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I'll try to start a new magic thread here, not sure if tricks gone "wrong" should also be here or a separate gore thread.
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title picture of the previuos series


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# 11926 comic number someone ??????


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bump with content


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is there more to this?


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Is there a before pic of her?


File: 1526260172121.png (45.03 KB, 400x800, wringer_by_selbitsfortune-….png)

Nope. It one of Selbitsfortune over on dA's Kisuke characters.


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I am not sure there not being a trick counts as a magic trick, but here you go.


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Selbit’s fortune is no longer on DA. Is there any where else this artist post his/her work?


File: 1526450390396.png (380.86 KB, 1024x1730, natalie_and_the_magic_box_….png)


Huh. They changed their name on dA to "Zettror" it seems.


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Only work with this hot girl


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Should Post 16071 be submitted in Gore & Death?


i see no gore nor death




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