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Let's return an old thread
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Bump with hope!!!


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Bump with content, not just "hope".


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ダッチワイフ=Sex Doll with a ton of TF content
状態変化 - "state change" (generic transformation)
陰茎化 - penis transformation
オナホ化 - onahole transformation
ダッチワイフ化 - lovedoll tf
固め or 石化- (petrification)
物品化 - "goods" tf (household objects)

There's a bigger list at


sry forgot to say that it can be used at


The rarest of rarities: consensual, reversible sex toy TF... as a full 18-page manga.

Zakkin is my new favorite artist.


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I wish I knew the source of those 2


File: 1507603966259.jpg (285.66 KB, 1907x1619, 1506997732453.jpg)

Found this in 4chan. Who knows the source?


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Anyone got a good pixiv tag for panties transformation?




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File: 1520709360401.jpg (5.07 MB, 3050x2150, Crotchlicious Clementine R….jpg)

Enjoy. :) Clementine - Overlord anime.


There was a guro comic about where a girl pretends to be a doll to enter another country in a shipping crate. Anyone have a link or the name of it?


anyone know the comic ? >>15471


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Never did find those archive uploads. A real shame.




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I leave for four years, and this blow up shit comes back.

Might as well call this "Inflatable Transformation" Amirite?


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the artist is fan no hitori but I haven't got a source, if anyone could help it would be great

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