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So I was in the mood to destroy something beautiful... hope you all enjoy
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Are you doing the Amy one?


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This one was a real hit, the darker colored dad contacted me and said he'd seen this father and daughter at the beach yiffing up a storm. He wanted to talk to his own daughter about it but didn't know how she would react. He told me to stand by, paid me 10,000.00 and if he gave the signal I'd pop his little girl so no one would ever find out what they had talked about. Well long story short he gave the signal and I put one right under her eye. The dad must've figured fuck it and started rubbing his dying daughter's breast under her swimsuit. The other couple he had spoken about was there as well and I couldn't help myself. I put one right in her slim little neck. I'm not sure the dad knew anything was wrong for a few minutes until he felt his daughter's blood start to soak into his fur...


Yes, got that as my next one.


Are you still here?


Where did you go?

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Can contain incest snuff of any furry, anthro, feral creatures. Can be of any fandoms, but must contain family relations and gore. Incest play is okay, too. Also, the killer does not have to be the one related, and mass family killings welcome. Age not a factor.


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Here's a few more just for fun.


File: 1520590664470.png (24.4 KB, 200x102, 1486789364248.png)


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Also, yes, I know most of this fits in a few other categories of threads, but this is more general and has a very narrow window compared to the others. You'll find myself of mix of furry and pony, but others can post here, too.

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How about we get the furball rolling with some dismemberment?
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q bizarro

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I didnt know where to put this and thought of an idea to start a new thread for furry art containiing furs/anthros stuffed and/or mounted and ect for the purpose of displaying as a collection of trophies or whatever. I'll share some of mine.
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Elise's lifeless body is preserved and stored in a cool place before to be prepared for the processing...

Art by A.B.Lust


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Hm... as you don't react on FA PM's... can I somehow contract you Boti??


sorry sometimes i forget to reply or jsut don't know what to say. what you need? U can reply here or try FA again.



I opened a journal for Animal Crossing New Leaf feat. Happy Tree Friends.

Searching for artists...

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Let's see ferals of all sorts kicking the bucket. Necrophilia welcomed!

Artist unknown.
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im shit at drawing ferals but here u go

File: 1511124061060.png (806.72 KB, 637x777, 5F184493-AA1F-4B0B-A38A-87….png)


Furry pissing


File: 1511227559295.png (1.11 MB, 1545x1000, 17293196.png)


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Feel free to send all of your shark gores!
Cut or not!
Because sharks are tasty.
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Pic related at a pinch



Who's the artist, please?



Is that an original or an edit? Please, I must know who the artist is.

File: 1511729990921.jpg (336.62 KB, 850x907, IMG_7035.JPG)


I guess I will also leave my email and my Discord if a furry master is up for me:
- baddomgirl@gmail.com
- Julie#6176


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