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File: 1470915659086.png (809.01 KB, 1223x1600, i0ISxiB.png)


Feel free to send all of your shark gores!
Cut or not!
Because sharks are tasty.


As a shark, I take offense to this.

Please find more.


I tried finding more pictures. I couldn't find. I am a shark myself.


File: 1473920291341.jpg (965.17 KB, 916x1280, 1454507305.yleaves_da.jpg)

Hm... really need more...


File: 1474325592264.jpg (137.53 KB, 700x525, 1282271932.kazat_[kazat]_o….jpg)


File: 1474440644651.jpg (491.36 KB, 930x1280, 1459364681.frozensoul_life….jpg)


File: 1509365697349.jpg (1.84 MB, 1664x2600, 1498489496747.jpg)

Only one I have. Need to get more xD


File: 1509417494175.png (580.02 KB, 1772x1260, shaaarkgurl.png)

idk if you'll like mines but hur


File: 1509417514293.png (722.23 KB, 2048x1684, sharkheads.png)


File: 1509417536111.png (621.31 KB, 1681x2048, shrkboy.png)


File: 1509481472935.png (238.77 KB, 1024x1024, 1506728776.killbeat_bright….png)

Pic related at a pinch



Who's the artist, please?



Is that an original or an edit? Please, I must know who the artist is.

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