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Anthropomorphize your food. If it's being eaten, then all the better. I know there's plenty of lady food, but what about the boys too?


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This isn't anthromorphization. That's literal. We're talking food into people. That's just cannibalism.


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I always wanted to see a comic with a girl made of food. Like, she was living chocolate or something...


File: 1428437772563.jpg (611.93 KB, 1152x1992, _very_late__easter_hunt_by….jpg)

Chocolate girl or chocolate covered girl


File: 1428437835005.jpg (394.07 KB, 1075x765, 8a627b3c6f0620456b10f6c4ca….jpg)

Chocolate girls


File: 1428437878641.jpg (38.78 KB, 337x570, 1416123 - food ham mopix.jpg)

Now I've got the "ham sweats. . . . !"


File: 1428437992001.jpg (196.39 KB, 804x985, AsstChocolat01.jpg)

Dark Chocolate Covered Girl Assortment!


File: 1428469133987.png (461.89 KB, 1024x724, commish__sexy_topless_parf….png)


I must be the only one who finds turning a girl into ice cream and force feeding her to her (lactose intolerant) friend through various holes hot as they slowly melt due to the inevitable, shoehorned lesbian contact.


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File: 1433504592883.jpg (377.22 KB, 1150x1343, 6f59ca491b36ee4cf8b1d52779….jpg)

You are not the only one :3


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File: 1433545006896.jpeg (43.94 KB, 422x633, 2c3eff61edbde4bd12fd85829….jpeg)


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File: 1435641678843.png (526.98 KB, 1300x1670, 1605741 - Oreo XingScourge….png)


File: 1435641864879.png (423.33 KB, 1280x1707, 1605666 - Oreo chantlore f….png)


File: 1435641986104.jpg (338.74 KB, 1748x1800, 1605665 - Kevinsano Oreo f….jpg)


File: 1435870411277.jpg (351.2 KB, 1971x1400, oa30vpRAKA.jpg)

A few chapters about tofu girls



Navigating that page is kind of confusing, so are those three chapters are the only ones?


File: 1436118367394.png (730.5 KB, 900x1424, 5128be46cb37d41b7aa04a0159….png)

"Man does not live by Oreos alone, . . . . He must also have Chocolate Chip Cookies!"


File: 1436118612465.png (538.04 KB, 1000x1368, 1205138 - Cookie_Clicker F….png)

"Betcha can't eat just one, . . . . . . "


File: 1436120009419.jpg (101.61 KB, 650x813, 511117-Chocolate_Tits_Cook….jpg)

Chocolate Chip Tits, . . . . Not just for breakfast anymore, . . . . .


This is just the peecrft answer for all forum members


This is just the peecrft answer for all forum members



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File: 1520972660840.png (4.74 MB, 1707x2560, caught in the act.png)

Cheese girls. source: Deviantart, "ilovebbw2"


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