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This was one of my favorite threads on the old GUROchan. Anyone else want to help resurrect it?
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Source is SatinMinions


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>>1488 (Hitler would be proud)
>You will never impregnate your robot waifu
Damn it


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I'm sad there isn't more guro of Yorha 2B floating around. She's certainly getting plenty of hentai. :\


Gods yes. What I wouldn't give for a bit of time with her and an alan wrench.


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Anyone have an image I once saw that had the heads of executed female criminals replaced with robots? I think they were working as waitresses or something


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Bumpy bump.

Also, see >>6203... can anyone answer ?


Bumpy bump.


try this


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Hm. What'cha all think of robot gals that go boom?


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