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Like the thread says, headless guys here
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Part 16 of 17


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Part 17 of 17; more to come!


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Part 18 of 22


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Part 19 of 22


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Part 20 of 22


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Part 21 of 22


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Part 22 of 22


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Part 1 of 3


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Part 2 of 3


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Part 1 of 4


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Part 2 of 4


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Part 3 of 4


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Part 4 of 4


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Fairly old comic, findable here:

Below is part 1 of 20


File: 1578539403731.jpg (620.18 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p1.jpg)

Part 2 of 20


File: 1578540632105.jpg (811.25 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p2.jpg)

Part 3 of 20


File: 1578559112602.jpg (533 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p3.jpg)

Part 4 of 20


File: 1578559411854.jpg (640.55 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p4.jpg)

Part 5 of 20


File: 1578559656773.jpg (653.61 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p5.jpg)

Part 6 of 20


File: 1578559815669.jpg (531.85 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p6.jpg)

Part 7 of 20


File: 1578560080455.jpg (577.25 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p7.jpg)

Part 8 of 20


File: 1578560640806.jpg (522.7 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p8.jpg)

Part 9 of 20


File: 1578592760560.jpg (845.48 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p9.jpg)

Part 10 of 20


File: 1578617824016.jpg (797.09 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p10.jpg)

Part 11 of 20


File: 1578631925817.jpg (878.68 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p11.jpg)

Part 12 of 20


File: 1578632133416.jpg (765.94 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p12.jpg)

Part 13 of 20


File: 1578632261628.jpg (629.79 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p13.jpg)

Part 14 of 20


File: 1578632568069.jpg (527.93 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p14.jpg)

Part 15 of 20


File: 1578632768097.jpg (775.94 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p15.jpg)

Part 16 of 20


File: 1578632993893.jpg (581.49 KB, 1636x2322, 73939492_p16.jpg)

Part 17 of 20


File: 1578633450982.jpg (611.88 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p17.jpg)

Part 18 of 20


File: 1578633642815.jpg (541.09 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p18.jpg)

Part 19 of 20


File: 1578634110876.jpg (495.27 KB, 1637x2323, 73939492_p19.jpg)

Part 20 of 20; this series is, in fact, a chapter within a far larger series, covering the life of a reluctant ghost counselor, himself brought back from the dead.

However, this life is held secret; the only evidence of it is the scar left by the protagonist's death. When, in this chapter, his head and body are finally lost while split, he comes to terms with the fragility of his lie and the consequences of his situation.

While this is pure speculation, I do think that he spends these chapters thinking about his family and the burden he feels he's putting on them. But I speculate this because I would write such like this.


File: 1579585596544.png (729.96 KB, 1436x1600, 5D94D9A5-A92A-4932-A44B-FF….png)


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