here, people.


File: 1580864373639.jpeg (165.74 KB, 1000x1000, C24EC260-545B-4046-A435-A….jpeg)

>Drawing characters I like die is good


File: 1580864634526.png (56.96 KB, 600x442, idk1.png)

I will not do requests those i don't like and will do those i like if i'll have time. This is how requests works. I'm not the only artist here, maybe somebody else will make your request.


That’s like saying you won’t kill Osama Bin Laden even though he caused 9/11(even though he’s already dead at this point but you get what I mean).


File: 1580865434943.jpeg (76.2 KB, 634x650, C2469C0D-54E3-43B1-9043-2….jpeg)

>Won’t draw characters I hate get killed, will draw characters I loved get killed, this is how I do things
I can’t, people. I just can’t.


I'd rather want other people whose work is judge people deal with him. And i definitely wouldn't want to watch personally how does he die.
Also stopping somebody else from a crime or judge someone and wanting to watch him dying in suffer are different things.

I can write a lot about morality and other stuff, but we are in the drawthread, not in a random thread in /b/, If you like to discuss it - you can contact me on FA/IB/discord and i'll answer your questions.

You already wrote it before. Something new?


Okay, everyone please give him a break, if he chose not to do it, let someone else do it.

And SlowDerpyGuy, I don’t think many of these people have FA or any contact info, so they’re not going to understand and/or provide any reasonable explanation. This is Guro board after all, people just want to see/request things die more than anything else, regardless of what they like/dislike.


You forget this one. >>10337


But if you're drawing gore fetish, didn't you already seen how he/she dies anyway?


File: 1580868760957.jpeg (342.87 KB, 2550x3300, request.jpeg)

Problem solved.


I didn't say that my fetish is good either, why?

You are saying like i prevent other people to request/draw other stuff>w< A few anons asked why me personally don't want to draw some kind of stuff and i just answered them about my position. But thanks, this conversation went far away from the topic.

A reasonable question. For characters whom i have sympathy to for me it's easier to see myself on their place. Maybe sounds weird but this is how my fetish works.


Thanks for that, at least someone actually does something here unlike SDG.


File: 1580872302595.jpg (165.74 KB, 1000x1000, 1580864373639.jpg)

>Claims he's not a psychopath even though he's drawing characters die/suffer
>Refuses to watch bad/hated characters/people die even though he's sadistic to see how good/loved (fictional, no less) characters die/suffer
>Says hate is bad but admits gore fetish is also bad which makes his beliefs all the more petty
Not only does he contradicted himself, but he's a pragmatic sociopath.


File: 1580872593944.jpg (344.02 KB, 1555x651, rebb.jpg)

/r/ Rebecca or Molly turned into a hanging fuckbag with heavy sexual close up focus on her deep open pussy. Unlike the reference face her directly at the viewer and not off at a 45 degree angle, Bodily fluids optional. Visible cervix/rugae would make it exponentially hotter.


This just in, SDG is a sadistic villain because he won't kill Pigma Dengar but takes pleasure in torturing poor Pinkie Pie.


File: 1580873385069.jpg (49.69 KB, 592x822, 1234.JPG)


Aren't most of the people here essentially villains anyway because they're requesting characters getting killed? Then again, this is GUROchan after all.


Yeah, at this point, SlowDerpyGuy, I think it's best for you to take a break from this thread for a while lest you want to turn this into a war zone with other people.


File: 1580875018625.jpeg (352.39 KB, 2550x3300, pigma.jpeg)

Don't worry, guys. I'm a hero.


I thought you said you aren't a psychopath, liar. >>10328


File: 1580884370187.jpg (202.61 KB, 1146x831, asdasfd234.jpg)

Requesting this Lopunny or Buneary being forced into a Kanto Vulpix gaping vagina and being cremated as she kicks in her womb while the viewer gives the Vulpix POV anal sex. Bonus points for an after shot of the Vulpix spreading her pussy and showing she's gone to the point there wasn't even dust left with a devilish grin…


File: 1580888701392.png (597.09 KB, 2000x1466, DELETE.png)


But oh wow. That ref sheet is really high quality AND with gore? I need to make myself an original character and look into that artist for future commissions.

Also I'm going to add to the drama… I prefer to draw guro of characters I like. I don't don't get any gratification from mutilating characters I don't like out of hatred of anything like that…and I'm definitely on the sadist side of things. But I don't nessisarly think drawing guro as an expression of anger or hate (so long as it's not directed at a real person in a psrposfully mean way) is harmful in any way. If anything it's a harmless way to get that anger out.


If your brain is too small to understand what i said before(and for posting without greentext) - it's your problems, not mine. I always was on the prey side and i still am on the prey side and i still will not to draw characters i don't like for free;3

I'll not leave this thread just because one kid got butthurted because i haven't drew his request and he started trying to troll me, lol>w< But yes, i'll stop to reply him anymore and feed him:3 I'm still here and looking for interesting requests and ideas, those i can do when i'll have more free time>w<


File: 1580897584498.jpeg (33.53 KB, 300x300, B94FB638-F451-4A01-9FFA-7….jpeg)

>It’s your problem you’re dumb, not mine
>I’m still on the prey side even though I’m the predator for drawing them suffer in the first place
>I admit being a psychopath all along but for pragmatic reasons


Hey, cut it out, all of you. You’ve just got your petty request done, be happy with it.

Anyway, it’s not just one person but multiple people who won’t stop pestering you unless you stopped responding to them. The best way is simply ignore them and do what you like.


This thread’s already turned to hell the moment SDG refuses to do even the simplest requests and continue pissing off the community with his petty reasons(even contradicting himself), he’s the main problem and he’ll continue to make it worse if he still continues to respond to them.


File: 1580899966383.jpeg (29.27 KB, 500x500, 87D90CF6-2C87-47AC-AF73-8….jpeg)

I failed to see the logic of drawing a favorite character suffer yet leaving the more despised one alone when it’s always the opposite. How exactly does that makes you a fan of said character in any possible way?


The way I see it, you’re essentially made a big deal out of it and pass all the blame on SlowDerpyGuy just to make yourself look like the victim. The thing is, he has his own decision on what to do stuff, please let that be.


At least starting using different macros, you low-level pleb.

ITT: Pent up virgins that want new fetish material for their niche gore tastes but don't wanna spend the money to pay an artist to draw it.

It is probably just one troll, this is a slow board and the time stamps are too close together not to be a samefag. Inb4 they claim not a samefag.

Ignore the fag, they'll go away in time.


File: 1580936843000.png (182.44 KB, 520x725, canyou.png)

>the moment SDG refuses to do even the simplest requests
If it's simple for you - then draw it yourself. For me it's hours of work(3-8 hours per work exactly). And i'm not get paid for it. Demanding me to draw what i don't like for free is simple rude.

If you like me to draw exactly what you like and right now - you always can buy a commish. If you don't want to pay - then wait when me or somebody else will like and have time to draw your request for free. I'm not a local slave of this thread.



Stop feeding the troll. Dont you see he is mentally ill? Just ignore him. Report his post to mods maybe he will get banned(tho it helps none).


Okay, okay, sorry>w<


Are these still going?


Almost missed this when the thread had a surge of activity/drama.

Thank you for taking up my request - I'm always delighted to see more slaying pieces. I'm happy you also like the sheet as well, I'm rather satisfied with it myself.

Do I have your permission to repost the pic on FA and Syndullax's F-list profile? I can share that as well if you like the charactersheet.


Hi, I’ve asked for this request since six months ago when ShitDickGay refused to do it. Thanks a lot!




File: 1581029524032.jpeg (29.1 KB, 300x300, C7ACEA88-9B9F-4EE4-A219-B….jpeg)

Bitch, fuck off already. All you do is looking for trouble just like that one time in that edit thread, just fuck off.


File: 1581030125643.jpeg (25.82 KB, 400x297, D2C6C014-FBC8-44ED-9C00-F….jpeg)

Great, just when a troll just been dealt with, another one tries to stir up.


File: 1581036051669.jpg (55.61 KB, 615x864, 99409e.jpg)


It never ends, this shit.
Either make/post a request or fuck off, stop eating up the fucking post limit.


Says the guy who comes in and said he missed the drama. Look, bitch, we just dealt with a guy who's angry at SlowDerpyGuy for not doing his request and now you're filling his role. Either post your fucking request or fuck off.


If you're not going to post a request, then do us a favor and fuck off.


I think it's time to start a new thread, this one's already plagued by trolls and spammers.


Anyway, props to SlowDerpyGuy for putting up with that.

I wonder if people who think in terms of "revenge fantasy" can ever understand that snuff porn can often be the very opposite: We draw (badly, in my case) characters we love getting killed because we like drawing them and we like death fetish. Characters we hate, we simply don't draw at all, for they don't deserve the time and energy we put in a drawing.


Very nice job, thanks anon artist!

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