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Photoshops And edits. Always Welcome No Toons or Real life Gore Please


File: 1411268622417.jpg (41.57 KB, 400x700, 1160484534587.jpg) collection of old gurochan stuff in my


File: 1411446565418.jpg (385.96 KB, 1000x1166, ramma__s_head_by_6969y69y-….jpg)


File: 1411446585751.jpg (66.83 KB, 600x700, dinner_is_served_by_6969y6….jpg)


File: 1411446607986.jpg (111.96 KB, 640x380, ok__now_give_it_back_by_69….jpg)


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the thread says ALIVE headless girls.


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The Thread >>405 Must Be /g/ Not /f/


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File: 1411950538718.png (166.74 KB, 1049x643, sketch___jenny_wakeman_by_….png)


File: 1411952163322.png (91.78 KB, 312x400, harley.png)


File: 1411952292622.png (87.92 KB, 259x337, Harley-quinn-female-villia….png)


File: 1412099447847.jpg (69.4 KB, 400x522, 1210446531616_by_sircharma….jpg)


File: 1412099465829.jpg (31.08 KB, 362x870, gen8_by_gen8_by_sircharman….jpg)


File: 1412908707565.png (6.57 MB, 1079x2779, Little Annie Fanny Missing.png)


File: 1413006248718.jpg (167.58 KB, 1200x1600, Headless-Meina-Mutou-(Fixe….jpg)


File: 1413006388206.jpg (324.32 KB, 1200x1600, The-Invisible-(Head)-Dori-….jpg)


File: 1413122520782.jpg (172.7 KB, 458x640, 1164165013198.jpg)

anyone know the original source for this one?


File: 1413138413859.jpg (55.58 KB, 458x640, B-11.jpg)


anyone know where any of BubbaShanks' stuff went?


File: 1413736895335.jpg (60.88 KB, 688x688, samus.jpg)


File: 1414753434470.png (765.98 KB, 1358x1360, 44990130_P7 Edited.png)


File: 1414769950404.png (164.47 KB, 562x557, 44990130_P2-Edited.png)


File: 1414769981592.png (196.39 KB, 512x566, 44990130_P4-Edited.png)


File: 1414770085122.png (192.55 KB, 512x566, 44990130_P4-Edited-Neck.png)

>>1580 Neck Stumps


File: 1414770139583.png (348.99 KB, 563x563, 44990130_P9-Edited.png)


File: 1414824951753.jpg (166.63 KB, 848x922, bkn.jpg)


File: 1414825186749.jpg (155.44 KB, 1237x2250, bnt.jpg)


File: 1414825266855.jpg (115.99 KB, 727x1000, tkmm.jpg)


File: 1414851060859.png (207.04 KB, 600x987, 46844499_Edited.png)


File: 1414851157199.png (330.2 KB, 600x800, 46625820_Edited.png)


File: 1415191569668.png (476.16 KB, 704x1024, 21576159_Edited.png)


File: 1415228010216.png (293.85 KB, 614x761, 1402574526673.png)

any place where you guys upload your manips


File: 1415250713685.png (383.39 KB, 889x1299, 42929930_Edited.png)


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I put some in Deviant Art


File: 1415271618341.png (189.74 KB, 550x929, 42944192_Edited.png)


File: 1415271664102.png (93 KB, 710x648, 43298221_Edited.png)


File: 1415271696937.png (280.06 KB, 865x1108, 44339207_Edited.png)


File: 1415340077181.png (157.65 KB, 485x765, 45236229_Edited.png)


File: 1415381605780.png (172.08 KB, 600x900, 46917634_Edited.png)


File: 1415381713083.png (612.73 KB, 923x1269, 46691379_Edited.png)


File: 1415533690694.png (885.67 KB, 1083x1515, 100039_Edited.png)


File: 1415855137128.jpg (59.77 KB, 502x700, 1164773449933.jpg)


File: 1416026206438.jpg (21.43 KB, 380x492, 5154.jpg)


File: 1416026218911.jpg (33.79 KB, 543x420, 0592-dindin.JPG)


File: 1416026230067.jpg (28.5 KB, 380x484, 3123.JPG)


File: 1416026239231.jpg (81.6 KB, 612x870, Barmaid.JPG)


File: 1416026247213.jpg (34.91 KB, 649x800, Rangiku.JPG)


File: 1416188331408.png (198.1 KB, 475x914, 46765694_Edited.png)


File: 1416244105370.png (699.06 KB, 2232x1456, 47095295_Edited.png)


File: 1416244201156.png (187.67 KB, 599x848, 46516876_Edited.png)


File: 1416981124340.jpg (51.64 KB, 405x504, 68011077.jpg)


File: 1417128135384.png (595.94 KB, 1000x1219, 7bce81b4e007e8b37e0f541271….png)


File: 1417128179816.jpg (158.58 KB, 1000x1000, db261c9c8d1eee0d70b53d81f4….jpg)


File: 1417134260557.jpg (96.45 KB, 1000x1200, 766205286.jpg)


>>2271 No Head Version Please


File: 1417157756455.jpg (107.76 KB, 1000x1000, db261c9c8d1eee0d70b53d81f4….jpg)


File: 1417341251976.jpeg (228.59 KB, 492x1189, 1274310.jpeg)

So Did anyone know the original source for this Picture ?


File: 1417402034792.png (309.84 KB, 700x925, 47326793_Edited.png)


File: 1417431991159.png (191.57 KB, 700x895, 47348648_Edited.png)


File: 1417461925159.jpg (56.21 KB, 500x361, 290.jpg)


File: 1417746360745.png (785.9 KB, 1099x2035, 47401299_Edited.png)


File: 1417746403320.png (198.86 KB, 800x800, 47394477_Edited.png)


File: 1417784264879.png (301.31 KB, 697x988, 47409003_Edited.png)


File: 1417864193333.png (857.34 KB, 1099x2035, 47401299_Edited (2).png)

>>2391 No Neck Cap and Smooth Shoulders


File: 1418000700411.png (152.85 KB, 772x1035, sexy_meg_for_1k_favs_by_in….png)


File: 1418000714376.png (545.82 KB, 877x1665, commission__maid_vanessa_b….png)


File: 1418000745574.png (436.75 KB, 792x971, vicky.png)


File: 1418000781778.png (405.88 KB, 1133x2426, courtney_the_prom_queen_by….png)


File: 1418001659207.png (278.56 KB, 852x472, headther2.PNG)


File: 1418402647736.png (86.76 KB, 660x446, 47524386_Edited.png)


File: 1418538914265.jpg (207.75 KB, 1250x1491, gum__jet_set_radio__full_6….jpg)

forgot i did this one


File: 1418538955977.gif (19.33 KB, 77x119, samus_takes_it_off_by_sirc….gif)

a gif


File: 1418872822196.png (324.7 KB, 849x1200, 47603362_p6_Edited.png)


File: 1418873066472.png (248.16 KB, 700x988, 44898714_Edited.png)


File: 1418873280519.png (651.64 KB, 849x1200, 47603362_p8_Edited.png)

Headless Wigged out


File: 1418885855242.png (695.91 KB, 1116x1150, 47545636_Edited.png)


File: 1419221811796.jpg (112.05 KB, 1920x1080, HNI_0022.JPG)

something done with the screenshot paint feature in Smash 4.


File: 1419562216169.png (85.43 KB, 319x542, 47746251.png)


File: 1419653447943.jpg (134.36 KB, 1920x1080, HNI_0049.JPG)

another one


File: 1419655264813.jpg (399.52 KB, 1920x1080, HNI_0009.JPG)

a manipped screenshot


File: 1419730786745.jpeg (220.44 KB, 614x800, 05ba5cfb52d94d8305b3d647b….jpeg)


>>3150 Is Overly simplistic toons Yes or No?


File: 1422414032111.jpg (192.36 KB, 1000x1366, 43a6ce07885f4c0437f73bc7af….jpg)


File: 1422466803041.jpg (261.39 KB, 900x1044, socks-and-stump233.jpg)


File: 1424261163251.png (190.81 KB, 516x728, 48814599_Edited.png)


File: 1424736101061.png (65.97 KB, 320x480, c_bisco.png)


File: 1425259569592.png (231.13 KB, 819x1023, 48883960_P1-Edited.png)


File: 1425272455183.png (304.88 KB, 800x1476, flan headless.png)


File: 1425356453494.png (222.61 KB, 600x847, 49040720_Edited.png)


File: 1425536846397.png (785.68 KB, 1118x1802, 48571618_Edited.png)

Well...Look Like Gurochan Has Back Online Right Now Let's Continue Our Thread Shall We?


File: 1426494215198.png (118.12 KB, 306x481, lilith.png)


File: 1426576859232.png (1.09 MB, 1024x1536, 069.png)


File: 1426577603040.png (134.82 KB, 378x650, mor.png)


Floating Lips


Floating Lips 2 and 100 posts Milestone Of This Threads


Floating Lips 3


Floating Lips 4


Floating Lips 6


Floating Lips 5


>>4636 Sorry for the mistake


Floating Lips 7


Floating Lips 8


Well...Last One For Headless Floating Lips


File: 1426692062856.png (284.44 KB, 650x867, akari.png)


File: 1426692612962.jpg (328.92 KB, 667x940, Alice.jpg)


File: 1426919776803.png (1.06 MB, 1648x1783, kk_lips-2.png)

>>4625 Better Quality Version


File: 1426921275262.png (341 KB, 1000x1352, 49393250_edited.png)


File: 1426933343572.png (331.19 KB, 900x1440, 49392870_edited.png)


File: 1426933417794.png (395.67 KB, 750x1000, 47846603_edited.png)


File: 1426934140408.png (242.26 KB, 827x825, 41057293_edited.png)


File: 1426934172491.png (170.07 KB, 600x800, 40049612_edited.png)


can you do a version of her holding her head by the hair?


File: 1427013451852.png (457.57 KB, 750x1000, 47846603_edited-2.png)

>>4800 Here You Go


File: 1427421893056.png (448.42 KB, 1495x1307, 49454021_edited.png)


File: 1427422004348.png (438.35 KB, 1498x1147, 49454021_edited_2.png)

>>4931 No Neck Cap and Smooth Shoulders Again


File: 1427771770144.png (48.44 KB, 282x520, member05_01.png)


File: 1427873267397.png (359.38 KB, 1357x510, Headless-Lovelive-Idol.png)

Headless Lovelive Idol


File: 1427875632856.png (397.05 KB, 874x900, 49577437_edited.png)


File: 1427875715460.png (338.51 KB, 856x1133, 45267425_edited.png)








>>5094 あなたがウェブサイトのリンクまたは任意のアカウントを持っているので、だから、Tokumei だ?


File: 1428253757499.png (553.14 KB, 750x1000, 1161336550882hl2.png)


File: 1428253794351.png (521.21 KB, 750x1000, 1161336550882hl.png)


File: 1428543088209.png (343.98 KB, 974x1168, 49677426_1-Edited.png)


File: 1428543115760.png (425.71 KB, 1499x1799, 49677426_2-Edited.png)


File: 1428543141547.png (516.62 KB, 1723x1891, 49677426_3-Edited.png)


File: 1428543158256.png (179.03 KB, 824x1148, 49677426_4-Edited.png)


File: 1428543170472.png (117.88 KB, 640x782, 49677426_5-Edited.png)


File: 1428631713656.png (562.81 KB, 1846x2000, 49252944-Edited.png)


File: 1428631749858.png (294.83 KB, 1024x1024, 49669716-Edited.png)


File: 1428631769152.png (331.73 KB, 1295x1691, 48485592-Edited.png)


File: 1428988540703.png (409.72 KB, 900x1300, 49826576-Edited.png)


File: 1428989459710.png (205.88 KB, 600x545, 48017480-Edited.png)


File: 1429354408649.png (251.33 KB, 541x590, 49872684-Edited.png)


File: 1430032420843.png (114 KB, 370x491, Th075alice01.png)


File: 1430209672632.png (295.18 KB, 853x1280, 49418240-Edited.png)


File: 1430218468742.png (152.46 KB, 539x379, Ranma1.png)


File: 1430218743464.png (631.01 KB, 2248x2589, Ranma2.png)


Headless Floating Lips 9


Headless Floating Lips 10


Headless Floating Lips 11


Floating Lips do not need.
Please make a dedicated thread.


>>5519 I Already Making A New dedicated thread Please Check Here >>5611


File: 1431543237843.jpg (85.42 KB, 900x642, PicsArt_1431262317293.jpg)

Just started making my own manips in my spare time. I usually just use real photos but here's one I did that fits the bill.


File: 1431571602544.png (387.58 KB, 900x1551, exoskin_jenny_by_punkmetal….png)


File: 1431690396041.jpg (248.84 KB, 1223x1500, Tinkerbell and friends.jpg)


File: 1431717294143.png (295.04 KB, 600x450, S.png)


File: 1431724772984.png (672.61 KB, 1299x1500, tinkerbellwithsilvermistco….png)


File: 1431726606172.jpg (263.44 KB, 600x844, 1396226082028.jpg)


File: 1431805013336.png (407.12 KB, 1263x1882, commission__bikini_maddie_….png)


File: 1432066163691.png (275.1 KB, 651x1227, frankie1.png)


File: 1432090457115.png (1.18 MB, 2208x2488, loisheadoff.png)


File: 1432090546737.png (178.81 KB, 800x531, Lindsay's_Bike.png)


File: 1432781075858.png (439.9 KB, 900x1165, sammeh2.png)

Does this belong in here since I'm not Hitori? I was going to put it in living headless, but figured i'd check first.

Also I realise shitty bg is shitty.


File: 1432962033055.png (316.07 KB, 640x1181, April.png)

not sure if i should put this here or the 3dcg thread, but since it's a manip, i think it fits here.


File: 1433223754476.png (42.28 KB, 240x300, miyu_00.png)


File: 1433630319634.jpg (91.73 KB, 919x1024, Edited Headless Kraze-Styl….jpg)

Hey Guys Is This Ok? I found it on the net and i edited it to make it look like headless kraze-style i have no intention to stole his ideas but i was inspired from him
i'm sorry about that it came out of my imagination when i found the pic Thanks


File: 1433630473310.jpg (252.21 KB, 919x1024, 1609791 - Naruto Sakura_Ha….jpg)

Original that i found on rule 34


File: 1433843443731.png (249.43 KB, 1016x1624, 4016268-3974644657-pokem.png)


File: 1434144375432.jpg (1.85 MB, 2975x4094, 1433068855206.jpg)


Edit of headless Harley Quinn (Of official artwork) please !


File: 1436217758593.gif (31.57 KB, 215x555, tranhar2_by_sircharmander-….gif)


If you looked, you would've found just that right here:


File: 1437352929465.png (116.12 KB, 650x1319, 51331588_2-Edited.png)

I Did't Post Any Manips On This Threads For A While


File: 1438091734384.png (113.53 KB, 700x876, 44121533-Edited.png)


File: 1438927315195.gif (1.66 MB, 294x233, GIF2.gif)


The actual fuck. I mean what even is this.



too fucked up / weird?





It's a little toy I'm working on.


That's kinda cool, what's it made in? Were you planning adding any features to it? Like the head maybe?


Haha. It has a head but I took it out for this thread. And yes, I'll keep adding features while I try to figure out what to do with it. It's made in Unity, using Photoshop to prepare the models/sprites.



maybe there's a way to make seperable from the body? I don't have much Unity experience.


Yes there is. I made a post in the req section. You can keep asking me questions in there if you want.

gurochan. ch/req/res/2778.html#q2778


File: 1439004839901.png (770.79 KB, 708x1000, 04c11b4e181615990f4fee0aed….png)


File: 1439005018426.png (735.88 KB, 708x1000, 04c11b4e181615990f4fee0aed….png)


File: 1444152217613.jpg (785.16 KB, 1235x1500, chun-li.jpg)


Source Please with the Original thank you


File: 1444229386306.jpeg (828.48 KB, 1235x1500, 87b1263a1d919db8c87d58e23….jpeg)



File: 1446152602334.jpg (397.81 KB, 1164x1044, 535612 - Garfield Jon_Arbu….jpg)


File: 1446152625591.png (133.18 KB, 942x848, dexter__s_mom_sheet_by_dar….png)


File: 1446214555201.jpg (155.95 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Shokugeki n….jpg)

forgot my head, lemme borrow your for the match


File: 1446214610669.jpg (232.34 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] GATE - 06 [….jpg)

if only that old man wasn't there......


File: 1446214663446.jpg (121.25 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Baby Steps ….jpg)

Natsu play by instinct, so she can play even without head.


File: 1446316463691.png (56.04 KB, 800x600, 151104kisekae.png)


File: 1447625245915.png (1.57 MB, 3084x3140, 1447419739060.png)

A in-depth guide on making a headless effect in Kisekae 2, made by an Anon from /d/


File: 1447625830164.png (343.32 KB, 2135x1490, 1447149252449.png)

a pic made with this method


>>7728 I Can't Make A Tiny Head


You need to use similar method of making bodiless using export file function and then edit the value until minus.


>>7734 Code To Change A Value ?


File: 1447735227975.png (124.76 KB, 1793x1024, 151116kisekae4.png)


File: 1449810721792.png (110.53 KB, 817x613, duwaifbhwaiu.png)


File: 1454639130118.jpg (255.48 KB, 1000x1166, 1264307386765h3l.jpg)


File: 1454639203756.jpg (250.56 KB, 1000x1166, 1264307386765hl2.jpg)


File: 1455223225304.png (23.79 KB, 305x231, 45055.png)


File: 1455287186875.png (179.59 KB, 800x1200, 47693580_p13-Edited.png)


File: 1457048316288.png (317.11 KB, 830x965, qzoMaLM.png)


File: 1457048467628.jpg (635.78 KB, 1000x1078, VkoFn8U.jpg)


File: 1457048589308.jpg (106.41 KB, 612x870, nnh.jpg)


File: 1457048719019.jpg (127.3 KB, 736x1040, 479c65d9c33c9c90eda4512129….jpg)


File: 1457054380513.gif (370.56 KB, 455x338, headless_morrigan_animated….gif)


File: 1457806259867.png (452.95 KB, 1960x2940, 52799011_Edited.png)


File: 1457806322404.png (135.39 KB, 992x1403, 52469898_Edited.png)


File: 1457806353200.png (87.58 KB, 900x800, 38511453_Edited.png)


File: 1458433813241.jpg (296.59 KB, 1672x784, e_online.jpg)


File: 1458433838868.jpg (307.8 KB, 1364x736, d_online.jpg)


File: 1458433869878.jpg (307.71 KB, 1862x718, f_online.jpg)


File: 1460429434046.jpg (202.68 KB, 1000x1000, 40707518_p0.jpg)


File: 1460429471282.jpg (193.9 KB, 988x748, 55479315_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1460429507636.jpg (161.54 KB, 526x1103, 30342295_p0.jpg)


File: 1460429581165.jpg (148.1 KB, 764x1200, 39202138_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1460429602601.jpg (152.49 KB, 552x1026, 38881641_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1463684927968.png (38.12 KB, 801x477, 1846990girl.png)


File: 1463686859937.jpg (212.43 KB, 720x544, ShinyTeeth-189.jpg)


File: 1463687712909.jpg (427.79 KB, 1916x1076, Introwithpoof.jpg)


File: 1464074589365.png (458.05 KB, 520x1031, 1166783422693.png)

Found It On Web Archives This One Is A Classic


File: 1466089081890.png (150.88 KB, 637x900, 2468070_Edited.png)

I Haven't Post The Manips For a Longtime so i give this one.


File: 1466227887674.png (48.19 KB, 320x280, 11_08.png)


File: 1467507933574.jpg (140.73 KB, 606x724, f294a2511b9bd427f669a0da54….jpg)


File: 1469498071952.jpeg (101.85 KB, 480x640, image.jpeg)


File: 1469561124471.jpg (130.79 KB, 1200x1461, kmi.jpg)


File: 1469802489018.jpg (187.56 KB, 510x748, saintia.jpg)


File: 1470752429241.jpg (36.42 KB, 483x900, 57649980_p2-edited.jpg)


File: 1470752457750.jpg (50.97 KB, 600x800, 57649980_p0-edited.jpg)


File: 1470752473315.jpg (55.29 KB, 611x800, 57125483_p3-edited.jpg)


File: 1470798333289.jpg (193.78 KB, 650x941, 1470753966992.jpg)

sourse and author?


File: 1471325606368.png (1.27 MB, 2171x3963, asukaheadless.png)


File: 1471325628238.png (1.39 MB, 1920x4610, hibariheadless.png)


File: 1471402774801.png (251.26 KB, 1200x1680, GL120000000_stitch.png)


File: 1471403691587.png (475.25 KB, 768x1100, 47960-aoi_sakuraba_6.png)


File: 1477351684008.png (328.36 KB, 750x1000, headlessfeet.png)

Might as well bump this thread with some stuff I did recently


File: 1477351724541.jpg (435.02 KB, 1120x1360, headlessfeet2.jpg)


File: 1477351759763.png (36.03 KB, 1209x1495, ps4tanheadless.png)


File: 1477351805428.jpg (907.01 KB, 1923x2800, morriganheadless6.jpg)


File: 1477351822867.jpg (1.3 MB, 2911x3472, morriganheadless7.jpg)


File: 1477351839926.jpg (400.3 KB, 1000x1444, morriganheadless8.jpg)


File: 1477398997691.jpg (92.89 KB, 542x768, tnns.jpg)


File: 1477399048027.jpg (135.88 KB, 852x480, [HTake] Boku no Yayoi-san ….jpg)


File: 1477541679722.png (592.92 KB, 607x1301, Headless Sexy Samus.png)


File: 1478201280523.png (450.68 KB, 624x885, Linda lashed off her head.png)


File: 1478201326876.png (356.52 KB, 744x1200, Headless Linda .png)

Needs more Linda.


File: 1478328104382.png (327.3 KB, 744x1200, 1478201326876.png)


File: 1478328122441.png (364.53 KB, 624x885, 1478201280523.png)


File: 1478378282824.jpg (251.99 KB, 540x699, __korra_avatar_series_and_….jpg)


File: 1478378296630.jpg (783.11 KB, 640x899, __korra_avatar_series_and_….jpg)


File: 1478378329455.png (345.95 KB, 500x1027, __original_drawn_by_oda_no….png)


File: 1478378364241.jpg (401.37 KB, 962x1700, __tyris_flare_golden_axe_d….jpg)


File: 1478681823665.png (482.5 KB, 400x1000, fd7b14b09ab7ba60924bb9e4bd….png)



File: 1478693579283.jpg (43.05 KB, 400x170, 480x220(1).jpg)


what is that? any more info?


File: 1478740265856.png (170.13 KB, 522x900, 32284806_edited-4.png)


File: 1478851394923.png (312.27 KB, 494x736, Head disappearing act.png)

A magic trick gone wrong.


File: 1478907659876.png (329.2 KB, 494x736, Pointing to her lips.png)


File: 1478912665601.jpg (103.34 KB, 1200x1461, kmi-lips.jpg)

>>10445 Visible Lips Version


>>11422 >>11426 Source?


image source?


More visible lips please


File: 1478951358494.png (212.56 KB, 502x750, fe-lips.png)


File: 1478952163695.png (463.84 KB, 575x840, krn-lips.png)


File: 1478952192441.png (508.91 KB, 623x910, krn-lips-2.png)


File: 1478952388362.png (700.92 KB, 728x1017, ss-lips.png)




I'm pretty sure there was ALREADY a threat for that floating lips before.


And it was unecessary


File: 1479534025846.png (538.8 KB, 760x1286, e2082c15aa7f6ffff9fe10e803….png)

I think I recall this image in one of the previous versions of Gurochan somewhere.


File: 1479962079980.jpg (259.69 KB, 1029x1200, 59994129_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1479962099426.jpg (110.05 KB, 738x804, KissMe.jpg)


File: 1479965160692.jpg (154.99 KB, 1280x1116, 010N_030_0201.jpg)


File: 1479965176340.jpg (166.32 KB, 1280x1116, 010N_030_0202.jpg)


File: 1480249573311.png (1.07 MB, 960x952, headless-Lips-1.png)


File: 1480249828687.png (384.32 KB, 688x1674, headless-Lips-2.png)


File: 1480287945714.jpg (72.59 KB, 600x918, Headless Dominatrix.jpg)

Needs more dominatrix.


File: 1480289477629.png (312.95 KB, 1000x798, 2bd4323898e9a2a58a75264ceb….png)

More latex plz.


File: 1480333837067.png (1.06 MB, 1600x1200, elena.png)


File: 1480348938711.png (667.46 KB, 610x852, headless-Lips-3.png)


File: 1480348958042.png (1.04 MB, 912x1280, headless-Lips-4.png)


File: 1480348974043.png (1.06 MB, 1024x768, headless-Lips-5.png)


File: 1480349001922.png (820.99 KB, 960x621, headless-Lips-6.png)


File: 1480349019938.png (239.14 KB, 841x1024, headless-Lips-7.png)


File: 1480349041035.png (236.65 KB, 709x675, headless-Lips-8.png)


File: 1480350185869.png (209.75 KB, 775x520, headless-Lips-9.png)


File: 1480350472686.png (208.27 KB, 480x660, headless-Lips-10.png)


File: 1480350687605.png (314.75 KB, 823x1039, HL-LP-1.png)


File: 1480420813650.png (287.77 KB, 1600x1200, elena1.png)


File: 1480433035358.png (1.05 MB, 1132x1817, headless-Lips-11.png)


File: 1480433550987.png (616.92 KB, 1056x1280, headless-Lips-12.png)


File: 1480433658370.png (354.61 KB, 637x900, headless-Lips-13.png)


File: 1480433958388.png (291.95 KB, 627x885, headless-Lips-14.png)


File: 1480483411718.png (1.06 MB, 750x922, IMG_8381.PNG)


File: 1480527160687.png (320.43 KB, 619x942, Headless-1.png)


File: 1480527207120.png (321.46 KB, 619x942, headless-Lips-16.png)


>>11576 Real Life Manips Are Not Allowed In This Thread


File: 1480528945516.png (318.95 KB, 640x1369, headless-Lips-17.png)


File: 1480528972778.png (224.7 KB, 640x1237, headless-Lips-18.png)


File: 1480528986215.png (177.09 KB, 491x1000, headless-Lips-19.png)


File: 1480529000814.png (157.9 KB, 640x783, headless-Lips-15.png)


File: 1480529014639.png (218.84 KB, 422x1024, headless-Lips-21.png)


File: 1480529028472.png (1.05 MB, 1491x1000, headless-Lips-20.png)


File: 1480598125999.png (482.21 KB, 650x970, headless-Lips-22.png)


File: 1480598899644.png (1.17 MB, 1168x1696, Headless-Nico(1).png)


File: 1480598922356.png (1.18 MB, 1168x1696, headless-Lips-23(1).png)


File: 1480598971284.png (387.5 KB, 627x885, headless-Lips-24.png)


File: 1480599898080.png (464.17 KB, 720x1345, headless-Lips-25.png)


File: 1480599923343.png (442.3 KB, 700x1211, headless-Lips-26.png)


File: 1480599938780.png (348.18 KB, 676x850, headless-Lips-27.png)


File: 1480744372430.png (501.93 KB, 550x1138, Headless Electra .png)


File: 1480745482609.png (245.84 KB, 800x590, Headless Electra2.png)


File: 1480746373567.png (303.14 KB, 800x590, Headless Electra (blue col….png)

Made a blue version to closely match her appearance in the game.


File: 1480819526519.png (214.57 KB, 850x620, Headless-Lips-28.png)


File: 1480819591149.png (1.37 MB, 1332x1214, Headless-Lips-29.png)


and few others, the origin is


File: 1480834674613.png (289.08 KB, 707x1000, headless-lips-30.png)


File: 1480834752266.png (220.74 KB, 707x1000, headless-lips-31.png)


File: 1480834821112.png (359.37 KB, 708x1000, headless-lips-32.png)


File: 1480865883066.png (502.91 KB, 791x1230, headless-Lips-33.png)


File: 1480865899887.png (722.67 KB, 1024x1829, headless-Lips-34.png)


File: 1480865925703.png (1.39 MB, 848x1199, headless-Lips-35.png)


File: 1480865941117.png (697.02 KB, 1000x2887, headless-Lips-36.png)


File: 1480899833161.png (173.74 KB, 347x1060, headless-Lips-37.png)


File: 1480899852420.png (445.13 KB, 720x1280, headless-Lips-38.png)


Source please?




Is empty


Any more Irina/Bitch-sensei?


Try this one instead


File: 1481028453058.png (1.09 MB, 1331x3328, headless-Lips-39.png)


File: 1481383398960.png (646.48 KB, 829x3463, headless-Lips-40.png)


File: 1481383426553.png (590.45 KB, 1171x3408, headless-Lips-41.png)


File: 1481383477333.png (277.57 KB, 637x2007, headless-Lips-42.png)


File: 1481383531225.png (205.44 KB, 556x2010, headless-Lips-43.png)


File: 1481607947134.png (368.68 KB, 648x1112, 1407207970862.png)


File: 1481608237252.png (365.71 KB, 648x1112, 3575457.png)

>>11686 uploaded wrong file


File: 1481608304842.png (631.51 KB, 706x1000, 3537929101.png)


File: 1481608361477.jpg (222.15 KB, 800x1000, 737383614254.jpg)


File: 1481608400317.jpg (325.96 KB, 996x1501, 4678661558.jpg)


File: 1481608447021.jpg (185.6 KB, 707x1000, 4886672141620.jpg)


File: 1481608489063.jpg (321.08 KB, 850x1258, 377306235725.jpg)


File: 1481608542910.jpg (175.41 KB, 710x1000, 63738331214853.jpg)


File: 1481608722365.jpg (356.53 KB, 908x880, 73738155232927756.jpg)


File: 1481608763330.png (475.5 KB, 850x1177, 74378$61153147.png)


File: 1481608804662.png (373.76 KB, 868x1000, 3773838115041.png)


File: 1481608839136.png (230.31 KB, 707x960, 37838327514301.png)


File: 1481608869708.png (280.06 KB, 600x888, 7382827514222.png)


File: 1481608959375.jpg (372.51 KB, 750x842, 1401001123741.jpg)


File: 1481609025220.jpg (327.6 KB, 848x1364, 1405845424288.jpg)


File: 1481609080295.png (505.27 KB, 831x962, 255231410737382.png)


File: 1481609131506.jpg (237.22 KB, 450x500, 1406344982506.jpg)


File: 1481609199669.png (871.73 KB, 850x1404, 7373731155415.png)


File: 1481647890932.jpg (1.33 MB, 3031x4230, siokara-zu 1.jpg)


File: 1481648233490.png (631.93 KB, 1418x618, headless-Lips-44.png)


File: 1481648252783.png (300.99 KB, 552x570, headless-Lips-45.png)


File: 1481685684723.png (549.23 KB, 600x933, 1481684405798.png)


File: 1481717994476.jpg (111.69 KB, 504x496, 15c1f1023ef39b43d67b52b1ea….jpg)


File: 1481718020619.jpg (136.88 KB, 600x708, 3267319.jpg)


I would like to see an edit with her tits lactating.


File: 1481826026341.png (1.25 MB, 1091x1500, headless-Lips-46.png)


File: 1482548981414.png (2 MB, 2592x1936, choppingblock-nogore.png)


File: 1483496540480.jpg (78.81 KB, 850x1100, sample_a6f5204db4ad2360f75….jpg)


File: 1483729164065.png (235.4 KB, 432x1156, Headless Tiana.png)


File: 1483730288803.png (215.18 KB, 600x920, Dullahottie.png)


File: 1483762818482.png (352.5 KB, 744x1200, 14782013268.png)


Linda throws away her head because her body was hot enough.


What's that originally from?




File: 1484110474485.png (1.4 MB, 3000x4000, W4iou7AXVJWKZ.png)


File: 1484210954987.jpg (125.08 KB, 717x1114, Dominatrix dullahan.jpg)


I like it how it looks like her head has been replaced by some kind of robotic control device with a sensor eye


That's supposed to be her neckwear, but yeah I'd like to imagine that as a sensory eye too XD


File: 1484585198926.jpg (70.65 KB, 573x810, nhol.jpg)


File: 1484585243166.jpg (243.84 KB, 704x1000, tns.jpg)


File: 1484585280383.jpg (150.36 KB, 998x720, soma_ova2_HD.mp4_snapshot_….jpg)


File: 1484585324060.jpg (64.71 KB, 720x480, [160226][PoRO]JKとエロコンビニ店長 ….jpg)




File: 1484686950435.png (174.81 KB, 800x1333, ed9ff72e7129ce87e.png)


File: 1484686974545.png (221.86 KB, 800x1333, Lady Ann Boleyn's sexy out….png)


File: 1484686993405.png (225.66 KB, 800x1333, Lady Ann Boleyn takes off ….png)


File: 1484978211877.png (582.79 KB, 1024x1280, IMG_0002.PNG)

Headless women with gloves are the best.


File: 1485139276621.png (1.12 MB, 850x1233, 81d6e78524815.png)


BTW, if you're wondering how her necklace managed stay in place:
magic, period.


File: 1485196109359.png (329.64 KB, 767x1034, headless-Lips-47.png)


File: 1485196127098.png (930.4 KB, 1200x1350, headless-Lips-48.png)


File: 1485196141022.png (512.49 KB, 800x1065, headless-Lips-49.png)


File: 1485196156822.png (231.93 KB, 612x900, headless-Lips-50.png)


File: 1485196180113.png (299.75 KB, 1050x1400, headless-Lips-51.png)


File: 1485196194365.png (420.48 KB, 600x884, headless-Lips-52.png)


File: 1485196572071.png (894.54 KB, 850x1233, 81d6e78524815_Lips.png)

>>11979 Lips Visible Version


File: 1485196840218.png (127.88 KB, 296x497, headless-Lips-53.png)


File: 1485197009966.png (149.69 KB, 600x825, headless-Lips-54.png)


File: 1485199952220.png (43.17 KB, 1228x1616, 54182231_p0_e2.png)

The world needs more gore-less ones like this. It's too damn good.

(also, tbh, I don't get the floating lips thing, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one)


Whenever I download his stuff, I just remove the lips from them lol


Yeah i never got the whole lip thing either, tbh it annoys me seeing it here


Yeah i never got the whole lip thing either, tbh it annoys me seeing it here


File: 1485324443730.png (410.97 KB, 1024x1081, Headless-2.png)


Tiana seems happy even without her head. <3



Dominatrix Dullahan: "Teehee........... Attracted by my tits, huh?"


File: 1486299671458.png (441.8 KB, 800x1555, syouko.png)


File: 1486299717192.png (571.99 KB, 800x1332, 46087293_p0.png)


File: 1486408182029.jpg (299.47 KB, 1500x1500, Untitled-1fdss2.jpg)

headless sexy office lady


headless secretary alive


Would like to see more Morrigan.


File: 1487132881836.png (194.54 KB, 535x756, Headless Aqua.png)


File: 1487133314502.png (284.26 KB, 450x1000, Headless Aya.png)


File: 1487414651418.jpg (119.32 KB, 778x1200, hamakaze 1.jpg)


File: 1487554676543.jpg (98.76 KB, 640x480, 52a8bb741708082e570b26af0f….jpg)


File: 1487554751523.jpg (336.15 KB, 850x1000, april_o___mg__by_aeolus06-….jpg)


File: 1487554816264.png (533.97 KB, 1280x1254, tumblr_odf1xaf3y31vauhlko1….png)


File: 1487554859982.png (391.36 KB, 1150x1024, misty__stocks___by_gear25-….png)


File: 1487554902753.png (316.68 KB, 1044x536, vicky__stocks__by_gear25-d….png)


File: 1487554943404.png (275.89 KB, 836x1155, 9cf5dde1711eb8ecbffaea1674….png)


File: 1487554977377.jpeg (173.52 KB, 850x1100, 27389fba8e4f358d48cd96f5a….jpeg)


File: 1487554999403.png (5.17 KB, 95x127, 1708067 - Chun-Li Fatal_Fu….png)


File: 1487555018949.png (498.43 KB, 1280x1875, 2002961 - BigDead93 Mega_M….png)


File: 1487565382001.png (581.13 KB, 1600x1920, Full_Portrait_Kagero.png)


File: 1487565478409.png (897.27 KB, 1684x1920, Full_Attack_Kagero.png)


File: 1487611027680.png (511.11 KB, 1000x642, 03b92602118f28b75be8f6d078….png)


File: 1488325516704.jpg (246.71 KB, 700x1140, morriganheadless9.jpg)

Here you go


File: 1488325545192.jpg (411.46 KB, 800x1200, morriganheadless10.jpg)


File: 1488325566386.jpg (634.76 KB, 1000x1333, morrriganheadless11.jpg)



Thanks very much! <3


No problem

Just wish more people would start doing more headless Morrigan


File: 1488518669139.gif (89.55 KB, 800x481, Harley and power girl.GIF)


I know those are old, but concerning
Where and what are the source imgaes?


File: 1489386412161.png (270.93 KB, 850x850, Headless playboy body.png)


File: 1489565334300.png (292.43 KB, 1000x798, 187654325678906543.png)

Removed the sig from the pic.


I loved to see more dkstudios05 edits. <3


File: 1489618710817.png (337.99 KB, 800x988, 99e45b573d92a74308e0d0a5b8….png)


Thanks, I loved headless sexy women in latex. <3


File: 1489621498865.png (308.6 KB, 800x988, 1489618710832.png)

Removed the sig.


File: 1489725554243.png (623.9 KB, 900x1275, mineva 1.png)

headless mineva lao zabi


File: 1489725595967.png (657.79 KB, 680x960, mineva 3.png)


File: 1489725620647.jpg (98.26 KB, 514x785, mineva 6.jpg)


File: 1489803720425.png (320.02 KB, 1000x798, 1489565333456.png)

St. Patrick's Day today.


File: 1489803877138.png (334.55 KB, 800x988, 1489621498865.png)


File: 1490145717279.png (376.29 KB, 531x1100, Headless Christie.png)


File: 1490147695989.png (380.98 KB, 531x1100, Christie with a laptop hea….png)


File: 1490512709460.png (354.97 KB, 674x1422, Headless Hot Chick.png)


File: 1490513840182.jpg (397.31 KB, 800x756, 1487777594745.jpg)


File: 1490729640607.png (431.34 KB, 790x1177, IMG_0570.PNG)

Hello, have you seen my head anywhere? I have a sexy body. <3


ok then.



File: 1490797550948.png (376.64 KB, 940x1640, c3e0582b52e97702df171f82b3….png)


File: 1490989305988.png (1.07 MB, 862x1500, 61509163_p0 .png)


File: 1490989617465.jpg (100.32 KB, 850x1479, __original_drawn_by_lolice….jpg)


File: 1490990013101.jpg (117.44 KB, 850x1479, __original_drawn_by_lolice….jpg)



Needs more latex women plz. <3


File: 1491357380883.jpg (224.72 KB, 600x900, 1491324397409.jpg)


File: 1491359352203.jpg (144.32 KB, 576x1057, "My head's on.".jpg)

Headed version.


File: 1491453131504.jpg (114.91 KB, 600x1415, 1491357357767.jpg)

Full body.


File: 1491453162267.jpg (159.22 KB, 600x1502, 1491359352203.jpg)


File: 1491453655156.jpg (206.49 KB, 600x1415, 1491324397409.jpg)

I took off my head for you. <3


File: 1491454672000.jpg (204.74 KB, 933x1265, 1491453131643.jpg)

My head can float on its own, so you can see my full body perfectly. <3


I still wanted to know the source for this pic.


File: 1491807653906.png (327.73 KB, 604x1385, 701550183beaffb4a3f12d6781….png)


File: 1491808679523.png (707.17 KB, 800x1129, 24bdf6a87329c5451c5cbe36ab….png)


File: 1491811809855.jpg (314.73 KB, 1579x2214, 694698456146313146546.jpg)



I loved seeing more sexy headless chicks with gloves. <3


File: 1491885941406.jpg (55.33 KB, 640x480, IMG_0579.JPG)


File: 1491901250027.png (435.6 KB, 580x1443, f697528d7b4ed86bc48070bc9c….png)


File: 1491901715644.png (377.88 KB, 572x1397, 4f31bfda3706ba45a10fa10d95….png)


File: 1491904069091.png (304.42 KB, 500x1339, 876d8c4568d7497480e6d2ce6b….png)



Hello Christie, where is your head? <3


File: 1493513021130.png (411.97 KB, 1280x1183, 9dc87ebc3a03966840d2e76b8b….png)


>>12705 LOL it's Wendy! xD


File: 1493701122992.png (763.2 KB, 1600x2400, c7b02e0a10656b7357f7f300ff….png)


File: 1493776589938.jpg (395.15 KB, 750x1050, Headless Linda.jpg)

Hello, I've just lashed my head off. Don't I look sexy? <3


File: 1493776685526.png (779.45 KB, 750x1050, Headless Linda (nude).png)

I lashed off my corset so now you can see my boobies/tits. <3



Thanks, haven't seen this chick in a while. <3



My pleasure, love. I loved giving head to my fans,<3


File: 1495743304785.png (247.46 KB, 990x1254, 16088184b368cf37ba09154aea….png)


File: 1496266745405.png (140.32 KB, 636x684, tommy_looniverse_by_curtsi….png)


File: 1496266797395.png (584.34 KB, 1200x1459, gemmy_birthday_by_curtsibl….png)


File: 1496266895793.png (497.58 KB, 900x1273, michelle_taps_it_up_by_cur….png)


File: 1496267036336.png (211.48 KB, 726x844, 62701105_p0.png)


File: 1496457558353.png (362 KB, 640x1117, 4110809-1988491140-7a3.png)


File: 1496799785418.png (404.28 KB, 800x1138, Headless hot babe.png)


File: 1497111736895.jpg (82.62 KB, 704x480, [] Aika R-16 -….jpg)


File: 1497111775842.jpg (308.36 KB, 1118x1268, elDLIVE_Episode_6_HD.mp4_s….jpg)


File: 1497111819085.jpg (342.31 KB, 976x1400, skip.jpg)


File: 1497111875859.jpg (147.81 KB, 614x1000, up.jpg)


File: 1497658216517.png (535.82 KB, 774x1200, sa-baru 2.png)


Source for this pic plz? :3




File: 1498435816188.png (109.09 KB, 500x700, vivi.png)


File: 1498549196293.png (656.43 KB, 1280x720, Headless-2.png)


File: 1498553374728.png (1.83 MB, 3000x3000, Headless-3.png)


File: 1498558692667.png (141.73 KB, 640x880, Headless-4.png)


File: 1498567647019.jpg (107.38 KB, 720x480, [170526] Tensei Kendo no H….jpg)


File: 1498594182970.png (379.27 KB, 700x1000, sa-baru 1.png)


File: 1498899593827.png (523.88 KB, 602x911, Headless Christie.png)


File: 1498899611011.png (543.33 KB, 590x931, Christie with her head.png)


File: 1498899965361.png (484.33 KB, 360x640, ChristieDOA4.png)




File: 1499012789121.png (1.57 MB, 4984x2700, lilith 01.png)


File: 1499082726609.png (679.51 KB, 1500x1059, hiropi 1.png)


File: 1499235889923.png (549.41 KB, 1024x1450, headless_morrigan.png)


File: 1499270455395.png (657.23 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3519.PNG)


File: 1499271272088.png (107.58 KB, 1280x1116, 928F108C-9AB2-4979-A9F0-2C….png)

This One Is Familiar i found this somewhere on the net


File: 1499572125691.png (1.53 MB, 1808x3920, Tiana's head falls off.png)

Oops, my head falls off!


File: 1499595563667.png (940.26 KB, 1026x1200, Kunimitsu missing her head.png)


File: 1499769102546.png (1.69 MB, 1700x3400, tokihamai.png)

It is a high-quality version of this image


File: 1499809930357.png (442.63 KB, 666x999, IMG_0665.PNG)


File: 1499935998816.png (670.36 KB, 1024x1447, IMG_0669.PNG)


File: 1500084073510.png (372.2 KB, 465x937, Headless Tamer.png)



My favorite card waifu. <3


File: 1500238927792.png (204.62 KB, 800x590, Headless Electra .png)


File: 1500238956029.png (253.08 KB, 800x590, Headless Electra (blue col….png)


File: 1500692609407.jpg (98.02 KB, 715x1000, headless_by_1wdvgy7il-dbd9….jpg)

Can anyone find the original source of this pictures


File: 1500877369534.png (325.16 KB, 800x988, Headless stripper.png)


File: 1500877972402.png (325.07 KB, 800x988, 1500877730921.png)


Corrected the right side of her glove to match the other.


File: 1500950575783.png (1.21 MB, 712x1114, 623405707fac76c9a68d4998f9….png)


File: 1501080764370.png (994.72 KB, 1440x1753, tumblr_nofx1a6BNt1qb821do1….png)


File: 1501080802988.jpg (669.81 KB, 1440x1689, 9_o0aw2f6bth-1-1.jpg)


File: 1501080853068.jpg (840.67 KB, 1440x1652, tumblr_nna25ult2A1sifqsjo1….jpg)


File: 1501080875358.jpg (582.74 KB, 1440x2277, tumblr_nnk4afcK2f1ru12zto1….jpg)


File: 1501084838862.jpg (524.8 KB, 1440x1440, Screenshot_2017-07-26-11-5….jpg)



Source for this one plz? :3


Also, more love for gloved girls, thanks. <3



Oh trust me, it is. <3


File: 1501134781996.jpg (916.19 KB, 1440x1823, 6c6986c38f28f9786afafd97ad….jpg)


File: 1501139012820.jpg (456.86 KB, 1440x1268, 1d62254870c36e2adab1901ccb….jpg)


File: 1501139043230.jpg (802.61 KB, 1428x2560, 5e574ce5ef184d9ac19f76900d….jpg)


File: 1501139063708.jpg (825.69 KB, 1440x2032, c008d4dba19246997a6135960d….jpg)


File: 1501169033496.png (401.41 KB, 662x1000, sa-baru 3.png)


File: 1501254513426.jpg (832.17 KB, 1440x1539, c1b26e01bd42ba3de72a14bb80….jpg)


File: 1501254556441.jpg (377.43 KB, 1287x926, 82e0e7642fa8c5b1418a8e3997….jpg)


File: 1501418658747.png (732.16 KB, 850x1182, Headless-5.png)


File: 1501418844799.png (461.27 KB, 850x1133, Headless-6.png)


File: 1501418853239.png (275.63 KB, 675x900, Headless-7.png)


File: 1501418862525.png (321.4 KB, 840x1200, Headless-8.png)


File: 1501419855473.png (160.35 KB, 551x640, headless-lips-70.png)


File: 1501419895182.png (159.46 KB, 551x640, Headless-9.png)

>>13475 Without Lips


File: 1501553689033.png (951.2 KB, 950x1400, Headless Morrigan looking ….png)

Needs more love for Morrigan.


who have gammatelier's "faceless love" and "headless boss" please



File: 1501885244453.png (261.86 KB, 827x1129, sailor_jupiter__crystal.png)


File: 1502293144432.png (1.34 MB, 1041x1200, Kagome holding her head 2.png)


File: 1502293194878.png (1.34 MB, 1041x1200, Kagome holding her head 5.png)



Hello Amagi, where is your head? <3


File: 1503470321517.png (78.7 KB, 405x650, doa___christie_by_ronsalas.png)


File: 1503470864840.png (195.23 KB, 720x1156, 1503470626693.png)


Larger version(with minor edit to the stump).


File: 1503471275801.png (211.03 KB, 247x682, Headless Christie.png)



Nice detail work on the inside of her collar. But is her torso hollow? Shouldn't there be some exposed flesh inside her collar.



Source for these plz?


File: 1504573039748.png (250.79 KB, 437x1205, 0840fe8705ff1fd70bdbb1b280….png)


File: 1504573066677.jpg (238.3 KB, 849x1252, 7808696 (1).jpg)


File: 1504573080774.png (305.57 KB, 947x1291, 50f3c8347aef212231445b34fa….png)


File: 1504573103475.png (452.2 KB, 715x811, the_dork_knight_returns_by….png)


File: 1504573121160.png (258.28 KB, 622x900, turtle_bait_by_curtsibling….png)


Source please?



File: 1505245868240.png (376.28 KB, 800x1291, syouko 2.png)


What happened to your head, Dark Queen? :3


Fuck off from here, too.


No you.


Leave him the hell alone, he can do what he wants, it's a free country. Deal with it.


Why are you even here then?


You're not the boss around here, you know. So you fuck off.


Stop sockpuppeting, jesus.


Says who.


File: 1505425730391.gif (4.42 KB, 160x144, QKcD5DkTvSiGdsdk.gif)

It never ends, this shit.
Either post some content or fuck off, stop eating up the fucking post limit.


File: 1505425810979.png (216.9 KB, 533x600, IMG_0704.PNG)

Less arguing, more pics.


I apologized, but this fucker started this shit >>13827


File: 1505710965420.png (290.91 KB, 870x1230, Headless-10.png)


File: 1505858293368.png (552.71 KB, 971x920, IMG_0709.PNG)


File: 1505975356007.png (866.08 KB, 1318x1244, 4434be9bffefee38f4786ddd19….png)


File: 1505977013197.png (391.62 KB, 690x1190, f82fa9eaa2ff27aac60822c737….png)


File: 1505982491060.png (304.2 KB, 645x1200, Headless succubus.png)


File: 1505984322869.png (796.37 KB, 1444x2688, Headless succubus (larger ….png)


File: 1506051024610.png (1.81 MB, 2348x4689, Headless-11.png)


File: 1506051036186.png (942.48 KB, 1900x3700, Headless-12.png)


File: 1506054116067.png (616.89 KB, 1193x3380, Headless-Lips-8.png)


File: 1506054162981.png (614.93 KB, 1193x3380, Headless-13.png)


No lips Version


File: 1506062705907.png (587.32 KB, 1205x1400, a74e6eaca7ebe247bfb8995bde….png)


File: 1506062724403.png (595.87 KB, 1205x1400, a74e6eaca7ebe247bfb8995bde….png)


File: 1506143407041.png (1 MB, 2860x3700, Headless-14.png)


File: 1506143620171.png (277.37 KB, 900x1200, Headless-15.png)


File: 1506143916245.png (264.33 KB, 1200x1600, Headless-15HD.png)


Larger Version


This Are Belong to /g/ not /f/


File: 1506223102370.png (555.27 KB, 814x1302, Headless-16.png)


File: 1506223171523.png (556.36 KB, 814x1302, Headless-16-1.png)

Empty Collar Version



Nice stuff.


Anyone have the source for this?


File: 1506389084758.png (137.73 KB, 380x1060, 1504863720757.png)



Source ?


It was found on the faceless thread, even I don't know the original source of this pic.


File: 1506554017963.png (939.87 KB, 800x1257, feli 1.png)



It's open for 6 days.


File: 1506596735605.png (134.3 KB, 645x1107, headless chick.png)


File: 1506598683341.png (149.26 KB, 738x1107, chi_02_bd_1 copy 4.png)

A slightly better version of


File: 1506599305113.png (150.18 KB, 738x1107, 1506598683341.png)

Version with floating lips.


File: 1508108530359.png (520.64 KB, 1024x878, 6730F04A-9C6A-4912-A9ED-B8….png)

Rosalina got into an accident.


File: 1508438440554.png (446.27 KB, 595x800, Headless-17.png)


File: 1508438497173.png (447.09 KB, 595x800, Headless-Lips-69.png)

Floating Lips Version


File: 1508561112303.png (378.13 KB, 531x1100, 1503467975358.png)


File: 1508828308739.jpg (126.89 KB, 1000x1368, __aoyama_sumika_original_d….jpg)


File: 1508828334215.jpg (118.64 KB, 1000x1368, __aoyama_sumika_original_d….jpg)


File: 1509956778680.jpg (225.35 KB, 1280x962, IMG_1537.JPG)

Found And Saved From The Last Threads

Also Not Mine


File: 1509956849375.png (89.65 KB, 540x406, IMG_1540.PNG)


Found Somewhere In Tumblr And Saved This One


File: 1510255388921.png (1.25 MB, 1188x1600, no head sam.png)


I panicked for a moment, thinking that was a pregnancy test. >_<


That would be even better!


File: 1510295286828.jpeg (142.19 KB, 800x999, image.jpeg)


File: 1510422914141.png (753.04 KB, 722x1020, dorako6.png)


File: 1510422941145.png (477.61 KB, 590x873, dorako8.png)


File: 1510659379787.jpeg (98.25 KB, 670x1192, image.jpeg)

Man this thread is dead


File: 1510675887312.jpg (180.83 KB, 850x1178, px.jpg)

perhaps open new threat?


File: 1510675915577.jpg (309.95 KB, 1252x1726, karin.jpg)


File: 1510675962218.jpg (105.02 KB, 844x1200, ox.jpg)


File: 1510912421699.jpeg (640.58 KB, 2505x3349, image.jpeg)


File: 1510912422948.jpeg (640.58 KB, 2505x3349, image.jpeg)


Shit how do I delete


File: 1511106735008.png (571.77 KB, 451x1232, Kayano_summer.png)

Requesting headless edit of pic related


File: 1511165341916.png (480.95 KB, 451x1232, image.png)

Attempt was made




File: 1511590564658.png (230.87 KB, 819x1011, GUP hana edit.png)


File: 1511590647810.png (342.62 KB, 819x1011, 2384203 - Girls_und_Panzer….png)


File: 1511662296968.png (605.02 KB, 717x1114, E3C69A84-3005-4E32-A1E4-B5….png)

Neckless version.


File: 1511907052430.jpeg (74.14 KB, 894x894, image.jpeg)


Can more Vlema and Daphné be added? Similar to this post?


File: 1511965808214.jpg (218.58 KB, 600x425, 60984374_p0_master1200.jpg)




File: 1512133180115.png (456.64 KB, 1024x576, Headless-18.png)


Are real world edits allowed, because I've seen like, none.



What is the source? And i love teen titans edits, is it possible to see more Raven headless?


File: 1512410277574.png (744.44 KB, 800x1132, 1512394696541.png)


File: 1512411131986.png (1.06 MB, 1591x2425, 1_000000002370_5.png)


File: 1512411159878.png (2.3 MB, 990x1400, a433d9fcfb2de46e8a5fabd190….png)


File: 1512421359059.png (670.01 KB, 520x1197, image.png)


File: 1512421383067.png (204.76 KB, 640x960, image.png)


No irl please


1. It's really hard to know that when the "rules" are very poorly worded
2. I have no bloody clue on how to delete


1. It's really hard to know that when the "rules" are very poorly worded
2. I have no bloody clue on how to delete


File: 1512472415420.png (369.75 KB, 940x1370, Untitled44_20171205190422.png)

Headless Aine Chidorigafuchi. Feel free to put anybody's head on her body


File: 1512506885231.png (710.78 KB, 1812x1071, Headless-19.png)


File: 1512506895921.png (162.17 KB, 540x720, Headless-20.png)


File: 1512506906148.png (99.96 KB, 600x800, Headless-21.png)


File: 1512506916148.png (155.9 KB, 636x900, Headless-22.png)


File: 1512510239893.png (354.18 KB, 1095x2000, Headless-23-1.png)


File: 1512510297386.png (355.17 KB, 1095x2000, Headless-23-2.png)



File: 1512510374929.png (356.25 KB, 1095x2000, Headless-Lips-72-1.png)

Lips visible version


File: 1512510403762.png (355.31 KB, 1095x2000, Headless-Lips-72-2.png)


File: 1512537189169.png (356.42 KB, 1095x2000, Headless-23-3.png)

Bandage version


File: 1512974821473.png (302.49 KB, 733x1320, 1862771 - Alex_Hiro Brian_….png)


File: 1512974838661.png (519.4 KB, 1150x1399, 1c373f78db20c214043e1d43ae….png)


File: 1512974856996.png (762.93 KB, 895x1800, 3c3fa212cbb29a0afa171e6abf….png)


File: 1512974879950.png (488.44 KB, 986x1800, tumblr_oyoey7hMHO1w3bh4ro1….png)


File: 1512974897037.png (260.89 KB, 1280x839, tumblr_oyoey7hMHO1w3bh4ro3….png)


File: 1512974916428.png (399.73 KB, 1280x742, tumblr_oyoey7hMHO1w3bh4ro4….png)


What r the sources of this pics? Where can I find this artist???????


Who is the artist or source??


From Ravenravenraven, all 4 of them


File: 1513898272747.jpeg (116.16 KB, 856x934, image.jpeg)



File: 1515077373984.jpeg (70.4 KB, 521x590, image.jpeg)

Seems as if the thread died, what a shame



File: 1515171478254.png (1.55 MB, 780x1103, Headless-24.png)


iirc there was a naked headless edit that her chest had freckles on it
(flat chest,teen like body and stuff)
does anyone had that pic there was also an original of it



File: 1516275085460.png (354.03 KB, 900x747, azusaheadless_by_nbmluvr2-….png)


File: 1516275130819.png (270.46 KB, 613x750, azusaheadless2_2_by_nbmluv….png)


File: 1516275148126.png (330.26 KB, 1280x1011, yuiuihead1_by_nbmluvr2-dc0….png)


File: 1516275175442.png (513.34 KB, 900x994, uiheadless_by_nbmluvr2-dc0….png)


File: 1516275236843.png (698.46 KB, 1200x1600, headlessyui_by_nbmluvr2-dc….png)

got some halves too, but im pretty sure thats not allowed in this thread


also sorry about the shitty collar on this one, couldnt get it to look the way i wanted




Pretty sure there's half girls threads around, you can post in one of those.


Just put them on an deviantart or something and post the link.


File: 1516552680422.jpeg (36.63 KB, 503x665, image.jpeg)


File: 1516576041918.jpg (283.6 KB, 1920x1080, caughto.jpg)


File: 1516635828886.png (620.15 KB, 1000x1470, alisa-ttt2-bonuscostume.png)


File: 1516636341709.png (463.42 KB, 640x960, alisa-tekken7fatedretribut….png)


File: 1517227789704.png (364.08 KB, 1000x1000, Headless-24.png)


File: 1517303625482.png (162.78 KB, 613x1008, nicoheadless2.png)


File: 1517303635315.png (159.37 KB, 673x823, nicoheadless3.png)


File: 1517303673925.png (259.71 KB, 887x761, nozonicoheadless.png)


File: 1517303691403.png (299.39 KB, 732x824, nicoheadless8-2.png)


File: 1517303802289.png (417.04 KB, 1000x1379, nicoheadless5.png)

yeah, i planned on posting a link but i've seriously gotta organize it first


File: 1517311728305.png (99.88 KB, 662x766, yukihoheadless.png)



File: 1517683339958.png (286.58 KB, 600x850, Headless-25.png)


File: 1517683352385.png (203.97 KB, 600x847, Headless-26.png)


File: 1517708736496.jpg (146.09 KB, 1092x1450, be1.jpg)


File: 1517709068699.jpg (336.99 KB, 1445x1527, by.jpg)


File: 1517739410483.png (636.11 KB, 862x1120, headfuta.png)


File: 1517739447696.png (216.99 KB, 613x813, zakabod.png)


File: 1517805614311.png (622.93 KB, 1254x1771, Headless-27.png)


File: 1517805643427.png (311.39 KB, 850x1200, Headless-28.png)


File: 1517805654939.png (267.94 KB, 1050x1013, Headless-29.png)


File: 1517806065087.png (545.31 KB, 1254x1771, Headless-30.png)


File: 1517806488517.png (513.41 KB, 1254x1771, Headless-31.png)


File: 1517807183829.png (627.34 KB, 1254x1771, Headless-Lips-73.png)

Lips Visible


File: 1517858015002.png (312.21 KB, 850x1200, Headless-Lips-75.png)

Lips visible version


File: 1517858074032.png (516.46 KB, 1254x1771, Headless-Lips-74.png)

Lips Visible


File: 1517860016200.png (183.67 KB, 391x640, Headless-32.png)


File: 1518013355160.jpg (1.92 MB, 2170x2683, mona norm headless0.jpg)

Mona from Warioware (1).


File: 1518013459008.jpg (1.92 MB, 2170x2683, mona norm headless1.jpg)

Mona from Warioware (1). Lips visible version.


File: 1518013559682.jpg (1.93 MB, 2170x2683, mona norm headless2.jpg)

Mona from Warioware (1). face visible version.


File: 1518328618918.png (228.91 KB, 649x1000, Headless-33.png)


File: 1518328632016.png (180.96 KB, 479x680, Headless-34.png)


File: 1518330576079.png (183.96 KB, 391x640, Headless-Lips-77.png)

Headless Lips Visible Version


File: 1518330946158.png (229.63 KB, 649x1000, Headless-Lips-78.png)

Lips Visible


File: 1518338006728.png (1.51 MB, 1350x1920, Headless-35.png)


File: 1518338410823.png (1.49 MB, 1350x1920, Headless-36.png)


File: 1518339618836.png (204.96 KB, 707x1000, Headless-37.png)


File: 1518341000077.png (154.8 KB, 768x1024, Headless-38.png)


File: 1518341034803.png (156.15 KB, 768x1024, Headless-Lips-79.png)

Visible Lips


File: 1518342031957.png (760.99 KB, 2400x2100, Headless-39.png)


File: 1518342204012.png (306.99 KB, 1260x1960, Headless-40.png)


Please slow down with these floating lips things, they overinflate the post count (drowning out some of the better works posted here), are barely different versions of already posted pics, and aren't very liked around these parts to begin with.


File: 1519366983017.jpg (179.21 KB, 930x1300, zombhold1.jpg)


File: 1519424251567.jpg (118.83 KB, 900x847, headballb2.jpg)


Original image?


File: 1519871679849.png (629.32 KB, 1254x1771, Headless-41.png)


File: 1519871696955.png (726.85 KB, 1254x1771, Headless-42-1.png)


File: 1519871729325.png (722.65 KB, 1254x1771, Headless-42-2.png)

Empty Collar Version


File: 1519879108516.jpg (358.82 KB, 1260x1960, 67120731_p1.jpg)


File: 1519890289509.png (520.34 KB, 1254x1771, Headless-43.png)


File: 1519890317433.png (1.3 MB, 2507x3541, Headless-44.png)


File: 1519891193658.png (619.65 KB, 1254x1771, Headless-45.png)


File: 1519891211529.png (896.71 KB, 1254x1771, Headless-46.png)


File: 1520244041380.jpg (45.03 KB, 674x900, 69278985c9900fe2568483313c….jpg)

Excuse me, but can someone make her headless


File: 1520536731001.jpg (167.39 KB, 674x900, 15202440413802.jpg)


File: 1520655741799.jpg (119.48 KB, 500x500, __katsuragi_yako_majin_tan….jpg)

Requesting another edit


File: 1520875082970.png (563.04 KB, 1836x1637, original by dabbledoodles.png)


File: 1520875105303.png (753.26 KB, 1080x1600, original by blushmallet.png)


File: 1520909176836.png (3.93 MB, 2400x3200, Headless-47.png)


File: 1520913943130.png (258.44 KB, 446x1018, 1518913888117.png)

The empress just got back from the guillotine.


File: 1520932242964.png (432.77 KB, 1080x1920, Headless-48.png)


File: 1521092976237.jpeg (79.04 KB, 774x1032, image.jpeg)


File: 1521391222091.png (628.69 KB, 850x1196, Headless-49.png)

Headless Yuri Reutrns


File: 1521392699400.png (798.71 KB, 1280x720, Headless-50.png)


File: 1521392959106.png (356.4 KB, 520x829, Headless-51.png)


File: 1521393461160.png (866.48 KB, 1280x720, Headless-52.png)


File: 1521399050727.png (73.98 KB, 400x760, Headless-53.png)


File: 1521399055174.png (881.09 KB, 1000x1500, 2015.png)


File: 1521399237847.jpg (768.19 KB, 1513x1827, reiknee.jpg)


File: 1521417744370.jpg (118.09 KB, 774x1032, pink.jpg)


Source please?



File: 1522429847208.png (471.84 KB, 653x1000, Headless-54.png)


File: 1522438421073.jpg (123.41 KB, 1500x997, 245cebec136f3ccfbfd9fbb646….jpg)


File: 1522468674754.jpeg (70.7 KB, 691x1156, image.jpeg)


File: 1522554155241.png (124.33 KB, 393x831, Headless Morrigan again.png)


File: 1522583696924.png (358.96 KB, 917x751, Headless-56.png)


File: 1522612793463.jpg (60.86 KB, 506x644, bbbbbbb.jpg)


File: 1522703688668.jpeg (66.95 KB, 774x1032, image.jpeg)


File: 1522780800971.png (1.32 MB, 1200x1193, 1522772321739.png)


File: 1522781113211.png (1.33 MB, 1200x1193, 1522772321739 copy.png)


File: 1522898561472.png (244.13 KB, 694x754, Headless Morrigan with win….png)

Added wings.


File: 1522918125316.jpeg (165.71 KB, 1280x1129, DD36C7E7-00F6-48BB-B204-B….jpeg)


File: 1522918152590.jpeg (422.74 KB, 907x1500, B7BF1C79-3BF2-4E64-BE6B-9….jpeg)


File: 1523080750066.png (177.74 KB, 800x1200, Headless-57.png)


File: 1523965439256.png (66.95 KB, 500x500, Headless-58-1.png)


File: 1523965616200.png (67.18 KB, 500x500, Headless-58-2.png)



File: 1523965629795.png (151.1 KB, 756x1080, Headless-59.png)


File: 1523965652193.png (133.7 KB, 680x700, Headless-60.png)


File: 1523965704073.png (121.9 KB, 534x650, Headless-61-1.png)


File: 1523965714666.png (121.78 KB, 534x650, Headless-61-2.png)


File: 1523967453127.png (264.35 KB, 309x622, Headless Lili.png)


File: 1526133792204.jpg (68.78 KB, 512x936, hldls (42).jpg)

Source for this image?


File: 1526158458563.png (216.67 KB, 900x700, 2ecd92fd9352f9eeaa7af5d219….png)


File: 1526158850787.png (347.33 KB, 557x1580, bulma_in_panties_by_alexis….png)


File: 1526158880069.jpg (191.96 KB, 708x986, sample_fb49c7c5ad0aa4e6448….jpg)


File: 1526158953925.png (164.02 KB, 670x735, crujGDM.png)


File: 1526158992001.jpg (260.52 KB, 800x950, jessicarabbit_iu_800.jpg)


File: 1526159207598.png (1.79 MB, 2800x3850, 8b3208554c57219309d992de02….png)


File: 1526159224863.png (483.69 KB, 1800x2000, 580e63a3647865ee7b7beec03b….png)


File: 1526159244233.png (267.18 KB, 965x1820, 778be88a7b3aa6f9c936b1db92….png)


File: 1526159271538.png (578.52 KB, 2473x3451, 50578904_p4.png)


File: 1526159289929.png (279.71 KB, 452x883, 1518298406466.png)


File: 1526159317751.png (1.8 MB, 3850x2800, caffe07902ebd87da7ed4549c1….png)


File: 1526181016800.png (318.38 KB, 700x1074, mistress eve.png)


File: 1526247603779.jpg (232 KB, 1280x720, aguri_yukimura_by_twatbuoy….jpg)


File: 1526264440863.jpg (41.19 KB, 512x936, 1153253654981.jpg)

The head was poorly drawn so I removed it.


File: 1526534237222.png (4.22 MB, 2138x3000, Headless-69.png)


File: 1526565976643.png (2.77 MB, 3295x2184, __ram_and_rem_re_zero_kara….png)


File: 1526611506370.png (549.7 KB, 1697x1200, __suzumiya_haruhi_suzumiya….png)


File: 1526611686764.png (456.6 KB, 1697x1200, __suzumiya_haruhi_suzumiya….png)


File: 1526672251682.jpeg (510.11 KB, 2437x3442, image.jpeg)


File: 1526672279209.jpeg (93.88 KB, 899x1243, image.jpeg)


File: 1526672327033.jpeg (36.47 KB, 512x512, image.jpeg)


File: 1526672356960.jpeg (114.03 KB, 720x1041, image.jpeg)


File: 1526672377236.jpeg (78.86 KB, 680x800, image.jpeg)


File: 1526682168092.png (176.13 KB, 493x717, doru.png)


File: 1526682333851.jpg (397.75 KB, 1004x1200, JULLAYYY.jpg)


File: 1526682414230.png (241.39 KB, 852x1094, wift4.png)


File: 1527050140523.png (645.54 KB, 1536x2048, Headless-70.png)


File: 1527053830817.jpg (1.31 MB, 4027x2500, tbmn.jpg)


File: 1527053860282.jpg (126.07 KB, 557x836, nnk1.jpg)


File: 1527053897412.jpg (286.52 KB, 821x1251, nnk.jpg)


File: 1527053928885.jpg (165.65 KB, 1280x720, ll1hd.mp4_snapshot_01.12_[….jpg)


File: 1527053969017.jpg (300.67 KB, 1119x769, aikz.jpg)


File: 1527064426736.png (1.45 MB, 1589x888, image.png)


By any chance, are you still around?


File: 1527066229937.jpeg (363.63 KB, 1586x889, image.jpeg)


File: 1527146025849.png (410.8 KB, 1374x2300, Headless-72.png)


File: 1527152891708.png (668.95 KB, 1025x1554, Headless-73.png)


File: 1527409529293.jpeg (235.28 KB, 1589x892, image.jpeg)


File: 1527705390902.png (716.28 KB, 607x1301, 20f93bdf2235444e4ab2045218….png)

Samus stripped off her swimsuit.


File: 1527979465074.jpg (457.87 KB, 1258x1759, fallie.jpg)


File: 1527979665875.jpg (396.67 KB, 2630x2908, twirlyhold2.jpg)


File: 1527980016513.jpg (728.41 KB, 2179x2717, retu2c.jpg)


File: 1527980090698.png (665.12 KB, 1391x1754, fog3.png)


File: 1527993131935.jpeg (71.16 KB, 668x1188, image.jpeg)


File: 1527993160465.png (181.61 KB, 596x1342, image.png)


File: 1527993172988.jpeg (107.19 KB, 707x1000, image.jpeg)


File: 1527993187669.jpeg (91.2 KB, 724x1288, image.jpeg)


File: 1527995165435.jpg (286.69 KB, 1280x1270, nofur.jpg)


File: 1528108561854.png (595.71 KB, 1391x1754, Headless-76.png)

No Head Version


File: 1528433704686.png (16.76 KB, 345x580, Headless-77.png)


File: 1528978040518.png (445.11 KB, 1574x3006, daisy without head.png)

Pretty neat finding one of my own drawings edited here. I've been meaning to make her headless myself since being able to mess with the layers makes it a lot easier and a zero erasing. I prefer her with the neck still present myself


Why hello


File: 1529065600729.jpeg (192.46 KB, 1539x2049, image.jpeg)


File: 1529065615275.jpeg (139.82 KB, 1109x1580, image.jpeg)


File: 1529293209414.png (273.05 KB, 752x1062, fa31081c15f5844e73af8be55f….png)


File: 1530189864141.jpeg (268.04 KB, 1770x2386, image.jpeg)


File: 1531964315615.png (1.47 MB, 3600x5790, commission__bikini_misty_b….png)


File: 1531964361417.png (397.26 KB, 1920x1120, 432d276c7d886a5d8eb6508a2f….png)


File: 1532052203014.png (389.52 KB, 1094x1755, Headless-78.png)


File: 1532052244601.png (130.79 KB, 724x752, Headless-79.png)


File: 1532052270855.png (600.05 KB, 850x1201, Headless-80.png)


File: 1532052319649.png (602.86 KB, 850x1201, Headless-80-1.png)


Neck Stump Version


File: 1532052364224.png (383.33 KB, 940x1640, Headless-81.png)


File: 1532073741552.png (434.64 KB, 960x1200, 687210262345246363.png)


File: 1532165398036.jpeg (181.27 KB, 1663x2048, image.jpeg)


File: 1532165442561.jpeg (92.59 KB, 1108x1316, image.jpeg)


File: 1532177289941.png (1.07 MB, 1084x1600, new-shv---1.png)

Neck Stump Version


File: 1532238190841.png (278.5 KB, 729x1032, Headless-82.png)


File: 1532288335101.jpeg (203.46 KB, 1768x2357, image.jpeg)


File: 1532387093872.png (259.49 KB, 836x800, original by PlanetofJunk.png)


File: 1532397605104.png (302.15 KB, 500x500, 1520655741799.png)


Source, mate?


And also >>16276 ?


File: 1532744016145.png (179.64 KB, 609x1200, __ooyodo_kantai_collection….png)


File: 1532744060882.png (160.94 KB, 609x1200, __ooyodo_kantai_collection….png)


File: 1533392514514.jpeg (58.14 KB, 810x860, image.jpeg)


OMG, she made her own head disappear! XD


File: 1533799461361.png (313.5 KB, 720x1150, Headless-83.png)


File: 1533799481714.png (106.73 KB, 600x787, Headless-84.png)


File: 1533830838292.jpeg (301.77 KB, 1400x1980, image.jpeg)


File: 1533871305903.jpg (205.74 KB, 900x739, gigigigigig.jpg)


File: 1533871333926.jpg (204.53 KB, 900x739, gigigigigig2.jpg)


File: 1533871408949.jpg (81.22 KB, 850x1200, gabgabgabgab.jpg)


File: 1533871622590.jpg (219.24 KB, 1290x1196, babab.jpg)


File: 1534037904825.png (963.43 KB, 834x1044, 1530072221565.png)


File: 1534298400952.png (162.96 KB, 591x964, Headless-85.png)


File: 1534300379545.png (169.33 KB, 707x1000, Headless-86.png)


File: 1534310832110.jpeg (76.5 KB, 1000x925, image.jpeg)


File: 1534310843862.jpeg (100.45 KB, 1000x1200, image.jpeg)


File: 1534310854535.jpeg (132.25 KB, 1000x1200, image.jpeg)


File: 1534400093961.png (527.95 KB, 2150x2608, Headless-87.png)


File: 1534402787309.jpeg (170.46 KB, 1115x1922, image.jpeg)


I would like to see the original.


File: 1534608941350.png (939.86 KB, 1142x2000, Headless-88.png)


File: 1534609039726.png (397.18 KB, 708x1000, Headless-89.png)


File: 1534658630723.png (484.41 KB, 1142x1722, Headless-90.png)


Do you think you could do some for Cutey Honey?


Most specifically Re: Cutie Honey, if you’re able to.


File: 1535681325048.png (395.74 KB, 919x1914, re__cutie_honey_by_glee_ch….png)


File: 1535681629287.png (1.44 MB, 1162x1913, Cutie Headless.png)


File: 1536846378537.png (94.87 KB, 256x512, Headless-91.png)


File: 1536846563940.png (287.74 KB, 1254x1771, Headless-92.png)


File: 1537098549900.png (605.12 KB, 1024x838, 31F6CBFE-D49E-4EC5-9BA0-13….png)


File: 1537138243634.png (1.51 MB, 1501x1568, marialimnp.png)


File: 1537203693403.jpg (475.78 KB, 1686x1127, sardnyxa.jpg)


File: 1537687300496.jpeg (62.4 KB, 640x1432, 3EF684F2-3D64-49DA-BC61-6….jpeg)


Whoever did this edit, could you do the same to this plz?


File: 1538160746809.jpeg (191.25 KB, 640x1432, 0119E1C6-4104-4B17-9E9F-8….jpeg)


File: 1538320430485.png (189.97 KB, 411x1024, Headless-94.png)


File: 1538363049194.png (251 KB, 960x1200, image.png)


File: 1538363120370.png (269.1 KB, 616x1176, image.png)


File: 1544610688362.jpeg (297 KB, 800x1038, FD895778-3ACA-411F-8E79-6….jpeg)

Needs more Emma Frost.


File: 1545797867616.png (814.93 KB, 1280x720, vegbul.png)


File: 1546185231140.jpg (196.86 KB, 600x860, Untitled-1.jpg)


File: 1546317446223.jpg (114.9 KB, 770x990, 70674905_p0hl2.jpg)


File: 1546317584432.jpg (102.41 KB, 770x990, 70674905_p0hl.jpg)



File: 1547443900910.png (684.9 KB, 671x1200, headless_dia.png)


File: 1548029372888.png (537 KB, 1536x2048, 1548019497809.png)


File: 1548031629693.png (808.38 KB, 1536x2048, Untitled.png)


Version with head.


File: 1548619399546.jpg (179.65 KB, 1280x720, [Ohys-Raws] Ikkitousen Wes….jpg)

it is just me or this treat seem doesn't move to the first page, already too many pictures maybe?


>>17694 Yep i still annoying me most so i decide to begin a new one

new treat >>17711


*shoots him in the head*



You can't be fucking real.


Says the guy who bumps this old ass thread.



Stop bumping this dead thread and move on to this seriously. >>17711


File: 1567082443287.jpg (556.96 KB, 1737x2468, 1566086929690.jpg)


That's not even a manip you fuck


File: 1571768419049.png (907.45 KB, 1280x1280, 1280px-Peach_SSB4.png)

Excuse me, but can someone make her headless


File: 1571787240275.jpeg (38.36 KB, 282x400, 4847CDE9-D7D8-4CCC-B52B-2….jpeg)

Old threadt, not mine, but already done.


thanks but could be headless




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