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i'd love more boys and bugs but anything else is fine~


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oh oh i posted the full set of OPs post on tumblr a while back, i'll see what i can find (its a rarity!)


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and of course, what's in every "getting fucked by bugs" thread, Parasite in City

(fyi there's other things in the link besides bug-on-person, + the bug-on-person ones are all female)


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no image, but wanted to say that Juuryoku Shiki Youheki just released a new doujin, full of girls getting stuffed by bug dicks.


Where can I find female monsters getting fucked by human males?


Artist is SaltyIceCream from Hentai Foundry. Artist has lots of good animations, but this was pretty much the only one with /f/ content.


Huh, no image posted in previous reply. Perhaps it was too big. Linky:

Check it out, it's a good one. Animated.


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Pretty sure these count as bugs

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