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Unisex alien genitals for everybody!

No fat chicks.


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Troll girls with normal dicks probably belong in the Futanari thread.


File: 1426815212290.png (248.93 KB, 688x465, 2f2815ac04e6848b78a74507d7….png)


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File: 1426815236591.jpg (280.32 KB, 600x824, 1003622 - Homestuck MS_Pai….jpg)


File: 1426815256606.jpg (82.2 KB, 701x500, j7Lqzag.jpg)


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I've got quite a bit of this.


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File: 1426815463752.png (490.71 KB, 1019x508, tumblr_n8vvsguZZU1sec2l8o1….png)

Porrim and two Vantas boys - though which combination is the least likely, I can't even say.


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Bonus points for crack pairings.


File: 1426815894937.png (965.12 KB, 1280x1384, tumblr_mjvruxJufC1qkk2ddo1….png)


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File: 1426816815184.png (252.33 KB, 800x656, tumblr_mufrcoq6LO1seoopto1….png)

(I don't ship it.)


File: 1426816844735.png (597.25 KB, 1193x685, tumblr_mwsx0bWvst1rhrntfo1….png)


File: 1426816932178.gif (1014.7 KB, 390x325, UbDRmkD.gif)



File: 1426816966790.png (492.93 KB, 1200x1214, tumblr_mrpj9tqRQ51qjr2vgo1….png)


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File: 1426817132363.png (676.1 KB, 900x1200, tumblr_mx5nsjIGXN1s9rbjbo8….png)

BoobsAndTwinks is the only reason Cronus isn't complete garbage.


File: 1426817148504.jpg (318.42 KB, 742x963, tumblr_myrh6uiErc1qmw0pko1….jpg)


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File: 1426818171013.jpg (167.76 KB, 1280x989, tumblr_muzh0ttydQ1qid28eo2….jpg)


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File: 1426818197649.png (276.03 KB, 750x1125, tumblr_m7egbrU7jn1rt49uno1….png)


File: 1426818318746.jpg (81.63 KB, 500x423, tumblr_m7wephh8X31qe6kwm.jpg)


File: 1426818328142.jpg (88 KB, 500x358, tumblr_m7wepznMlV1qe6kwm.jpg)


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File: 1426818606843.jpg (121.2 KB, 600x427, tumblr_m9g6yedkRl1rud2c7o3….jpg)


File: 1426818653620.jpg (72.17 KB, 550x407, tumblr_m9ggp0g0kQ1qfrfyho2….jpg)


File: 1426818929471.png (1006.83 KB, 889x1199, tumblr_mef545bUpa1qk7o2uo1….png)


File: 1426818948464.jpg (300.71 KB, 1280x1673, tumblr_mk6dcge4xb1qid28eo1….jpg)


File: 1426819129978.png (343.31 KB, 933x755, tumblr_moyhnfUNZC1ryulsqo1….png)


File: 1426819192599.jpg (459.73 KB, 1256x1444, tumblr_mkjos05j1U1s7zd27o1….jpg)


File: 1426819206196.jpg (213.41 KB, 1000x1000, 0b4aaaa480e59cd892340a2484….jpg)


File: 1426819369768.png (309.69 KB, 862x1251, tumblr_n3045uhnzU1sjqg5co1….png)


File: 1426819384379.png (69.53 KB, 650x515, tumblr_n3045uhnzU1sjqg5co2….png)


File: 1426819400767.jpg (340.87 KB, 771x1050, tumblr_mdyonnNuRF1rpkg37o1….jpg)


File: 1426819423161.jpg (1.09 MB, 854x1168, tumblr_mvpq5zdxtT1qekkf5o1….jpg)


File: 1426819427965.jpg (225.32 KB, 1280x1335, tumblr_mljc6ykJE91rtezx5o1….jpg)


File: 1426819462531.png (347.03 KB, 1280x870, tumblr_mu8bf6Oawa1s9n4vro1….png)


File: 1426819482939.png (263.99 KB, 898x823, tumblr_mj8arqRnlt1qjr2vgo1….png)


File: 1426819668309.png (670.21 KB, 851x632, tumblr_mdoyusx8yJ1qk7o2uo1….png)


File: 1426819689518.png (563.35 KB, 1280x898, tumblr_mk8if5dAbY1s9n4vro1….png)


File: 1426819707481.jpg (841.87 KB, 700x989, tumblr_mdl475OJl61rfyvixo1….jpg)


File: 1427033709924.jpg (134.95 KB, 500x664, 11270.jpg)


File: 1427137673644.png (250.53 KB, 500x667, tumblr_inline_mzmf8aNf2p1r….png)


File: 1427403215294.jpg (216.68 KB, 729x704, tumblr_nfkwqwAtJ81qmw0pko1….jpg)


File: 1427478665262.png (335.04 KB, 658x833, tumblr_ner86pZt7d1s9rbjbo1….png)


File: 1427478693361.png (477.48 KB, 567x865, tumblr_ner857JdhA1s9rbjbo1….png)


File: 1427478719462.png (298.73 KB, 716x1004, tumblr_nexxrkTYnh1s9rbjbo1….png)


File: 1427484001471.png (560.45 KB, 856x900, tumblr_nayoair11U1rn14ixo1….png)


File: 1427484061997.png (547.41 KB, 745x902, tumblr_nbvs16jRy91qmw0pko1….png)


File: 1427484096110.png (621.43 KB, 745x902, tumblr_nbx3sw3vu91qmw0pko1….png)


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File: 1427599391906.jpg (132.83 KB, 1130x956, 13465948268.jpg)


File: 1427599460802.png (889.92 KB, 900x868, 133983755792.png)


File: 1427652168399.png (1.23 MB, 1280x1221, tumblr_n6701lbbfb1qk0houo1….png)



File: 1427755294527.png (222.15 KB, 736x1057, tumblr_n4eiucHpWI1s9rbjbo2….png)


File: 1427776185018.png (1.87 MB, 1280x983, tumblr_mkq3tphh261rrwr49o1….png)


File: 1427778388745.png (167.99 KB, 608x425, Lz5G6EM.png)

Inspired by this fic and its sequel:

You're motherfuckin welcome.


File: 1427778471571.jpg (152.47 KB, 500x322, tumblr_inline_nenn6faUe01q….jpg)


File: 1427779168242.jpg (98.86 KB, 500x500, 4a3322471c531f0e930a603cb1….jpg)


File: 1427779264790.png (254.2 KB, 650x650, 90583ca41930b97036567dc1b8….png)


File: 1427913045993.png (1.21 MB, 1100x1200, tumblr_my6o71fHho1t6fi4yo1….png)

Mm, that's good smut.


Glad you enjoyed it, my friend. I see you are an individual of discerning tastes. ;)



I've been on an AO3 Homesmut bender these last two weeks - mostly Roachpatrol, UrbanAnchorite, MercurialMalcontent and now Jadebloods.

I can definitely also recommend If Vision Is The Only Validation, Hemostuck (i.e. The Fisher-Prince), I Don't Know What I Expected, Karkat's Mandatory Guide To Sex With Aliens, A Farewell Party for Bad Caegars, and You Can Lead A Horse To Temptation.

Also: Rose, In The Conservatory, With Dave's Hand has excellent in-character dialog. Not really relevant here, but I like it.


File: 1428126603652.jpg (265.63 KB, 600x800, 9b971ff008c53db748a7062115….jpg)


File: 1428126737860.jpg (454.5 KB, 561x707, 58a565b54b180aeb8cff409e41….jpg)


File: 1428164205667.jpg (424.05 KB, 900x1500, tumblr_n796v17Ebe1qetcjvo1….jpg)


File: 1428462685106.jpg (247.62 KB, 785x704, tumblr_ml7jo9qOpB1qmw0pko1….jpg)


File: 1428729414141.png (718.17 KB, 1200x884, tumblr_m9nldjGVgk1qg0tygo1….png)


File: 1428957323434.jpg (225.79 KB, 652x931, tumblr_nfics6RfwS1qmw0pko1….jpg)


Not bad! If you're okay with Rosemary, you should also look up The Language In Dimmer Rooms series by Stiction.


File: 1429042870567.png (676.74 KB, 1000x1300, 1428695722934.png)


File: 1429559177952.png (415.43 KB, 800x580, ec83f6557d1f2e24f134621fea….png)


File: 1430003804563.png (387.72 KB, 850x601, tumblr_nncknpKyXb1qmw0pko1….png)


File: 1430006396321.png (437.62 KB, 700x858, tumblr_lzftsrY79S1qfg13go1….png)


File: 1430006430250.png (588.6 KB, 664x620, tumblr_m8t46yVIkH1qfg13go1….png)


File: 1430036810844.jpg (95.23 KB, 500x565, tumblr_ldugnuzIvO1qfg13go1….jpg)


File: 1431625316151.png (428.83 KB, 976x1105, tumblr_mmoe6ueePg1rtsbdgo1….png)

Source? Google only finds some instagram garbage


File: 1435926359005.png (181.26 KB, 607x519, tumblr_men7kaIjv81r2f4cxo1….png)


File: 1437124582326.jpg (222.37 KB, 553x800, kanvris001.jpg)


File: 1441385766356.jpg (239.26 KB, 746x1000, solkatnookworm001.jpg)


File: 1442582871006.png (179.98 KB, 673x727, 1361230582687.png)

Does any other fandom draw porn with tentacle-bulges?


Steven Universe porn has them a lot.


File: 1453701660645.jpg (559.37 KB, 1361x1000, 171872.jpg)


of all the things I might have expected of SU porn, I have to say this wasn't one of them o_O




well a lot of the homestuck fandom DID migrate to the SU fandom (SU started shortly after the Gigapause)


Somehow I don't think the pause or even being into HS really had that much to do with it :D


File: 1464075142559.png (118.85 KB, 802x778, 1374247228678.png)

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