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File: 1466969591847.jpg (103.84 KB, 1155x720, 1396316979.aiden85_kuma_ha….jpg)


All great things from artist Kuma-Kun aka Wolfblade
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File: 1563229500557.jpg (73.41 KB, 800x589, 863791257e5aece2012e652a36….jpg)


File: 1563300692476.jpg (209.64 KB, 840x864, ah_1488006548044_Lurdanjo_….jpg)


File: 1576321894243.jpg (544.78 KB, 1298x1152, KUMA_FamilyFun.jpg)


File: 1576322053016.jpg (377.09 KB, 1127x864, KUMA__DanjiDoggy.jpg)

Not the concept from the picture but one I came up with based on it:

Dogs often roam the streets, growing various dicks and extra limbs on their bodies. They also have several knifes jammed into their backs like a living knife block. Then when you see one, you can take a knife, cut off whatever body part you want from the dog, and jam the knife back in, These pups are very helpful in helping generate from previous wounds.


There’s a colored version of the boy in the gyno chair getting cut.

I also am a fan of the pic with the bear beheading the pup boys. There’s a colored version of that too, but I’m struggling to find either

File: 1573324595746.jpg (395.56 KB, 1848x2701, bambi fielddress 2.jpg)


i wanted a thread free from headless spam
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bambi one is mine


did you draw the gore or is it a template?


the guts were drawn by preykill and i shopped them onto him


could you post templates?


File: 1584769149994.png (889.52 KB, 944x1280, 1560202146608-0.png)

Edit a chestburster bursting out of her stomach

File: 1504380854482.jpg (12.99 KB, 255x255, image.jpg)

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I think /fur/ could use a drawthread

>someone makes a request

>someone else draws that request for them

Simple as that

Pic completely unrelated
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If you're not going to post a request, then do us a favor and fuck off.


I think it's time to start a new thread, this one's already plagued by trolls and spammers.


Anyway, props to SlowDerpyGuy for putting up with that.

I wonder if people who think in terms of "revenge fantasy" can ever understand that snuff porn can often be the very opposite: We draw (badly, in my case) characters we love getting killed because we like drawing them and we like death fetish. Characters we hate, we simply don't draw at all, for they don't deserve the time and energy we put in a drawing.


Very nice job, thanks anon artist!


File: 1584768500025.png (2.27 MB, 1000x1341, 9432c756705b6c25f3ac8177ef….png)

Someone draw this pink dino a stomach full of chestbursters from alienswhile dancing the dance pole as her belly bleeds from her streched wound..

Come on! Or you're all the biggest cowards i ever seen!?!

File: 1439780794778.png (142.01 KB, 550x400, 131349807949.png)

 No.1811[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Please share some guro of the sonic universe.
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File: 1555721192017.jpg (2.1 MB, 7000x3908, Farewell to the Worthless ….jpg)

I have a specific fantasy myself, what with being a Genesis purist, but it seems no one likes to indulge in it very often.


Please sit id like some more


File: 1566432075464.png (538.05 KB, 997x1061, amy_9_unknownartist.png)

Redrew this thing another artist made. I dunno who and I think they left a long time ago. Still nice.


File: 1582837818492.png (356.73 KB, 1500x1333, Amy.png)



Lovely! x3

File: 1471775079610.gif (107.89 KB, 1280x720, 1487456_Sloss_sketch_032a.gif)

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This will be about any bellybutton torture, or bellybutton sex, or bellybutton penetration on furries
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File: 1581822198555.jpg (4.23 MB, 2894x4093, 79509805_p0.jpg)



File: 1581866506665.jpg (1.14 MB, 1191x1684, EQ58SEGUUAAHfR0.jpg)



File: 1583896050627.png (405.59 KB, 631x851, 1583893193.caroo_def_gifta….png)



File: 1584401545063.jpg (74.55 KB, 680x800, 4e0befb3fd9aef5e3bb822b3fb….jpg)

Delphox deserves more bellybutton pics


File: 1584467122782.png (257.73 KB, 720x989, 11.png)

Delp tummy

File: 1412063770925.png (783.9 KB, 1607x1200, roast_mayhem_for_dinner.png)

 No.372[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Not sure if "cannibalism" is even the right term with furries

anyway things involving furries getting eaten.

cooking does not necessarily have to be involved
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Be a man fine it yourself :v
Ña… Is in rule 34


So you don;;t have an artist name then? Damn.


File: 1583719343319.jpg (2.07 MB, 3888x2575, clussy bea glazed roast.jpg)

I don't think it's on rule34. Cannot find it anywhere.


the source is a drawfag from 4chan /trash/ sonic threads, check there for a name cuz i don't think they go by one


File: 1584148177989.jpeg (174.15 KB, 1009x1262, 99F8CA4B-D288-4024-9E89-4….jpeg)


File: 1478004063317.jpg (109.38 KB, 750x573, image.jpg)


Biting, chewing, tearing out/off, etc.
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File: 1511117219375.jpg (131.54 KB, 800x595, CG_HI13.JPG)


File: 1511117260980.jpg (36.47 KB, 512x342, CG_LO03.JPG)


File: 1527355427656.jpg (101.39 KB, 1100x579, 1504841579.jaxinc_photo_20….jpg)


File: 1549934101365.jpg (251.21 KB, 920x629, 2293432_Zrcalo_18245559.jpg)


is there a bigger version of this?

File: 1553417526233.png (160.51 KB, 767x859, 40915476ac517fc98b2c5062f9….png)


I have tried and couldn't find any got of the cutest fennec. So I'll leave it up to you all. Fenneko gore.




Someone's gotta chop that head off.

File: 1426639298073.png (445.86 KB, 861x927, rouge_mwuah_by_astrinova-d….png)

 No.1215[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Furries with detachable heads, or other detachable parts.
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File: 1577690931762.png (382.46 KB, 810x1440, Stella headless.png)


File: 1578190629565.png (99.67 KB, 2568x1072, ddn7twt-5edbacd8-44e7-4dc8….png)


Bumpy bump.


Anyone else getting Flood detected; Post discarded error messages when trying to post?

I cannot submit here for some reason and it's really ticking me off.


File: 1583630914967.png (2.23 MB, 1287x2500, Third person view 2.png)

If you want to see the first part, click this link:

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