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Characters who remains alive, even if the only remaining parts of them are their living organs. Or some like that.


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Needless - Eve Neuschwanstein


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Anybody got the source for this? Iqdb returns nothing.


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Art is by Hitori/Yokunai. You can find more of his stuff on DA: or FA: Does giant piles of work very appropriate for Gurochan.




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You forgot his blog which has everything he has ever freely released:


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Although the figure inside the container is that of a man, I don't know the source.


"Norman S. Rotrig" is a Batman villain ( who has seemingly only had one appearance - issue #26 of the "Batman and Robin" comic (2011). So this panel is probably from that issue.


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this is relevant to my interests


Do you have the whole manga? Or just which uziga is this from?


Do you have the whole manga? Or just which uziga is this from?


Do you have the whole manga? Or just which uziga is this from?


#4312 is Mr. Sarubato's Rowdy Classroom, from Waita Uziga.



What´s with that smugness?


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Jesus fucking christ


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Alexandria Powered, from the anime Busou Renkin. She was seriously wounded, but managed to be alive with only her brain. Also, she multiplied her brain inside a lot of containers in a room.

A impressive character.


File: 1486517152860.png (199.77 KB, 548x343, Alexandria Powered - Buso ….png)


File: 1486517317638.jpg (43.54 KB, 547x347, Alexandria Powered - Buso ….jpg)


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I would guess that it fits here, so how about those krasue monsters, the monster girls that are just floating heads and organs?


Of course, the Krasue and Pontianak also helps into this thread.


File: 1493408764590.jpg (161.34 KB, 600x900, potgirls_organs.jpg)

Spam might have bumped it up to the top, but it did remind me of a relevant picture I saw yesterday.


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File: 1501360390834.jpg (220.57 KB, 1200x1600, Voltage Girl.jpg)


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A krasue.


File: 1501360464237.jpg (527.28 KB, 992x788, 2002498.jpg)


File: 1501360491625.jpg (152.14 KB, 625x1250, 10447176.jpg)

A true survivor, it seems to be.


File: 1501996364414.jpg (254.59 KB, 813x1600, Krasue.jpg)

sad thing is I'd have no idea where to look for krasue, I just managed to find this on google.

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