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Boys not allowed huehuehuehue!


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So, er... what did they THINK they were doing?!


The story about this is on Inkbunny.

One of these girls should get circumcised for familiar reasons and then they looked it up and thought that they try it out before the circumcision.
They didn't knew that they were actually tying the clit off, they just thought they need to tie a string tightly around the clitoris for her circumcision, so that they pulled as tight as one can imagine on the strings.


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It was an exhausting day at school for the little fox. As he arrived home, he immediately started masturbating. He always liked pinching his foreskin, since it produces interesting feelings for him. He rubs the pinched foreskin between his fingers, he almost had the ultimate sexual high of his life, but suddenly he gets interrupted by his little vixen sister.

Vixen with a bride grin on her face: "Hey, big brother! I bought you a circumcision ring!" =^w^=
She says, while showing the circumcision ring to the fox.
Fox, obviously surprised, shocked: "Wh-Whaaaaa?"
Vixen: "I think you'd look fancy without foreskin!"
Fox: "But... I don't want you to....It feels so nice to play with my foreskin."
Vixen: "Ah, come on! Don't be a grump!"

The vixen goes ahead and without asking, opens the package, containing the sterilised ring, and grabs the foxes penis. She exposes his glans and applies EMLA cream (skin anesthetic) to his inner foreskin. She tries to be thorough. The fox feels a prickling sensation of the cream on his foreskin, but ten minutes later, he doesn't feel anything anymore. The inner ring of the circumcision device is placed right behind the glans, so that it can't be removed easily later. The vixen puts the foreskin back up over the inner ring, pulls tightly on the foreskin, so that little to no skin bounces up his penis, when flaccid, and finally applies the outer ring onto the foreskin right over the inner ring, thus crushing the foreskin. The fox all dizzy, doesn't recognise what's happening to his little fellow, because it's numb. His little sister continues with tightening the screw on the outer ring, which strengthens the crushing effect of the circumcision ring and makes it impossible to remove it, for the fox, later. Furthermore, a string like in a Plastibell circumcision gets applied upon the inner ring. This ensures that everything goes well.


File: 1531172214557.png (1.17 MB, 2480x3508, ea54858394a3f9517e297e4035….png)

One day passed since the little vixen fixed the foreskin-crushing-nightmare ring upon his brother's penis.
The fox feels pain and can't really enjoy the day without the feeling that something odd is happening right now to his foreskin.
He blushes and moves his arms. "Oh what is happening here?"
Vixen while touching his shoulders: "Hehe see it will look even fancier after the ugly foreskin has fallen off."
She escorts his brother to his room and walks off.

The fox can't wrap his mind about how hot his sister has been earlier as she was checking his private parts out. He sneaked a few peaks into her crotch aaaand he's rock hard.
A pity that he still has this Circumcision ring tightly applied around his foreskin. He just can't masturbate properly like that. The fox falls asleep after a few more mumblings, why this has to happen to him.

The next day begins and sis enters the room.
Vixen: "Ohh Foxy! Your foreskin went all black, I bet we can remove it already!"
She makes some tactic movements with her paw on the ring and unties the screw, which keeps the black foreskin in place.
Fox: "This kind of hurt a bit..."

The clean glans poked out of the ring and the destroyed foreskin is thrown away.
Vixen: "Did I promise you too much? Your wiener looks so healthy and quite a bit erect now. " ^__^
"Now wait until it heals and we can have some fun."
Fox: "Fun?1 Oh please let me sleep with you!" x3


File: 1531172340130.png (1.08 MB, 1300x1097, b64b8ce9aaebaef2fe3da0f32c….png)

"Oh hello, Haruboi!"
"Wanna have a little present?"
"Sure! I love presents!"
"But for this special kind of present you will have to get tied up...." :3
"Uhh tied up? Maybe another present?"
"Ahh come on! ^^ It'll be pretty nice!"
Haruboi fearfully convinced got on the floor, as he sat down the vixen took his hands with a smile in a pair of handcuffs, then she ordered him to move his legs so that the paws touch. After this a rope is wrapped around his legs, knotted, and now he can not move them anymore.
"Umm... can you untie me please? "
"But we barely started? :o she exclaims and gets a Plastibell Circumcision Ring. "
"Wh-What is this?!"
"That? It's a Plastibell. It makes circumcising you easier." =^.^=
"CIRCUMCISING?! :@ I thought I receive a present?"
"But this IS your present! XD You will enjoy to masturbate less and have a neat and circumcised penis. "
She puts the Circumcision Ring into his foreskin and holds it up into the air to find the right placement, which is usually just above the corona, but she wants to get him a tight circumcision, so she presses the ring against his glans, while the foreskin gets further pulled - then a string is tied loosely around the plastibell and foreskin. The fox enjoys this actually so far, he masturbated lots, while playing with his foreskin before.
"Can... can you please stop? I think this could hurt!"
"Yes - it will hurt, pretty badly! XD That's why we have to be thorough and make it extra tight, to ensure that your foreskin dies after I tied it up. "
"The vixen takes a good hold of the strings and pulls strongly on them. "
"Ouch!" the fox cries as he tries to move his arms and legs to get his penis out of the vixen's hands, in vain.
Next his tied up foreskin has to get trimmed away as near to the tying as possible, leaving just a few foreskin remnants.
"Eeeep Youch!!" His face is covered in tears, but the vixen doesn't stop to pull his foreskin up and slicing little parts of it off. Now just the Plastibell left in place with the tying and discoloured foreskin remnants remains.
"Uhh this is how my willy looks now? But it looks weird!" :o
"Trust me, you will like it after it's done its job." :3

A few weeks later his circumcision healed. The fox looks down to his privates.
"Indeed a nice and clean circumcision." :<
touching it...but he is unable to stimulate his penis in an acceptable manner, thus stops.

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