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Previous thread :

Time to start a fresh new thread, this time without spam and shit-posting. As with the previous thread, make a request and wait and see if a specific artist can draw for you.


File: 1581066557787.jpg (225.21 KB, 1280x941, 1579201221617.jpg)

Requesting that some gentleman with artistic talent give a bit of their attention to this lovely lady here and fulfill her largest dream. It doesn't matter if it is a new picture or just an edit of this one.

Her wish is to be turned into a living jewelry by being encased in this shiny suit , while a large human hand uses soldering iron and rivets to seal it shut. Her suit should be made for a body that is a bit smaller than hers, so the fit is perfect. Don't forget that her new metal home should be able to fully suppress her sight and hearing, so she can fully concentrate on the received pleasure, just like it was done for those before her.

Of course, even a lady like her has certain needs, so several custom-made toys would need to be prepared to ensure her satisfaction. A toy for her vagina must be thick, covered with many spikes for extra stimulation and with a bulbous head to fill her womb. A toy for her anus must be thinner, hollow and at least as long as her torso. Even her urethra must be filled, a human catheter would do the job, cut short to easily connect it to the crotch plate of her suit after having it's build-in baloon filled with glue.

Perhaps two pictures can be made? One with those toys around her, the crotch plate not yet installed and her needy holes visible to the world. And another one with the toys gone and the crotch plate in place, showing the world how hungry her holes were.

But if you trully wish to make her experience something out of this world, add a TENS unit next to her and connect it's wires to her nipples, clit and the base of her vaginal dildo. The maximum setting of this device should ensure her unending pleasure.

So, will you make her tears go away by fulfilling her largest dream?


File: 1581079470976.jpg (124.79 KB, 1448x2048, IMG_20200103_230545.jpg)

Requesting Emmargus' shark girl to have her guts fucked by multiple dicks and filled with cum


File: 1581084219773.jpg (473.62 KB, 1365x1071, db0d4on-db35531a-5fc1-4531….jpg)

I will repeat my request from previous one as it got drowned in the flame and troll spam…

If possible just simple snuff/necro of this dragoness.
Maybe her spasming in death being impaled by neck to a wall as she flash her sexy crotch/ass to the knight that slayed her.


File: 1581091330661.jpeg (167.08 KB, 1337x1600, 0C96BC95-ACDC-452D-A28E-8….jpeg)

Not entirely sure if she counts as /fur/, but requesting Chaos Machina getting punched through the belly.


File: 1581103903988.jpg (136.25 KB, 608x800, c1b8ce7aa0b9e12d452d5eb4fb….jpg)

Think we can get these lovely lady's to hang,In what their wearing in the pic,No scat/piss please.
Short drop or stool kick hanging from tree be nice.


File: 1581104990205.jpg (344.02 KB, 1555x651, rebb.jpg)

/r/ Rebecca or Molly turned into a hanging fuckbag with an explicitly sexual focus on her invitingly open pussy. Unlike the reference face her directly at the viewer for optimal penetration and not off at an odd angle. Visible cervix a plus.


It was already infected even before the last attack.

Anyway, back on topic, requesting Fluttershy getting mauled by a wolf.


Can anyone do Obstagoon headless?


living headless or dead headless?


Ded. Everything must be x.x


Living. Modularity's the best kind~


File: 1581236369595.jpg (641.83 KB, 1400x2250, bff00b7a330e554b3e1b7788cc….jpg)

I want to request this or any Other Dragon getting killed maybe strangled or suffocated i am looking foreward to your reply


File: 1581306393796.jpeg (33.18 KB, 338x400, lopunny.jpeg)

Requesting a Lopunny enjoying that its rib cage was ripped out with its heart and lungs exposed. Bonus if the lopunny is holding its heart and/or sporting an erection.


could anyone do fox mccloud taking his head off? (modular)


File: 1581375130321.png (923.1 KB, 817x1280, f562fea12e9c2d76d54d179f3f….png)

i want to see Toriel from undertale having her naked corpse lying on a autopsy bed and being raped by Frisk

i would prefer to see toriel eyes closed with a peaceful face and her body unharmed if possible


File: 1581528531364.jpg (347.64 KB, 1530x830, 1557659847256.jpg)

Requesting to have her holes freshly ruined and torn by stuffing them with toys so big that she won't be able to close her legs. Secure the toys in place with a chastity belt that is too small for her and has visibly damaged lock. Her anal and urethral toys must be hollow, making her incontinent.
A hollow toy for her mouth is optional, but it must trigger her gag reflex and like the others it must be irremovable.


File: 1581568581988.jpg (181.38 KB, 1096x1280, Toriel outfit slash.jpg)

Simple request; Toriel roasted and served.




File: 1582138369855.png (1.19 MB, 1927x824, 1565637963301.png)

Requesting a pony version of the pic on the left, featuring either Celestia or the CMC trio.
Limbs are optional, public use (as fuck toys or urinals) would be a bonus, the use of massive lockable plugs is recomended.


File: 1582163791895.jpg (92.41 KB, 800x536, murderousart.jpg)

Requesting a similar looking genderbent Tails getting chestfucked between her tits and cumming in her heart.

Art by murderousart


File: 1582179079944.jpeg (115.89 KB, 771x800, 853DF4F7-7050-41CE-9D6B-7….jpeg)

Giving out the idea of Kass half-clothed, being garroted or hung to anyone who thinks that they want to see/draw it!


File: 1582229820572.jpg (126.36 KB, 1280x1042, NoTitle.JPG)

Requesting the Angel Corps panel on the left to be redrawn but with an anthro Applejack instead of the cowgirl.Please keep Applejack in the same outfit (American patterned bikini,dog tag,cowboy hat) and same pose/same injuries as the Angel Corps cowgirl character


File: 1582417295341.png (615.62 KB, 1280x844, df5761dec34f750c6a620f836f….png)

Requesting an XCOM Viper and the gruesome realities of a prolonged, intimate firefight with advanced weapons. I'd like to see her thoroughly defeated, crippled and mortally wounded multiple times from a number of sources:
-Spray of bulletfire across her coils
-Fist-sized chunks blown out by plasma blasts
-Multiple stab wounds
-A sword halway through her body
-Armor blown off to exposed damaged tits
-A bloody cloaca to show it's been abused as well


I second this request with additional of either postmortem examination or sex! :D


File: 1582515808113.png (543.18 KB, 2000x1250, 3014865_ZekLullaby_ambrosi….png)

Requesting a cub fuckdoll in a crib. No limbs, rubber skin, blind eyes, fucksleeve in toothless mouth and fat rubber pussy lips Put a sign "mommy"s rape toy" on her chest.
Corset and a posture collar would add a nice touch to this, with straps attached to them to secure her to the crib.
Optional: add next to her an opened rubber diaper with inner dildos and a dildo pacifier, the size of those dildos is at least half the size of her torso.

Use may use whatever cub character you want if you don't like the provided example.


File: 1582701919295.png (699.04 KB, 427x1280, c57a1788c9fe848657506e6749….png)

Requesting stedilnik's boss lamb having her corpse fucked after she is shot and killed.


File: 1582826797425.png (725.22 KB, 1018x1589, 3c7c1e01be8275f461333778b6….png)

Would you kindly open the belly of Blaze the Cat for me? :')


File: 1583139295018.jpg (450.36 KB, 1614x1052, lolarequest.jpg)

Lola Bunny in her basketball outfit hanged like this (long drop, position like the reference pic). Background doesn't have to be all that detailed but a shot of the trapdoor like that would be nice. Preferably no scat / piss.


File: 1583212870707.png (488.58 KB, 1080x1746, Jan_Request_Midna.png)

Requesting Midna served up as a royal roast


File: 1583256472536.png (31.02 KB, 250x250, 729.png)

I'd like a Brionne having its dumb little clown nose being cut off.


Dont do that


Can someone make Stormfly gore or something and add a fan fic too if possible?


Why is this thread so slow? Is furry unpopular on this site?


File: 1584241135422.jpg (49.4 KB, 800x801, crowtiedup.jpg)


That's, uh, really specific.

Did a clown touch you in a funny place?



Everything is slow on this site and especially furry. You are combining one pretty niche fetish with another niche fetish. Turns out both guro and furry are not that popular compared to most other fetishes for obvious reasons. What are you expecting?


It just looks goofy as hell, absolutely ridiculous creature


File: 1584565654710.jpeg (153.86 KB, 1297x1080, large.jpeg)

Requesting Webby Vanderquack and Lena from Duck Tales 2017 dead and nude on the morgue slab,in the same position as Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle in the included pic (Webby like Sweetie Belle and Lena like Apple Bloom) Like with the MLP pics,you can draw some clothings scattered around the slab


File: 1584771022773.png (2.27 MB, 1000x1341, 9432c756705b6c25f3ac8177ef….png)

Someone draw this pink dino a stomach full of chestbursters from alienswhile dancing the dance pole as her belly bleeds from her streched wound..

Come on! Or you're all the biggest cowards i ever seen!?!



File: 1584964311788.png (1.42 MB, 3000x3000, dragoness.png)

>>10393 Gave it a shot. Her color scheme is so dark that I really struggled to shade her ^^;;


Thank you! It looks good! :3


File: 1585388419012.png (500.01 KB, 1600x1400, shork girl.png)

Shark Girl gut fuck! Getting chummy with their new toy while making chum



AAAAAA THANK YOU. OR here! Thought nobody would take this. I really appreciate it!.

I really like your style! Do you have a discord? I'd like to do some art trades with you if you're interested.


File: 1585440496689.jpg (21.37 KB, 360x450, Normal_generalscales.jpg)

Requesting for someone to draw General Scales getting executed.


File: 1585468688982.png (135.94 KB, 604x644, Naja request.png)

Can you draw Naja from Cosmic Carnage holding her severed head?


Are there any other requests that got your attention?



To be honest my plan was to slowly work through as many of these as I can, starting with the ones that have good reference pics and clear request details… if you want something in particular drawn I'd be happy to do commissions or ko-fi briberies


>>10662 Yea I've got a discord :) I'm SugarLime#2784


Have our prayers been finally answered? Will you trully be the hero we need here?


I'm regularly checking this board so if you want more details or better reference pics,just ask: point whatever request you'd like to do and if it's mine,i'll gladly give you more details or better reference pics if you're not satisfied with them


One of those please! :D


Why not this one? >>10621


File: 1585538440764.jpeg (914.28 KB, 3024x4032, 2866B35A-A7CE-42F2-BFFF-8….jpeg)

Would somebody like to draw Nubless’s limp and bloody body getting nuzzled by another dragon?


File: 1585541683384.jpg (182.37 KB, 1280x591, 1.jpg)

Requesting a godzilla size male reptile or dragon getting ripped apart by a barrage of missiles/modern munitions or in the process of getting nuked. Image is not a reference, just an idea of general proportion. Feel free to create your own design.


I would LOVE to see Toriel or Viper necrophilia. Laid down dead and being undressed or fucked…


File: 1585562063344.png (783.71 KB, 1063x1800, 1226727.png)

Requesting this cat girl (Catrina) being beheaded in nude! :3


File: 1585625557464.png (401.26 KB, 1542x1196, Request.png)

Since General Scales is such a shitty villain who deserves a much deserved death.


LOL, thanks so much for this!


Now draw Genera Scales severed head hissing "Yooooou're despicable at Megaman"


*"Yoooou're despicable" at Megaman


File: 1585651159286.png (735.93 KB, 1300x1800, pokemon hanging out.png)

Just a fun night hangin' with the girls


File: 1585651486778.png (709.83 KB, 1200x1900, pokemon hanging out color ….png)

Oops, wrong line color on Lucario in the previous post. The right version*


If only Scales wasn’t such a poorly-written villian. XD


File: 1585654530521.jpg (721.96 KB, 771x1110, 2344342 - Friday_the_13th ….jpg)

Requesting Roxanne from Goof Troop, entirely nude and waist deep in water,killed by Jason Voorhees ,the mad killer stabbing her skull with a machete through the bridge she's hiding under like in the gif here :
I wish i could have found a still image so i'm giving the potential artist who would like to do this request the choice to either make a comic detailing the action like this (for example)

Panel 1 :Roxanne scared hiding under the bridge
Panel 2: Roxanne is stabbed through the head by Jason machete
Panel 3 : Roxanne is lifted by the machete,her head hit the bridge and blood spurt on her chest
Panel 4 :As the machete exit her skull,the now dead Roxanne slowly sink back into the water,her dead eyes looking at the sky and her mouth agape

Or if you just want to do one panel,please do "panel 3".

Again sorry for the lenghty description,that would have been easier to describe if there was a still image available online and i dont know how to screencap


>>10687 fantastic!
Any chances for nude version? :D


Any artist here willing to pick this up?


File: 1585702564004.png (861.08 KB, 1400x1900, pokemon hanging out2.png)

>>10690 Here ya go


Anyone going to draw this?!? >>10621


File: 1585725955349.png (937.01 KB, 1600x1500, tailspin.png)

Rebecca got captured by air pirates. Oops


Don't beg


File: 1585758670867.png (240.71 KB, 973x1165, Untitled.png)



Seems like she's having a great time.
Not the requester, but this is nice!


File: 1585759560349.png (83.94 KB, 590x578, Untitled 2 copy.png)

Here you go>w>


File: 1585759976310.png (43.46 KB, 1105x1536, blaze.png)



I'll be fair play and admit it's a nice April Fool's joke :-)


File: 1585760960286.png (32.08 KB, 755x1332, lola.png)



File: 1585761316135.png (40.36 KB, 1400x1088, toriel.png)

Dinner served>w>


Draw the Sistine Chapel,slave
Chop chop


File: 1585761578867.png (20.54 KB, 545x847, heart.png)

For my love>w<


File: 1585761851103.jpg (1.17 MB, 797x1073, Sistina-interno.jpg)

As you wish, master>w<


File: 1585762072931.png (16.72 KB, 672x881, cub.png)



File: 1585762277424.png (12.27 KB, 419x627, brionne.png)



File: 1585763394489.png (15.56 KB, 530x762, cat.png)



File: 1585763604609.png (23.11 KB, 821x753, sheep.png)



File: 1585763849269.png (22.61 KB, 586x753, tails.png)

Snoo-PINGAS usual I see>w>


File: 1585764096255.png (14.81 KB, 755x464, navi.png)

Hey, listen >w<


File: 1585784417806.png (17.46 KB, 750x722, jewelmouse.png)

Special delivery>w>


Sorry, liked the character too much for my satisfaction>.<


File: 1585785011471.png (33.85 KB, 1159x1034, duck.png)



File: 1585785589360.png (30.35 KB, 640x480, generalscalesseveredhead.png)

I don't like this character either, so die>.<"


File: 1585785944720.png (45.94 KB, 1414x1037, general scales.png)

Welcome to the club>w<


Well, thanks anyway for those, LOL.


Go to MLP Guro


What, no Krystal? >.<''


The more the merrier.


File: 1585787936624.png (118.25 KB, 616x545, Untitled.png)

I guess I might as well>.<


You're clearly trolling!


Or am I? ;3


April Fools! :D


Needless to say, all our requests still stand and everyone here is waiting for an eventual real artwork

Happy April Fools anyway ;-)


File: 1586038184757.png (220.23 KB, 841x489, Dragon Spitroast.png)

Requesting the end result of this poor dragon girl's fate.


Yo, these are REALLY good, you got a blog or something?



I've been considering making one for a while, but this is actually the first time I've ever posted my art online. (I'm still really new to digital drawing;;). I was actually pointed here from the /req page, so I'm really glad my stuff is being well received!! If anyone has any suggestions on where I should make a blog (deviantart? pixiv? idk) Let me know! I have a few pieces I haven't posted here :)


I think that Pixiv would be the best choice, as there are no limitations to the themes and fetishes you can post (but no RL stuff).
By "unposted pieces" you mean finished requests or your own stuff?


File: 1586084750334.png (1.3 MB, 2000x2275, choke out sketch.png)

>>10410 Thanks for clarifying your request, hope you like it :) She talked back one too many times.


>>10738 My own stuff :) and I have a pixiv account with the username SugarLime. I'll start posting soon!


Can you post link to your Pixiv account? Searching for your username doesn't work.


Pixiv sounds like the best option, yea, long as you black bar the naughty bits you can post anything.


Can someone do Toriel dead body undressed in graveyard? :)


Thank you i thought this thread died but it did'nt thank you it looks wonderful


Can you draw your own interpretation of this please? >>10663


When you do tell us i'm going to follow that pixiv love your work,also you can make your own thread in /art or /fur if you cant post completely explict stuff on pixiv IE the black bar things the other anon said if you dont want to censor a bit or have a uncensored version…etc

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