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Like the thread says, headless guys here
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UQ Holder! chapter 142


Male dullahan story chose your own adventure


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The shortage of content is killing me!


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I found a comic that looks like it has potential, but the only way to get it is by buying a physical copy. ..


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Part 1 of 5


Part 2 of 5


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Part 2 of 5 (for real this time)


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Part 3 of 5


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4 of 5


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5 of 5


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1 of 4


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2 of 4


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3 of 4


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4 of 4


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sauce i beg


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From a book of short stories
飛んだピエロ なかとかくみこ作品集
idk if there are other relevant images in it


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seemingly relevant


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