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Legs for arms, arms for legs, feet for hands, hands for feet, mouth-pussy/anus swap, face-pussy/chest swap, inverted body, rearranged/upside down face etc. Some multi is acceptable.
I remember there was this thread on the old gurochan
The dA group limbtranslocations and pixiv users 紅天狗きの (Nanacatl) and ぼるせん are full of these. Wanted to find more.
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Well Im still here but I wont be posting at least for another week


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Source: hadh/oli-mbs on deviantart


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Source: SAKURA-sunrize on DA


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Very nice


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Bump \(°^°)/


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official lol


Nice one


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File: 1559048945905.png (238.42 KB, 900x1200, 97b9c1a896a9edcf74b15d794b….png)


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File: 1559048999620.png (214.82 KB, 848x1200, 5d6517dac41165ca2e0a7e0e9c….png)


I see that ya did a lot of swaps, that swap is really hard to find


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File: 1559912184067.jpg (321.45 KB, 894x1213, 74000022_p0bbbb.jpg)



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