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It`s really hard to find this stuff. And yes, this IS guro, why?


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Well, to be quite frank with you, as guro it's hard because "cross-eye", or "wall-eyed" became mainstream as "DERP".


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File: 1450741203347.jpg (89.78 KB, 600x847, Sekomumasada.Sensei.full.7….jpg)

im surprised theres no masada in this thread


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>>8199 This is hot, but something concerns me: that girl's foot only has four toes o_O


Out of everything on this site, THAT'S what bothers you? :D




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I think I'm in love


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For the proverbial record, anyone looking at this thread should be reading "Bloody Chainsaw Girl" for various reasons including that the main antagonist is a lovely example of this fetish.


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