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File: 1497387253505.png (524.99 KB, 800x800, Victim1.png)


So I was in the mood to destroy something beautiful... hope you all enjoy


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Feel free to add your own if you like...


File: 1497387330491.jpg (274.72 KB, 920x636, Victim 2-2.jpg)

Too cute to leave it at that...


File: 1497387389315.jpg (223 KB, 920x580, Victim-3.jpg)

...and finally some quality father/daughter time... guess she didn't want to play.

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more!


Do you take requests?


Sure post it up and I'll see what I can do :)


File: 1497465555749.jpg (521.75 KB, 750x1000, Victim 4.jpg)



File: 1497465588540.jpg (1.27 MB, 1500x1700, Victim-5.jpg)

Used twice, once for fun and once for target practice... also fun


File: 1497465637523.jpg (452.42 KB, 920x886, Victims 6 and 7.jpg)

These two I found together, double the fun. Little one went first, think the older one is still alive... but not for long.


File: 1497469099848.png (1.02 MB, 1134x1421, f9549b015730463330bcd11550….png)



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Last request for the time being. Any chance you could have a couple of them with just a shot to the pussy?


Sure can, my fav wound. Some good pics here, should be fun, stand by for new victims


File: 1497488929910.jpg (319.11 KB, 920x768, Victims 7 and 8.jpg)

In the meantime here are two more victims, caught these two taking a nap. the brown one was so innocent I had to use her first. Her sister is a bit more of a slut, but she was nice too.


Very nice, I can't wait. I'm also itching to see what little stories you can coe up with~


File: 1497495545317.jpg (492.45 KB, 857x663, Victims 9 and 10.jpg)

So here's victims number 9 and 10, cuaght a mother and daughter snoozing on the beach, from 100 yards out it was an easy enough shot and the silenced hunting rifle did it's job nicely. The mother freaked out completely when she found out what the wet stuff as that splattered on her face and woke her up... well for the extra second she was alive anyway.

Thanks for the request, one of my fav pictures, always thought it was perfect for this. I was having trouble finding it. Definitely made a mess of these two lol. ...more coming soon.


Okay, so I couldn't help but write a little short story to my latest edit, hope you all enjoy. Haven't written this stuff in a while, and never this short lol.

Makwa looked down at her little pup luna curled up next to her on the towel. The two were stark naked. The only furres on this particular nude beach today. She carressed the sleeping little girl's cheek and yawned. She had a late night at work last night.
She looked around. "Are we really safe here?" She thought.
She saw no one else for miles.
The female wolf laid back and stretched, letting her eylids fall closed. "It'll be okay. It's a semi private beach and everyone else is at work or school..." She thought as she quickly drifted into dreamland.

About one hundred yards away an orange fox lay dressed in hunting camoflauge, blending in almost perfectly with the waist high beach grass he was laying in the middle of. He leaned into his scope and smiled to himself. "" He said aloud, then chambered a round of .308 ammunition into the rifle. A supresser was screwed onto the end of the barrel and he chuckled, letting the crosshairs drift between the spread legs of the young Luna. "...never even going to know what hit you... speedy journey little one." He said, then ever so gently carresed the trigger.

Makwa felt a wet splat on her face. She groggily opened her eyes. She could feel wetness on her arm and face. "Some kids must've thrown water on us or something..." she thought as her brain struggled to reboot. She raised her paw and wiped it across her face.
Whatever the stuff was it was sticky, almost like chewing gum. She pulled her paw up and looked at it to see a substance that indeed did resemble chewing gum, painted ina background of dark red. She looked down toward her feet but could see no one, then to the right, toward the sea.
...still no one.
She looked down and immediately a scream erupted from her throat.
Time slowed as seconds took minutes, and a minute would have seemed like an hour, hours, days. Her daughter Luna still lay next to her, but down between her lithe legs was a ragged torn hole instead of a perfectly formed pussy. Her legs and lower belly were caked with blood. Her head had been nearly smashed in two, the pink gummy stuff on her paw, face and leaking out of the cracked open head of her little girl onto her arms were the contents of Luna's head.
"Luna's brain..." She thought, some cohesive ability returning to her severely traumatized mind.
Her daughter's long right ear had been shattered and lay in several pieces perched amongst more brains and a rapidly growing pool of blood. A beautiful blue eye ball sat perched, almost uncannily undamaged on the smashed mess of the pink matter that still remained in her daughter's head.
"Luna's dead!" She thought. "Who? Why? How? I need to get help, HELP!" As she began to move she felt a burning pain between her legs and her head felt like it was going to pop...

...then it did. The fox watched as the mother fell heavily to her back on the towel the two furres had been laying on, her brains splattered across the towel now right beside her murdered pup's. He'd been a little slow to chamber a new round, but he was sort of glad the mother had seen the piece of art he'd made out of her little girl. He looked around and found himself alone, save for the two dead females almost 100 yards away. The fox grabbed his rifle and unscrewed the suppreser and barrel, slipping the pieces into a carrying case. then he stood up and calmy walked off the beach. He'd like to see the bodies, but it was too dangerous. Still, he had a contact in the police department who wasn't above selling crime scene photos.
The fox laughed. "Wonder if he suspects I'm the killer." He said to himself.


I can't wait for the rest~


File: 1497661154712.jpg (471.49 KB, 878x1316, Victim 11.jpg)

Here's Victim 11 caught her pleasuring herself in the shower. She had both eyes closed and was making a mess of the floor with the hand held shower. Her parents would be pissed if they weren't both dead in the living room...


File: 1497661295038.jpg (511.25 KB, 980x1600, Victims 12 and 13.jpg)

And along come victims 12 and 13, these two stayed late at school and were pleasuring one another in the shower. I was going to kill them quickly, but htey begged to have one last fuck so, being the kindhearted fox I am, I let them. Shot the one on bottom in the pussy straight out the head, backed up and let the other one cum, then tagged her in the heart through a tiny breast. bet the janitor will be pissed at the mess he has to clean up tomorrow.


File: 1497666778884.jpg (175.04 KB, 572x700, 9619b1c827f72e2a56c6faf5b7….jpg)

Very nice~ Any chance you'd tell me how 11's parents died?

And perhaps this little girlie with only vaginal damage from a cop? Perhaps as punishment for public urination?


File: 1497691660231.jpg (201.67 KB, 572x700, Victim 14.jpg)

I was walking down the sidewalk in the park yesterday and heard a man shout "hey you!" I turned to see a police officer headed my way. I got ready to bolt but hten the man shifted direction and headed off the sidealk, right over to a little kitten who was crouched on the ground pissing in the grass. He drew his pistol and shot her right in the pussy! I'd heard of the new law, but didn't think anyone would actually enforce it. Damn, cold bloded guy left the little thing to bleed out in the grass... good show for me though, and I didn't even have to get my paws dirty.


File: 1497691958278.jpg (485.62 KB, 920x1108, Victim 15.jpg)

this one was special... happened upon her while up on a rooftop hunting. Shot her through the window just as she was sitting in the floor with a piece of her birthday cake. first shot hit her between the legs and she jumped, tossing the cake to the floor and backing up against the soft beanbag behind her. Her caretaker jumped up and started over then, but wasn't fast enough. Second shot hit her dead center in the chest. She flopped back against the beanbag and started twitching then, little paws holding the gushing wound. She was gone then, just a matter of tiem, but as the boy knealt to sit her up I put another just above her left eye. sure she was gone I disappeared in to the shadows as the boy searched the darkness for the source of her demise. 15 down and haven't got caught yet!



Yayyy!!! Sites back


File: 1498276911976.jpg (259.14 KB, 730x1000, Victim 16.jpg)

Yaay I saw that yesterday. Meant to post these, but forgot. Victim 16 is a cute little kitten I found at the park, luckily my silencer kept everyone in the park from noticing what was going on. hit her in the pussy, low in the belly and then in the heart to put her down. Stayed and watched her squirm on the ground till the end. ...good stuff.


File: 1498276994107.jpg (439.15 KB, 920x1015, Victim 17.jpg)

This one I caught from the back. Took the shot from an adjacent rooftop. First one right above her tail, did some major damage to her lower body, then one in the back of the head to finish her off. Some of her brains landed in her food bowl. I laughed for hours.


File: 1498314880109.jpg (694.12 KB, 980x1000, 7075b32c7ccba359e3d7887267….jpg)

Perhaps these two get their pussies shot by a cop for indecent exposure?


Ooh nice picture, should be able to do something with that..


I can't wait~ I have even more victims for you. And a couple scenarios if you'd like.


File: 1498378845411.png (1.96 MB, 1900x3100, 4a37ea39e5a85cdb633ba426d4….png)

I can imagine Amy asking for a cunt shot. Just one that would be a slow death for her


You still there?


yep yep, busy week, should slow down soon hopefully.


Oh okay, I understand. Sorry if I'm pestering you


Oh okay, I understand. Sorry if I'm pestering you


File: 1498809186190.jpg (839.92 KB, 980x1000, Victim 18 and 19.jpg)

No worries

so here's victims 18 and 19. Apparently public intercourse is illegal as well for cubs. Saw these two going at it and to my surprise a police officer walked over and shot the blue canine through the top of the head. Gave a whole new meaning to double penetration as the single round traveled the length of both girl's bodies. They twitched for a while, but they were dead as soon as the shot hit. Still a nice show though.


Aww, I was hoping for them to suffer cunt shots~


Are you doing the Amy one?


File: 1499938749724.jpg (575.9 KB, 920x794, Victims 20 and 21.jpg)

This one was a real hit, the darker colored dad contacted me and said he'd seen this father and daughter at the beach yiffing up a storm. He wanted to talk to his own daughter about it but didn't know how she would react. He told me to stand by, paid me 10,000.00 and if he gave the signal I'd pop his little girl so no one would ever find out what they had talked about. Well long story short he gave the signal and I put one right under her eye. The dad must've figured fuck it and started rubbing his dying daughter's breast under her swimsuit. The other couple he had spoken about was there as well and I couldn't help myself. I put one right in her slim little neck. I'm not sure the dad knew anything was wrong for a few minutes until he felt his daughter's blood start to soak into his fur...


Yes, got that as my next one.


Are you still here?


Where did you go?

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