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Does anyone has collection of this pics


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As it happens, I do.


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Thanks, if you have anything similiar, please post it


File: 1420169021117.jpg (71.62 KB, 600x800, isu_syojyo.jpg)

I like this artist, but his older stuff is harder to find. Anyone know of any site mirrors I could look at?


Someone should make a drawing where a guy is making out with with one of the chairs.

I imagine he is sitting in the chair and kissing the head.

but anyone else have any suggestions?


I just went to check out the old method of getting at his weird tf/amputee/body mod picks. No dice; looks like that'd down for good.


File: 1447488795181.jpg (287.91 KB, 3000x1500, Leixias Lantern.jpg)

I'll also add my own work here. It's the first boutique that I crafted, called "Leixia's Lantern". Depending on how this one is received, I'll perhaps turn it into a series where Soul Calibur girls are slaughtered and turned into boutique objects.

Product Name:
Leixia's Lantern

User's Manual:
- To Turn On/off: Push Leixia's head back to turn on, as illustrated. Pull it back to turn off.
- Extra Feature - Pull the Head Off: while the Lantern is on, Leixia's mouth will open. Insert a stick (not included in the package) or high heel into her mouth to trigger a switch hidden in her throat, enabling the user to pull Leixia's head off.
- Extra Feature - Masturbation Tool: Once the head is pulled off from the body, a user may find that Leixia's feet are attached to the stump of her neck. A lady user can use Leixia's feet to masturbate by inserting them into her privates, while a gentleman user is encouraged to utilize Leixia's mouth or neck stump for pleasure.

Please handle with care


I really love your work and want you to do some more! But I think this thread is not a good place to put your things since the subject focused on Zigzag Co... Why don't you create an thread on /art/ and put a link here?


Thanks, I realize it now. How can I create a thread though?

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