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Furry necro art is way too rare! So lets share what we have here! :3
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Idk i found them on some imageboard



The artist:
The commissioner:

Karamandel uploads more snuffy works. but Saucy is the one drawing them.





Saucy doesn't really do snuff though I like their style and they designed these pandas originally.

This image is by Hitori09, he has his own thread on /art/ that he updates too rarely:


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Here's a little bump with one of mine. I drew a bunch more so say something if you want to see them.


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Source. Now.


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Lol sorry about how shitty it is. I drew this so yeah definitely not very good.


Umm...thats still hot! Just needs cleaned up a bit,you should draw more.


Aw, thank you! :)


Your welcome....looks like she got it good!



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Please oh please requesting a source



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