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Let's return an old thread


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And another one


File: 1411657284781.png (401.34 KB, 800x1240, 1402812737735.png)


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File: 1411657334037.png (579.71 KB, 800x1240, 1402812912678.png)


File: 1411657362263.png (424.13 KB, 800x1240, 1402812996264.png)


File: 1411657378402.png (535.93 KB, 800x1240, 1402813960556.png)


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File: 1411742072356.jpg (77.98 KB, 1000x654, Bodytent_occupied_by_TonyJ….jpg)


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File: 1411985213092.jpg (135.81 KB, 800x611, 39421493_p5.jpg)


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We need a new Onahole thread


File: 1412253547458.png (291.14 KB, 650x750, Ona 3.png)


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File: 1412253571187.png (176.65 KB, 650x750, Ona 5.png)


File: 1412253582525.png (369.67 KB, 650x750, Ona 6.png)


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File: 1413139354028.jpg (376.92 KB, 1200x3038, 05.jpg)


File: 1413205051661.jpg (167.44 KB, 822x595, beach_balled_by_Purple_Rub….jpg)


File: 1413205067037.jpg (258.22 KB, 877x638, beached_balled_2_by_Purple….jpg)


File: 1413330253705.jpg (484.53 KB, 751x1050, 46528972_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1413330373031.jpg (407.25 KB, 751x1050, 46528972_p1_master1200.jpg)

"Riel, gimme some milk!"
"Lukia, you came at just the right moment..."
"Actually I just ran out of milk..."
"W-What are you doing? Turn me back!"


File: 1413330520274.jpg (472.79 KB, 751x1050, 46528972_p2_master1200.jpg)

"Uh, uhm... Do you have any milk?"
"Here. 50,000 magica."
"So much!"
"... but I want my chest to grow bigger, so..."
"Wait! Aloe! Stop drinking me!"
"Hm? What?! My chest suddenly... got huge!"


File: 1413330694890.jpg (471.13 KB, 751x1050, 46528972_p3_master1200.jpg)

"So heavy! Help me, Riel! (They're still growing...)"
"10,000 magica."
"You devil!"
"Thank you for shopping."
"Hm? Feels like my chest get slightly bigger somehow..."
"Just your imagination!"
"By the way, what happened to Aloe?"
"Waahh, let me out~"



Who drew these?


Author is Bendzz at Deviant Art or FurAffinity


File: 1413627111735.jpg (136.47 KB, 1000x1232, VuNOhWVoRu0.jpg)


File: 1413710952911.jpg (136.54 KB, 493x800, 36621847_p0.jpg)


File: 1413710964552.jpg (124.35 KB, 734x800, 36621847_p1.jpg)


File: 1413918861476.png (485.55 KB, 1280x991, ash_and_pikachu_inflatable….png)


File: 1414779546019.jpg (262.89 KB, 1500x2000, Slut at the party.jpg)

Happy Halloween!


File: 1415774016748.jpg (54.24 KB, 369x480, Fine Print 01.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 01-19


File: 1415774885640.jpg (37.19 KB, 370x480, Fine Print 02.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 02-19


File: 1415775577771.jpg (47.17 KB, 373x480, Fine Print 03.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 03-19


File: 1415776876795.jpg (45.4 KB, 369x480, Fine Print 04.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 04-19


File: 1415777544966.jpg (45.24 KB, 369x480, Fine Print 05.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 05-19


File: 1415778121925.jpg (48.25 KB, 369x480, Fine Print 06.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 06-19


File: 1415778680567.jpg (45.64 KB, 366x480, Fine Print 07.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 07-19


File: 1415779372509.jpg (48.83 KB, 371x480, Fine Print 08.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 08-19


File: 1415780166754.jpg (46.65 KB, 368x480, Fine Print 09.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 09-19


File: 1415780777779.jpg (49.42 KB, 368x480, Fine Print 10.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 10-19


File: 1415781370769.jpg (39.44 KB, 369x480, Fine Print 11.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 11-19


File: 1415781970895.jpg (41.77 KB, 373x480, Fine Print 12.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 12-19


File: 1415782663053.jpg (53.25 KB, 371x480, Fine Print 13.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 13-19


File: 1415783088609.jpg (45.51 KB, 368x480, Fine Print 14.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 14-19


File: 1415783462761.jpg (43.25 KB, 385x480, Fine Print 15.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 15-19


File: 1415783814123.jpg (51.19 KB, 362x480, Fine Print 16.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 16-19


File: 1415783958876.jpg (46.39 KB, 362x480, Fine Print 17.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 17-19


File: 1415784178632.jpg (43.93 KB, 367x480, Fine Print 18.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 18-19


File: 1415784447262.jpg (48.45 KB, 367x480, Fine Print 19.jpg)

Anime1979 2006 Fine Print 19-19


File: 1415789635819.jpg (332.44 KB, 800x1102, 1415559878955.jpg)

Well that last sequence was just terrible all around.


File: 1416600518510.jpg (86.86 KB, 853x1280, 1399575543.immortaltom_str….jpg)


File: 1416976621385.jpg (189.65 KB, 768x1024, love_doll_tf_sequence_1_by….jpg)


File: 1416976631271.jpg (179.87 KB, 768x1024, love_doll_tf_sequence_2_by….jpg)


File: 1416976641393.jpg (200.82 KB, 768x1024, love_doll_tf_sequence_3_by….jpg)


File: 1416976650204.jpg (206.26 KB, 768x1024, love_doll_tf_sequence_4_by….jpg)


File: 1416976658073.jpg (196.31 KB, 768x1024, love_doll_tf_sequence_5_by….jpg)


File: 1416976667308.jpg (199.06 KB, 768x1024, love_doll_tf_sequence_6_by….jpg)


File: 1416976675274.jpg (213.65 KB, 768x1024, love_doll_tf_sequence_7_by….jpg)


File: 1416976684390.jpg (194.97 KB, 1024x768, love_doll_tf_sequence_8_by….jpg)


File: 1416976695073.jpg (185.68 KB, 1024x768, love_doll_tf_sequence_9_by….jpg)


File: 1416976704179.jpg (243.82 KB, 1024x768, love_doll_tf_sequence_10_b….jpg)


File: 1417672073919.jpg (1.58 MB, 575x3200, 1406153630023.jpg)

To many love dolls- For the love of Suwako!


File: 1418191002917.jpg (190.62 KB, 810x755, some_more_summer_fun_by_bo….jpg)


File: 1418191015676.jpg (277.47 KB, 944x794, punch_doll_mischa__three_m….jpg)


File: 1419328765955.jpg (197.32 KB, 900x1167, Fine_Print__Big_Sister_by_….jpg)


File: 1419328928339.jpg (107.75 KB, 900x701, Fine_Print__Phone_Call_by_….jpg)


File: 1419329615449.jpg (367.79 KB, 1142x884, Fine_Print__Hot_by_anime19….jpg)


File: 1421568450587.jpg (2.35 MB, 3900x2275, ramen_tf2_by_nerdyoulon-d8….jpg)



File: 1423399271121.png (37.39 KB, 730x520, 38314477.png)


File: 1423399318800.jpg (74.67 KB, 516x800, 8800434.jpg)


File: 1427482481138.jpg (404.56 KB, 750x1875, 684b27cf311cb0ca38a5712c47….jpg)


File: 1430422018583.jpg (116.89 KB, 1200x1000, 1321467009.randomaustralia….jpg)


File: 1430684900085.png (384.3 KB, 600x600, Brushspellfinalnobackgroun….png)


Need more!


File: 1434527279107.png (198.8 KB, 700x2880, 1402339714534.png)

Its quiet here...


File: 1435008323751.png (311.5 KB, 1024x1338, tea_is_served____by_thinfa….png)

...let's make it louder?


File: 1435476516107.jpg (181.09 KB, 993x1200, PBucu9t1qQs.jpg)


to 6323, is there a comic or is it the only picture?


File: 1438204097139.jpg (98.17 KB, 1080x1080, 首から下がオナホ化-001.jpg)


File: 1438204200232.jpg (131.51 KB, 1102x1080, 首から下がオナホ化-003.jpg)


File: 1438204253874.jpg (59.82 KB, 853x800, 首から下が空気嫁化-023.jpg)


File: 1438204291480.jpg (131.12 KB, 1080x1080, 首から下が空気嫁化-024.jpg)


File: 1438204333676.jpg (119.44 KB, 1000x1000, 首から下が空気嫁化-025.jpg)


File: 1438204364213.jpg (146.44 KB, 1000x1000, 首から下が空気嫁化-026.jpg)


File: 1438204401387.png (26.6 KB, 1200x1600, 首から下が空気嫁化-021.png)


File: 1438204451931.png (43.89 KB, 2000x1680, 首から下が空気嫁化-022.png)


File: 1438204495685.png (83.22 KB, 854x600, 首から下が空気嫁化-018.png)


File: 1438204530684.png (78.15 KB, 618x600, 首から下が空気嫁化-019.png)


File: 1438204583324.png (21.95 KB, 1400x1080, 首から下が空気嫁化-013.png)


File: 1438204631629.jpg (159.25 KB, 1024x768, 首から下が空気嫁化-006.jpg)


it's a single picture...


File: 1438508589863.jpg (106.92 KB, 894x894, 1425800367010.jpg)

This was a complete series of pictures on pixiv. Got deleted, unfortunately. Can you upload whole sequence? Much appreciated.

Pic unrelated.


File: 1438942778293.jpg (164.34 KB, 792x576, 64f73a2f0b2a4d7f2161272101….jpg)

This thread got Flushed down here


File: 1443829807881.jpg (159.98 KB, 527x744, shower_curtain_2_by_purple….jpg)

Well, Im disapointed. Gonna go take a shower and a nap now.


File: 1443851734636.png (314.49 KB, 894x894, inflatable_goal_by_0pik_0o….png)


File: 1443851800023.jpg (772.27 KB, 698x1024, 52818551_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1444086254178.jpg (186.97 KB, 1500x2000, revised.jpg)




File: 1446252803260.jpg (110.47 KB, 932x1281, 1424588208517.jpg)


File: 1447590623380.jpg (424.23 KB, 800x1129, 53354057_p0_master1200.jpg)

Can someone thanslate theese pages?


File: 1447590648539.jpg (338.42 KB, 800x1129, 53354057_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1447590665444.jpg (322.22 KB, 800x1129, 53354057_p2_master1200.jpg)


File: 1447590700689.jpg (255.51 KB, 800x1129, 53354057_p3_master1200.jpg)


File: 1447590716131.jpg (268.98 KB, 800x1129, 53354057_p4_master1200.jpg)


File: 1447590732949.jpg (222.38 KB, 800x1129, 53354057_p5_master1200.jpg)


File: 1447590756263.jpg (248.72 KB, 800x1129, 53354057_p6_master1200.jpg)


File: 1447590777127.jpg (252.87 KB, 800x1129, 53354057_p7_master1200.jpg)


File: 1447590792079.jpg (255.49 KB, 800x1129, 53354057_p8_master1200.jpg)


File: 1447818136756.png (1 MB, 1020x1200, 1405496122477.png)


>>7719 I'm gonna try. Source?


http : // /member_illust.php ?mode=medium&illust_id=53354057


File: 1448018308009.jpg (162.98 KB, 800x1129, 3-e.jpg)

>>7807 tnx.
I'm done, but since I'm not a native English speaker there must be lots of grammo. I hope you just don't mind it.


File: 1448018339321.jpg (132.39 KB, 800x1129, 4-e.jpg)


File: 1448018358673.jpg (154.22 KB, 800x1129, 5-e.jpg)


File: 1448018375911.jpg (125.79 KB, 800x1129, 6-e.jpg)


File: 1448018395598.jpg (136.77 KB, 800x1129, 7-e.jpg)


File: 1448018411364.jpg (128.85 KB, 800x1129, 8-e.jpg)


File: 1448018430725.jpg (138.12 KB, 800x1129, 9-e.jpg)


Splendid. Any hope of getting the second half?


I just saw it, but I have not that much time for it for one or two days. I'm gonna try it when my time allows.


Well, whenever you feel like it is fine. It's not like you owe us anything. :)


File: 1448701731934.png (79.93 KB, 700x375, Leela_and_Amy_on_Planet_TF….png)


File: 1448939607087.jpg (77.41 KB, 827x1170, 1e.jpg)

I'm back with pt 2
Still lots of grammo, but plz don't mind.


File: 1448939626476.jpg (95.33 KB, 827x1170, 2e.jpg)


File: 1448939641117.jpg (106.36 KB, 827x1170, 3e.jpg)


File: 1448939656749.jpg (98.64 KB, 827x1170, 4e.jpg)


File: 1448939686767.jpg (88.63 KB, 827x1170, 5e.jpg)


File: 1448939707566.jpg (76.57 KB, 827x1170, 6e.jpg)


File: 1448939734140.jpg (87.53 KB, 827x1170, 7e.jpg)


File: 1448939751859.jpg (91.07 KB, 827x1170, 8e.jpg)


File: 1448939769934.jpg (99.29 KB, 827x1170, 9e.jpg)


File: 1448939792783.jpg (119.74 KB, 827x1170, 10e.jpg)


File: 1448939811668.jpg (107.52 KB, 827x1170, 11e.jpg)


File: 1448939834747.jpg (100.05 KB, 827x1170, 12e.jpg)


File: 1448939855133.jpg (104.78 KB, 827x1170, 13e.jpg)


File: 1448939872994.jpg (109.24 KB, 827x1170, 14e.jpg)


File: 1448939890324.jpg (93.36 KB, 827x1170, 15e.jpg)


File: 1448939907812.jpg (86 KB, 827x1170, 16e.jpg)


File: 1448939926616.jpg (80.12 KB, 827x1170, 17e.jpg)


File: 1448939945233.jpg (62.38 KB, 827x1170, 18e.jpg)


File: 1448939971058.jpg (112.37 KB, 827x1170, 19e.jpg)


Thanks a lot! :)


Thank you very much for translating this. It's really appreciated.


File: 1449497342922.jpg (98.29 KB, 600x776, witch_and_her_familiar_by_….jpg)


File: 1449510947634.jpg (383.1 KB, 1000x1000, now_it_s_a_party_by_daemon….jpg)


File: 1449689282605.jpg (140.95 KB, 1280x960, 1446409392.immortaltom_sam….jpg)


File: 1449689316495.jpg (105.44 KB, 1280x960, 1446437033.immortaltom_sam….jpg)


File: 1449689336313.jpg (118.25 KB, 1280x960, 1447108057.immortaltom_sam….jpg)


File: 1449689357033.jpg (110.71 KB, 1280x960, 1447475793.immortaltom_sam….jpg)


File: 1449950140944.jpg (368.92 KB, 630x818, 1225190519730.jpg)


Huh. I don't remember that one. Is it a new Naga pic?


No... Naga didn't make a new for a long time :( It's from one of an old threads.


File: 1450103416073.jpg (175.49 KB, 400x690, 49741595_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1450103462999.jpg (273.43 KB, 400x900, 49741595_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1450103482576.jpg (270.13 KB, 400x900, 49741595_p2_master1200.jpg)


File: 1450103499598.jpg (146.63 KB, 400x900, 49741595_p3_master1200.jpg)


File: 1450445911776.jpg (1.4 MB, 2000x6846, 1436995490037.jpg)



I felt like being productive, so I cleaned up your translation. Hope that's alright.

Don't want to bloat this thread with a third set, here's a couple links:

http: //s000.tinyupload .com/index.php?file_id=61839335377225414589
http: //speedy .sh/cgqfT/


Awesome. Many thanks.
Translation between two foreign languages was a hard stuff haha.



I'd imagine so o.O


File: 1450780182636.png (764.43 KB, 718x884, 1717013 - Homestuck Terezi….png)


Who is the author?


File: 1451283692059.png (56.1 KB, 1280x819, A Night On The Town.png)


File: 1451283720120.png (69.33 KB, 1024x844, Cleaning Up After The Nigh….png)


Is there an archive for 2014? I'm looking for a particular pic, although it's not an inanimate transformation.

It's a girl sleeping while sitting at a kotatsu while a tentacle fills her with eggs. She gets pretty big and lumpy.

...why does he delete his stuff every year?


Well, I did manage to find a "version" of the series in the 2011 archive. The one I was looking for had her facing to the left instead of towards the viewer, but I might have just been remembering wrong. *shrug*

Anyways, thanks for the archives. Didn't think I'd find some of this...interesting stuff again.


File: 1451806801306.jpg (85.35 KB, 960x1280, 1416188564.immortaltom_dol….jpg)


please, I need more!!!


File: 1451926555158.jpg (164.28 KB, 756x1057, a_little_broken_id_by_nanc….jpg)


File: 1451943235413.png (35.81 KB, 1400x1080, 31.png)

Do you have the rest of these sequences? Big fan of this guy's work, got a huge amount of his stuff, but not these promising-looking sets.


File: 1451944418404.jpg (289.21 KB, 1920x1440, 23.jpg)

Oh, and they're not in the 2010-2013 archives posted in this thread, for the record.



Any more from this artist? Don't know why, but the idea is giving me Wonderful ideas~


File: 1452352662396.png (793.91 KB, 2591x3624, fraggy1_by_cangkulretak-d9….png)


File: 1452352719109.png (845.89 KB, 2591x3624, fraggy2_by_cangkulretak-d9….png)


File: 1452352773026.png (729.65 KB, 2591x3624, fraggy3_by_cangkulretak-d9….png)


File: 1452415897408.png (831.13 KB, 2591x3624, fraggy4_by_cangkulretak-d9….png)


File: 1452415976245.png (584.52 KB, 2591x3624, fraggy5_by_cangkulretak-d9….png)


File: 1452416064147.png (350.98 KB, 2591x3624, fraggy6_by_cangkulretak-d9….png)


File: 1452416149080.png (405.1 KB, 2591x3624, fraggy7_by_cangkulretak-d9….png)


File: 1452416226334.png (302.26 KB, 2591x3624, fraggy8__end__by_cangkulre….png)


File: 1452798101966.jpg (133.63 KB, 1920x1080, 20150811230449.jpg)

There's still a version of this one on his pixiv. He likes to redraw situations pretty often xttp://

The second one is available on his pixiv xttp://

The first one is part of a series of sexdoll TF sequences sold on booth xttps:// it's only 100 yen and has a ton of pics. Highly recommend it.


Yeah, the one on the Pixiv is the one I found in the archive (forgot which).

Thanks for trying to help though. I'll just keep looking myself sometime.


File: 1453433789510.png (502.04 KB, 2000x1500, 52985709_p0.png)


File: 1453433907832.jpg (101.96 KB, 1000x1280, 1325624599.randomaustralia….jpg)


File: 1453434096562.jpg (139.95 KB, 1280x720, 1330315718.porcelain-joe_k….jpg)


File: 1453434246146.jpg (298.54 KB, 1208x1280, 1427554946.gojiro7_hive_do….jpg)


File: 1453434424858.png (635.78 KB, 1024x654, 1401169622360.png)


File: 1453434526347.jpg (338.29 KB, 1193x1586, 1403234193761.jpg)


File: 1453434605099.png (114.66 KB, 749x877, tumblr_n6v66ztnrd1skayiuo1….png)


File: 1453434686039.png (712.09 KB, 800x770, dolled_girl__commission__b….png)


File: 1453434772796.jpg (341.44 KB, 900x1400, 1440823185299.jpg)


File: 1453435707246.png (318.01 KB, 661x800, 1399914622183.png)


File: 1453443310520.jpg (84.46 KB, 838x500, 128847130718.jpg)

Appreciated! I'll look into that set.
Nothing on the sets in the other linked posts, though? Or the one in your post, for that matter?


File: 1453997365793.jpg (1.06 MB, 2250x1125, kim_possible___lovedoll_tr….jpg)


File: 1454183538870.png (1.02 MB, 1200x1200, _art_trade__number_32_by_r….png)


File: 1454562661380.jpg (206.59 KB, 461x1012, inflatable_bunnygirl_misch….jpg)


File: 1455543620800.png (384.83 KB, 850x1000, 14384678356870.png)


File: 1457331577163.jpg (396.14 KB, 1063x752, Fujiko_Doll_Sunbath_by_Caj….jpg)


File: 1458454092871.jpg (163.97 KB, 1280x960, 1458401432.immortaltom_sam….jpg)


File: 1459066788674.jpg (292.75 KB, 799x1129, 55983282_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459066846289.jpg (335.18 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459066904540.jpg (343.2 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p2_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459066988537.jpg (254.32 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p3_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459067037326.jpg (308.55 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p4_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459067105466.jpg (399.01 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p5_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459067367579.jpg (261.49 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p6_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459067452948.jpg (325.3 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p7_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459067687397.jpg (303.99 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p8_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459067762862.jpg (396.27 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p9_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459067823418.jpg (467.43 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p10_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459067954312.jpg (314.44 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p11_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459068032009.jpg (351.17 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p12_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459068107525.jpg (317.95 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p13_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459068150787.jpg (251.99 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p14_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459068238683.jpg (323.5 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p15_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459068306686.jpg (318.32 KB, 799x1129, 55983282_p16_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459068403354.jpg (297.01 KB, 799x1129, 55983282_p17_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459068893919.jpg (229.27 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p18_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459068947910.jpg (263.72 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p19_master1200.jpg)


File: 1459068980179.jpg (324.35 KB, 800x1127, 55983282_p20_master1200.jpg)


Could someone translate it to English?


File: 1460582086236.jpg (337.12 KB, 1920x1920, 首から下がオナホ化-004.jpg)


File: 1460582141192.jpg (351.09 KB, 1920x1920, 首から下が空気嫁化-028-02.jpg)


This is the translator of previous 2 chapters.
I'm thinking about it, but since he makes lots of grammo in Japanese language, its a bit hard to understand what he meant to say. (It gest even harder because I'm not a native jap. speaker)


File: 1463762025860.jpg (140.74 KB, 800x1130, 01.jpg)

Hello Gurochan!
I'm happy to see this place works well again.
Now I can upload this translated version of the third comics of the Onahole Factory Saga.
Have a good time, dudes.


File: 1463762036291.jpg (190.48 KB, 800x1127, 02.jpg)


File: 1463762046403.jpg (175.84 KB, 800x1127, 03.jpg)


File: 1463762055926.jpg (158.9 KB, 800x1127, 04.jpg)


File: 1463762064105.jpg (167.54 KB, 800x1127, 05.jpg)


File: 1463762075020.jpg (208.74 KB, 800x1127, 06.jpg)


File: 1463762084845.jpg (154.63 KB, 800x1127, 07.jpg)


File: 1463762110938.jpg (195.13 KB, 800x1127, 08.jpg)


File: 1463762122361.jpg (162.98 KB, 800x1127, 09.jpg)


File: 1463762132194.jpg (215.86 KB, 800x1127, 10.jpg)


File: 1463762143784.jpg (264.64 KB, 800x1127, 11.jpg)


File: 1463762158103.jpg (187.05 KB, 800x1127, 12.jpg)


File: 1463762167213.jpg (198.76 KB, 800x1127, 13.jpg)


File: 1463762176138.jpg (180.24 KB, 800x1127, 14.jpg)


File: 1463762184410.jpg (149.74 KB, 800x1127, 15.jpg)


File: 1463762194093.jpg (176.3 KB, 800x1127, 16.jpg)


File: 1463762204682.jpg (173.35 KB, 800x1130, 17.jpg)


File: 1463762214681.jpg (151.38 KB, 800x1130, 18.jpg)


File: 1463762224779.jpg (145.55 KB, 800x1127, 19.jpg)


File: 1463762233823.jpg (153.51 KB, 800x1127, 20.jpg)


File: 1463762243283.jpg (178.06 KB, 800x1127, 21.jpg)


Great work! Thanks a lot!


As a woman, is it bad that I get off more when the subjects are revealed to be disposable in the end? Like literal garbage?


It just means you are exactly the "slut" from the story. Don't worry. Nothing bad.



That depends, do you wanna be the doll or just to do it to other girls?


Heh. Yeah, I definitely imagine being the doll.



You should play Transformania Time ;)


File: 1465129730814.jpg (75.4 KB, 570x930, 1407226100886.jpg)


File: 1465187451975.png (190.32 KB, 480x502, tumblr_nyvfh4R9rs1v0lf1wo6….png)


File: 1466743033226.jpg (313.41 KB, 672x672, ach_1_by_mr_dna-d646g8d.jpg)


File: 1466743045210.jpg (323.15 KB, 672x672, angela_s_magic_lesson___sq….jpg)


File: 1466743055251.jpg (318.73 KB, 672x672, angela_s_magic_lesson___al….jpg)


File: 1466743064480.jpg (352.11 KB, 672x672, 4bda0f7733095b9b1a678a8c17….jpg)


File: 1467778852490.jpg (386.15 KB, 623x900, yui_hirasawa_clothing_tf_b….jpg)


File: 1471494779713.png (361.49 KB, 1200x1067, 1471332188.runrabbitbounce….png)


File: 1471495174350.jpg (117.67 KB, 1280x856, 1471363087.runrabbitbounce….jpg)


File: 1471495347188.jpg (131.78 KB, 1280x988, 1471407156.runrabbitbounce….jpg)


>They told me I could become anything so I became a toilet.


File: 1473260541018.jpg (47.7 KB, 500x650, 1253359509725.jpg)


File: 1473596939264.png (1.4 MB, 1024x2815, shade_y_business_by_sashat….png)


File: 1476174024526.png (645.74 KB, 1250x1200, 1476085162.helixjack_kenn_….png)


File: 1480278807020.png (1.14 MB, 1024x2403, unplugged_party_balloon_by….png)

I hope this image isn't too big.


File: 1481874934233.jpg (447.17 KB, 852x1200, 56979743_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1481874963820.jpg (444.79 KB, 852x1200, 56979743_p1_master1200.jpg)



File: 1483631844851.jpg (332.61 KB, 1130x804, itsadollagain 01 - v01 sma….jpg)


File: 1484860735533.jpg (113.85 KB, 1526x500, tumblr_oj1b9yZE791rjch9mo1….jpg)


File: 1484860775767.jpg (551.21 KB, 856x1200, 60424748_p2_master1200.jpg)


File: 1484860820711.jpg (569.07 KB, 856x1200, 60424748_p3_master1200 (1).jpg)


File: 1484860852799.jpg (508.29 KB, 856x1200, 60424748_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1484861616413.jpg (372.25 KB, 1033x1600, tumblr_oh9edgBGbI1s8yjg5o1….jpg)


File: 1484861645972.jpg (282.02 KB, 1237x1037, tumblr_ohdrddRSlc1vcvbbuo1….jpg)


File: 1484861672412.jpg (88.3 KB, 1024x725, the_sex_dolly_factory_part….jpg)


File: 1484861719370.png (477.13 KB, 1280x1851, tumblr_o61runSSep1t0fy8io2….png)


File: 1484861745198.jpg (290.99 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_o61s0l6Nus1t0fy8io2….jpg)


Bump with hope!!!


File: 1492260144485.jpg (209.13 KB, 856x1200, 1486421738484.jpg)

Bump with content, not just "hope".


File: 1492318136667.jpg (321.44 KB, 1600x2236, shoe_girl_by_anonymous__fr….jpg)


File: 1492641204341.jpg (144.37 KB, 500x747, tumblr_m3nki2z4ya1qhwwreo1….jpg)


ダッチワイフ=Sex Doll with a ton of TF content
状態変化 - "state change" (generic transformation)
陰茎化 - penis transformation
オナホ化 - onahole transformation
ダッチワイフ化 - lovedoll tf
固め or 石化- (petrification)
物品化 - "goods" tf (household objects)

There's a bigger list at


sry forgot to say that it can be used at


The rarest of rarities: consensual, reversible sex toy TF... as a full 18-page manga.

Zakkin is my new favorite artist.


File: 1505864008869.jpg (517.47 KB, 2000x2733, IMG_0282.JPG)


File: 1507061178114.jpg (153.54 KB, 1200x900, 1505201684634.jpg)


File: 1507061194529.jpg (203.21 KB, 1261x948, 1505808861239.jpg)

I wish I knew the source of those 2


File: 1507603966259.jpg (285.66 KB, 1907x1619, 1506997732453.jpg)

Found this in 4chan. Who knows the source?


File: 1509532376127.jpg (149.35 KB, 729x1095, cubed__and_put_to_use_pg4_….jpg)




File: 1512994945900.png (21.69 KB, 960x800, 1508386554418.png)


Anyone got a good pixiv tag for panties transformation?




File: 1520709238207.jpg (5.15 MB, 3050x2150, Crotchlicious Clementine S….jpg)


File: 1520709360401.jpg (5.07 MB, 3050x2150, Crotchlicious Clementine R….jpg)

Enjoy. :) Clementine - Overlord anime.


There was a guro comic about where a girl pretends to be a doll to enter another country in a shipping crate. Anyone have a link or the name of it?


anyone know the comic ? >>15471


File: 1526188263536.png (882.99 KB, 867x1020, 1518217948649.png)

Never did find those archive uploads. A real shame.




File: 1529058925835.jpg (86.45 KB, 774x1032, vac_sealed_oc_demoness_dei….jpg)






File: 1534150498950.jpg (281.24 KB, 820x4368, Yd64YDc.jpg)


File: 1552251139079.jpg (89.63 KB, 1024x660, blending_a_cold_drink_by_i….jpg)


File: 1552251191148.jpg (89.63 KB, 1024x660, blending_a_cold_drink_by_i….jpg)


File: 1554449032836.jpg (207.74 KB, 596x900, Cheery_Mad_Hatter_by_Bakan….jpg)



File: 1557756855474.jpg (119.42 KB, 900x740, 429879-40725-preview.jpg)



File: 1562353858969.png (725.18 KB, 1200x900, 1561989846514.png)



File: 1562353893591.jpg (899.38 KB, 2344x2087, 1559905400267.jpg)


File: 1562353940755.png (653.44 KB, 2138x1404, 1562080644585.png)


File: 1562353986197.jpg (872.16 KB, 849x1200, 1561995068028.jpg)


File: 1562923858159.jpg (893.74 KB, 1200x1559, 1549572621.chesshire88_179….jpg)

I leave for four years, and this blow up shit comes back.

Might as well call this "Inflatable Transformation" Amirite?


File: 1568813870262.jpg (1017.65 KB, 1400x1947, dba88452f5e503fa0a8828a180….jpg)

the artist is fan no hitori but I haven't got a source, if anyone could help it would be great


File: 1572870710274.jpg (415.51 KB, 690x1000, 1568608501601.jpg)


File: 1572870732040.jpg (88.48 KB, 505x1011, 1570403367808.jpg)


File: 1578211580207.png (1.31 MB, 2054x2880, ezgif-5-af24d06cbfeb.png)


Could use a bump

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