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Furries digesting and disposing of victims!
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Well, I think that's about all I currently have of decent quality.
You should always check Eka's Portal. There's usually a steady inflow of this kind of stuff there, and most of it is of decent quality.


Hawt thread


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Plez more x.x




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God bless this thread


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vore story with a 12 page shitting scene



wait, are they dead? did she just kill two innocent children? do the parents know about this? I need answers.


i-i wasn't ready for this
please tell me she isn't dead...


sfm pony vore, some with disposal
goes here because 3d is an untagged shitshow


Can you post more, the link doesn't work


It's mamabliss land, predation seems really common, and those boys probably won't be the only bag of crap in the school dumpster filled with what used to be at least one student.


God has left the game




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