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We are Siamese if you please...
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anyone know its resource?


Paper and ink.



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Bloody nora! Of course, the moment I go away from gurochan for a few months (my last post was in April >>18193) is the same time that this thread seems to have gotten WAY more posts than it's had for the previous 6 months or so…

Therefore I have a few questions, quite a bit of source requests (because Google, TinEye, IQDB and SauceNao didn't help) as well as a contribution of an artwork from a recent anime-styled conjoinment morpher that had one work posted in this thread already but never actually had the source linked or mentioned

So first off, source of the attached image:

And that morpher has quite a bit more where that came from!


I've been following fgg22's work on DA for over 4 years now and even I do not recognize this work at all, and as already mentioned Google, TinEye, IQDB and SauceNao do not return any results.

Therefore do you happen to have a direct source link for this specific work?


As someone that is actually a fan of them (I mean, my last post in this thread was inquiring about them after all), do you have a link to wherever they're posting their artwork now?

Assuming of course they haven't since decided to quit for a second time…


There is in fact a multi-limb thread that's been dead for a while and could use some love: >>203


Does anyone know if this artist happen to post their artwork to anywhere other than twitter?


The following were kind of a pain to source in one way or another, so I want to document them here if not at least to remind me to consider uploading them to gelbooru (and safebooru if/when applicable) at some point as well.






Google, TinEye, IQDB and SauceNao weren't helpful in terms of sourcing the following images, so could anybody enlighten me on the sources? (they're all from different artists AFAICT):

>>18754 (kind of reminds me of what a more realistic version of some of ftt's work would look like)
>>19619 (sort of looks like Gamera's older works)
>>20078 (looks quite a lot like ftt's work…but AFAICT, it isn't by ftt)
>>20193 (the source of this one is obviously relevant to my interests even though it's clearly an edit of official artwork since I recognize the unedited image that was used, so I'm really more interested in if the morpher simply has more like this)


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>>20220 Derped up the source URL for that Asuka/Rei morph, it's the following:

And amusingly, that that Rin Tohsaka morph in post >>20193 is actually by the very same morpher - they just hadn't posted to their DA yet.


Don't suppose anyone has a source for these two works? (presumably different artists)

These were the only two that I didn't recognize and/or was not able to source via SauceNao, IQDB, TinEye, and/or Google.


I did a bit of digging regarding GIN, and it looks like they're not really back per-se but are just drawing art again. What they seem to be doing is simply uploading new works to the same Google Drive that contained all of their works from before they had "quit".


And so that I'm contributing something new, here's art from an artist I don't think has had any of their work posted yet.


(attached image was resaved from JPEG to PNG and recompressed/optimized to OCD levels because the file size was smaller that way)


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I thought this thread had more art with the two-headed lady in this picture a while ago. Where'd it go?


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