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I'm trying a different approach here.

~Posts must include:

Both hands/arms amputated

~Posts must not include:

Prosthetics in any form

Foot/leg amputations


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>>16828 should be removed since there is leg amputation, if we adhere strictly to the rules.


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>>16830 then kill the thread, put it in req and let it die there or pick and choose from Amputee thread.


I sense senseless hostility.


Honestly Im in favor of killing the thread. We already have several amputee threads and I dont see the point in having one for a specific type. Next will be one for only legless girls, then one for girls with only one leg, etc. Lets nip this clusterfuck in the bud.


But having specialized threads can be beneficial.

For example, it can generate implication from people who are not interested in all-rounder types of thread, like the amputee thread.

A good example of this is that we have different threads for headless, bodyless, manips and half-girls in the Freakshow board, but all of those are featured under one modular thread in the 3D CGI board.


Not everyone is interested in the same things. Part of what makes this board interesting is being able to see a variety of interesting fetishes coexist. Multiple threads catering to a specific fetish can drown out other threads potentially driving people away from an already fairly slow board.


That's literally what /req/ is for.


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Not really, the Requests board is mainly for services and drawing requests, like asking someone to draw something in a specific way, it’s not meant as a gallery.


2009-2010 living headless and decapitation lived on the request until it gained enough popularity over 100s of posts.


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The problem is that the participation rate in the Requests board isn’t as high as in the Freakshow baord, and the people who would take interest in this thread are mostly on this board.

Besides, you’ll see that if there are indeed some big threads in the Requests board, most of the threads from said board only have up to 4 replies, while most threads on the Freakshow board are thriving with tens and hundreds of contributions, which means that it’s more logical to post this thread here than in the Requests board.


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Armless girls are the best girls!


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I'll keep the thread alive.

DeviantArt is full of armless amputees, with multiple collections specifically in this genre.


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Overall, a fairly popular fetish


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Armless girls are really cute when they are naked.


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Patrician tier fetish


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armless, helpless and naked...

One of those rare extreme fetish you absolutely can enjoy in real life.


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Some girls are lucky to be both armless and blind :)


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We all love Gamera!


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A rare version of dickgirl: armless dickgirl


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Keeping the good thread alive.


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Glad to see the board survived.
Was looking for that one picture for a long time…


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Merry Xmas gurochan, just rediscovered the site yesterday. Glad its back, hopefully traffic picks back up.

Sceenshot from Ken En Ken, new show this season. Mediocre story, but some decent scenes.


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Armless girls = amputee + foot fetish first of all.
Strengthened foot fetish, because armless girl is forced to do all things with her feet.

Main amputee threads are full of quads, and for this exquisite combination there is no room left.


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