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Nov 21 09:47 Messy diapers

File: 1414035741924.jpg (54.73 KB, 533x800, 1335126380.horza53_elsie3q….jpg)


Anything missing one or more limbs
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Anyone got that picture with a male furry amputee slave/sub saying "Thank you, Master", having their arms and legs freshly cut off and with bloody bandages around them? Couldn't find that on e621 or furrybooru... Possibly taken down...


File: 1506553890235.jpg (2.6 MB, 3600x2500, 6896dae16e689f2d85e9c257b2….jpg)


File: 1510467743453.png (1.57 MB, 2432x1698, 2065410_DancingChar_dragon….png)


File: 1510467765487.png (605.86 KB, 1945x1593, 2088768_DancingChar_dragon….png)


File: 1510467834562.png (732.52 KB, 1350x1427, 2065568_DancingChar_dragon….png)

File: 1504615533407.jpg (188.13 KB, 806x792, 132317256181.jpg)


Gonna share the art of an artist who I think you guys might appreciate. He's pretty skilled, I haven't seen many (furry) artists of his skill level who do scat and guro. Show him some support so he does some more hard stuff. I think he shys away from it for the most part.
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File: 1504616994764.jpg (236.78 KB, 1203x968, 133317259703.jpg)


Do you take requests?


You're an idiot.



I'm not the artist anon, just sharing the goodies


god damn. you hve a new fan

File: 1415233906208.jpg (120 KB, 931x702, honey coated apples.jpg)


So, a comment in the /guro/ alteration thread made me decide to start up a /fur/ alteration thread (since /fur/ doesn't seem to have one).
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File: 1455433980923.png (923.92 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_nrxb8p2hRy1upcx91o1….png)


2subtle4me. What's the alteration?


Pretty sure these are just uploaded as base images FOR alteration. As to the youtube video of running water... who knows.


File: 1500855071777.jpg (1.3 MB, 2550x2734, reproduction class dissect….jpg)



It's alright Moon Dancer, Twilight spoke to your mummy first and she said it was alright as you are unlikely to give her grandchildren anyway so might as well make some constructive use out of your privates.

File: 1411439415777.jpg (64.92 KB, 800x618, 1398821924360.jpg)

 No.91[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Let's get some filthy furries in here!
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File: 1504940799130.jpg (158.28 KB, 832x1280, toranya10_72202432.jpg)


File: 1504940841473.jpg (158.28 KB, 832x1280, toranya10_72202432.jpg)


I made a scat and farts discord based off of the chatzy I made like, 3 years ago.
I'll send both links


i really want a furry girl fartung in someones mouth


File: 1564995211180.jpg (283.47 KB, 2560x2090, IMG_2018-04-02_165730.jpg)

Here you go.

File: 1453572157648.png (391.04 KB, 1038x891, SX7DlS9.png)


All things relating to vagina-related pain. It can be anything, whether it be cutting, impaling, biting, or simple cunt busting, etc.!


File: 1453572195177.png (693.27 KB, 1480x1229, lets eat!!!!.png)


File: 1453615086545.jpg (395.04 KB, 800x1058, Furry Chainsaw.jpg)


It's really great that people are sharing this inoatmfrion.


File: 1484343705954.jpg (82.94 KB, 1020x800, 1221321938.dharken_td-eddi….jpg)


File: 1484343726502.jpg (261.07 KB, 1280x997, 1415380478.semira~_1414980….jpg)

File: 1439144573359.gif (78.61 KB, 320x240, pop.gif)


Post all instances of people inflating, then exploding.
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File: 1439145413742.jpg (482.74 KB, 767x1000, SCAN0334.jpg)


File: 1439166844875.gif (77.05 KB, 320x240, cenqjczaxntyqbh50ift15e4wc….gif)

Animated Gif


File: 1459107353905.jpg (86.36 KB, 1086x520, Maplise comic 1.jpg)


Don't suppose anyone still has that comic which involved a female feline in a shower or locker room (last time I saw this comic was last year) getting cumflated till she bursted? Also the last panel was just her lying there motionless if that would help narrow it down. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could post that.


Вы тут все ебанулись далбаёбы

File: 1413705038163.jpg (125.19 KB, 932x1015, lXSaMKb.jpg)


Lets see those furry bellies get bruised ;3
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File: 1457873091008.png (226.13 KB, 944x859, 2.png)


File: 1457888129519.jpg (97.71 KB, 480x416, 49071106_p9_master1200.jpg)


File: 1461285830253.jpg (46.46 KB, 600x510, CVbhS7JUEAAWL1W.jpg)


File: 1461286033219.jpg (70.08 KB, 480x280, 38284900_p0_master1200.jpg)


belly punching

File: 1421846656693.jpg (389.36 KB, 1044x880, tumblr_nh5qb7FuZW1u6za3uo1….jpg)


a furry counterpart to the thread in /f/
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File: 1421847068484.jpg (158.91 KB, 555x777, 38246642_p3.jpg)


File: 1421847086460.jpg (166.28 KB, 555x777, 38246642_p4.jpg)


File: 1421847100742.jpg (163.06 KB, 555x777, 38246642_p5.jpg)


File: 1421847121461.jpg (126.05 KB, 555x777, 38246642_p6.jpg)


No source on that comic series?

File: 1418595051251.png (7.53 MB, 4000x2550, shengurocum.png)


Hey guys! I draw guro and scat every now and again and and I'm hoping it's alright to post my stuff here c: I hope you all enjoy!
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File: 1418595737414.png (1.06 MB, 1650x1275, yang sequence6 - Copy.png)

Pt 6/6


Hey Riva^^ followed your link on FA, surprising to see from guro from you :3

Anyway, dunno how strict it is here, but most people post their own work under the /art section and then filter it into indovidual relevent sections for /fur i.e vore,scat, ect.
Anyway, glad to see you on here ^^



Oh ok, I'm sorry about that ;u; I've never really posted on chan sites before lol. Is there a way to move this thread or should I just remake it entirely over in the /art/ thread?



Though, hm, reading the rules it says furry is banned on all other boards. So would that include the /art/ board as well?


Nah furry is allowed on /art, ive put some of my own there. As far as I know theres no way to delete or move posts. And honestly, I dont even think it matters much. Best reason to post on art is because people there will usually have something to say about your art, on other boards it seems people are here to fap n go xD
They usualy dont post unless they wanna know who the artist source was

File: 1413185546049.jpg (111.14 KB, 653x750, 1393663947399.jpg)


Lets see some pics of furries in messy diapers, can be male or female. Post what you got.


File: 1413185574353.png (518.7 KB, 967x1300, ah_1409480199990_diaper_yc….png)


File: 1413185603039.png (147.26 KB, 500x427, tumblr_n1n77dgGNK1rb0auyo6….png)


File: 1413185799495.png (405.34 KB, 1100x843, 1406092477.dirtypaddercat_….png)


File: 1413629009194.png (588.99 KB, 1097x1000, 1401044192234.png)


File: 1416563278409.jpg (44.48 KB, 400x400, 11778002@400-1381171865.jpg)

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