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Recursive thread?


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I found some more to that


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I know anime art, especially guro, isn't meant to be realistic, but...
...pregnant foetuses?

I mean... really? You understand why that doesn't work, right?

(Ignoring the whole abdomen-swollen-beyond-the-bounds-of-survivability thing for now, of course)


Then think of it as unbirthing instead.


Yeah; a female human doesn't start making eggs until age 13. (Normally)


Well no... *ovulation* doesn't start until then, but typically a girl will be born with all the eggs she will ever produce already in at least a primordial form within her ovaries.

But there will be a point during her foetal development where they haven't yet formed.

And they do remain tightly locked up within the ovaries until menarche anyway...


a wizard did it.


My memory is hazy but I believe there are some simple animals that are born already pregnant.


Instead of pregnant fetuses, you could just shove girls into each others uteruses. That would mean that this fetish is a combination of soft-vore and large insertions.


moar like this, what is this even called




yeah, like stick insects and the like, which typically reproduce through parthenogenesis. nothing even remotely close to the mammal kingdom features anything like that.

that would be "unbirthing"...

man alive, we're going great guns on the unneccessary neologism front here, aren't we. The very title of the thread is "Recursive" - isn't that good enough for you?


>google searches "recursive"
>every possible combination
>nothing remotely related to this thread comes up
no its not good enough you unhelpful twat


I'm sorry, I didn't know you were asking for a single search term to put into google to find more of this incredibly niche type of fantasy fetish porn. My crystal ball must have been turned off. Anything else you were thinking but didn't type that I failed to pick up on?

Maybe try putting some of the existing images into Tineye, IQDB, or SauceNao and seeing if they link back to e.g. a particular Pixiv post, then run an auto-translate on it to see if any of the tags turn out to mean "Recursive" or something similar in English, then click on the matching link if so? And copy the original kanji to use for wider searches?

Maybe use your brain and also communicate in complete sentences rather than just grunting in the general direction of the internet and expecting us to know the exact nuances of your eight poorly-formed words were meant to be?


i asked what it was called and instead of providing me with the answer to me questions you responded with some snide shit pointing me to the title which is clearly not what its called. nether did i ask you for methods of search although they are appreciated, you would rather put on the act of a condescending smart ass than reply with anything valid. if you cant read three partial sentences than your problems run deeper than your lack of personality, nor should you need a "crystal ball" to understand a question like "what is this even called". stay in your basement mouth breather the world would just ignore you anyways.


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Sauce on >>9079 and >>9080 ?







That link is staying unclicked, my friend.


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You can only post single images?


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