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Like the thread says, headless guys here
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From a book of short stories
飛んだピエロ なかとかくみこ作品集
idk if there are other relevant images in it


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seemingly relevant


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New ongoing comic! It's about a guy who's head gets transported to our world, while his body is stuck in his old word.


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Part 1 of 17; headlessness in part 2!


File: 1573682392927.png (877.47 KB, 620x853, 46812491_p3.png)

Part 2 of 17


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(Izaya Orihara is both the body and the head in this pic)


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Part 3 of 17


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Part 4 of 17


File: 1574455517287.png (819.84 KB, 619x859, 46812491_p6.png)

Part 5 of 17


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Does anyone know some good tips for manips, especially on the necks? I find a lot pics with great potential but I feel like my methods are little basic for them.


File: 1574851345213.png (846.7 KB, 622x857, 46812491_p7.png)

Part 7 of 17


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