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No specific gender, just the number of eyes.


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The artist of this one (Shake-O) recently started a manga called "Dr. Hitomi's Infirmary", which I recommend.


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Why am I the only one who posts here?!


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>>3542 Because the rest of us don't have anything :C
So it's up to you to keep supplying it - we're counting on you~! ;)


Why me? Can't anyone search and see what they find?


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Im guessing most threads on this site are like this. One guy posts the majority of the pics in a thread because its his fetish, with an occasional supplement from others.


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Yes, she has one boob.


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Do I have to do this thread by myself?


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This character from before is "Gazer" from "Monster Girl Encyclopedia". There's a bunch of pictures of her floating around, so here's just a couple.


File: 1502463992562.jpeg (884.59 KB, 789x1200, f8947d0c958fc6ed2620676ab….jpeg)


File: 1502464067883.jpg (1.08 MB, 2341x3396, e3e57fa459418a8565115d1095….jpg)


File: 1502464141007.png (2.3 MB, 1640x1506, 5d494e6d3041b60318345d2979….png)


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Loved this game!

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