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File: 1417468988677.jpg (278.8 KB, 1000x1000, surfing_headgirl.jpg)


I know there're two huge threads of headless girls on this site, but can we have bodiless girls, please?


File: 1417469019438.jpg (123.57 KB, 700x800, mechanic_head.jpg)


File: 1417471661297.jpg (551.44 KB, 600x600, 1401676241937.jpg)

yessss finallly


File: 1417573629964.png (324.62 KB, 1024x812, 1401676443501.png)

there's so much that could be done with this


File: 1418015319771.jpg (135.82 KB, 700x840, bodyless_princess.jpg)


File: 1418023877852.jpg (155.49 KB, 600x900, story_006_ch01.jpg)

Cover to a story by Yomero hosted by Gamera, in which a girl has to save a princess whose body has been stolen by a curse.



File: 1426707216676.jpg (65.73 KB, 570x516, head_by_icewings9999.jpg)


File: 1429172743032.png (1.52 MB, 1500x900, muerdago_by_thebrokenmonke….png)


File: 1430068053061.jpg (341.18 KB, 1018x1459, hikari_by_warmedwolf-d82tg….jpg)


File: 1430114482319.png (546.88 KB, 2256x1756, dulla_s_crying_by_gear25-d….png)


File: 1430278205578.jpg (167.66 KB, 634x1177, silica_as_weiss_by_warmedw….jpg)


File: 1430280530783.png (40.03 KB, 1604x1604, resting_in_a_mox_jar__new_….png)


File: 1450799645954.png (155.32 KB, 568x598, dare_to_be_wild_by_headles….png)


File: 1450805909118.png (258.12 KB, 800x716, it_s_a_beach_episode_by_he….png)


File: 1486713986169.png (1.25 MB, 1240x1240, 54614637_p0.png)


File: 1514787576542.jpeg (45.6 KB, 600x450, 131E3FD7-C48F-48CA-83C4-E….jpeg)


File: 1523070106465.png (636.5 KB, 900x638, head chest 900.png)


File: 1526523314950.gif (46.45 KB, 483x560, spiked_heads_gif_by_botith….gif)

love me some headless girls

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