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Ooooh, I like how bendy and maleable she is. Very nice. o3o


Where can we find a translated version of this


Been looking for it for years and the only translation I saw was someone who typed out a rough translation of the text a couple of years ago on /d/


Haha, you know your dick is large when you need to lube up her mouth for a blowjob


this dude has a Blog, that I had it bookmarked, and he has several comics, and others ongoing, with this similar kind of topics.

I don't know if it went down or if the blog still going, tho

Sigh... that was after the format, I didn't backed up my bookmarks... but it someone has it or find it, please post it!

Can I say that here? or these kind of posts, belongs on req?



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CG from the VN "Nyotai Kyouran -Haze Otome-"

Image in question is page #168 from this image set:

Anon-friendly link, but is expunged:

The images directly before it show the progression up to the head insertion.



sorry forgot to type a message with the link the link will bring you to the translated version of the top pictures


is something like this uncensored exist?

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