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Apparently, someone has locked 'Dickless mk3'. Anyone wanna start over where it left off?


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Well, I could repost the images that were (to my mind completely unfairly - after all I don't knowingly post rulebreaking shit) deleted from DL3, but that would probably cause Straitjackit to delete them from here as well and thus lock *this* thread also.


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I have nothing to do with that crap, the dickless threads seem to be fuckin cursed.


File: 1532390150407.png (589.92 KB, 628x896, 15gc.png)


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The punishment was severe.


I'm not suggesting you're doing it on purpose or even that it's limited to your account, but the appearance of your username, particularly where some kind of mod edit is performed, seems to be the one common feature in all the cases of a GC thread becoming read-only. I'm not confident that this post will even go through.


(thus I'm hesitant to repost anything that might then attract such edits, warranted or otherwise)


That sucks...


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Fucking dont. Either post new content or post something relevant.




Bump up


Bump up


I love when the dick is still in the picture.


File: 1534713414107.jpg (149.39 KB, 1200x852, 7 (2).jpg)

How about this one then?


That's really good


File: 1534788879897.jpg (2.08 MB, 4498x6000, blake-rwby.jpg)

first ever shop i made, hope it looks decent


File: 1534940033626.jpg (139.06 KB, 1134x1540, dl.jpg)

Browsing Pixiv and got a bit of inspiration.


Is anyone up for shopping a few dickless male on dickgirl pics? Those are my favourite yet almost nok existent and I have the artistic talent of a park bench. Much obliged.


I have plentiful source saved to hdd but rather less in the of time, decent software, and talent. Plus some of what i made and uploaded before got deleted (and thanks to the board's brokenness, that locked the thread). So, ask again in a couple months :p



original please?


File: 1537280871703.jpg (7.51 MB, 4498x6000, Blake&yang futa.jpg)

here ya go


File: 1537282406810.png (262.09 KB, 600x852, 156846512654.png)

gotta admit, it's pretty fun to make these edits


File: 1537398805842.jpg (713.1 KB, 1128x1162, 41679d35bf8e94925e99558455….jpg)


It is fun to make them, I might go ahead and make a few more sometime.


File: 1537801979917.jpg (282.51 KB, 500x757, 28.jpg)

Dinner is served!


File: 1537820650493.png (555.91 KB, 1000x659, 33.png)

Milking her dickless body made for quite the show.


File: 1537941429305.png (1.52 MB, 1023x1204, 4.png)


yeah this was the one i meant. but either is fine.


File: 1545621208232.png (496.5 KB, 909x1000, 33c6e57f3e4c7b371886f5144d….png)

Got a request, please make her dickless


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more requests


File: 1545717855042.png (590.47 KB, 543x1100, 3e9a997fe997d24e2213526d38….png)


File: 1545717961548.png (611.96 KB, 543x1100, 3d18961d8761c6ed8d1a2bb861….png)


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dude, I'm pretty sure requests go in /req/, or maybe /art/, certainly if you have that many of them all in one go.

Besides, I made some of the edits in this and the other threads using an old laptop's built in mousepad and MSPaint, so you should at least have a little go yourself and see how it comes out.


I mean, at this point, you're essentially just posting regular futanari pictures.


Yep ill do that, sorry about flooding the board like that


Top drawer.

I mean, it'd be good if someone was also able to modify those pics anyway, but I've plenty of my own sauce I haven't had time to play with and those look like they'd be more difficult, at least without a more advanced art package. Ironically.



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File: 1546214288742.png (1.55 MB, 1256x1920, 00011.png)


interesting take - what's the V meant to be, pubes, tattoo, scar, some kind of urethral plug?


Bravo, my favorite pick by far


File: 1547555256669.jpg (1.31 MB, 2079x2953, 71602679_p0.jpg)

Some of the following may be repeats, I know they've been on Pixiv a while but dunno if they ever made it here.

First however is a new one from yer boy "steamed egg" who made the picture in the OP. You can decide for yourself whether the central character still retains their kingly rod in this particular scene, personally I'm not sure either way. Though the lack of teh bewbs suggests it might be earlier in his/her progression…


File: 1547555282684.jpg (183.73 KB, 780x911, 67803509_p0.jpg)

older one of same series..


File: 1547555301198.jpg (260.25 KB, 595x842, 63951046_p0_master1200.jpg)



File: 1547555327396.jpg (233.39 KB, 595x842, 63951046_p1_master1200.jpg)

(i'm short on time but need to get these off my desktop)


testing … tried to upload some pics and they're not appearing, even though the thread bumped…


File: 1547555420554.jpg (662.12 KB, 849x1200, 59791898_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1547555463633.jpg (214.39 KB, 298x1200, 59791898_p2_master1200.jpg)

huh. weird, they're appearing on the index page but not this page itself? ctrl-f5 does nothing.


File: 1547555499417.jpg (375.86 KB, 1013x1200, 69976013_p2_master1200.jpg)

fresh pxkanif…


File: 1547555510979.jpg (383.3 KB, 1013x1200, 69976013_p3_master1200.jpg)


File: 1547555558643.jpg (444.88 KB, 895x1200, 71380168_p1_master1200.jpg)

older pxkanif but have a feeling "we" don't have it


File: 1547555578594.jpg (356.24 KB, 787x1200, 65708675_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1547555636571.jpg (401.8 KB, 814x1200, 68001412_p3_master1200.jpg)

these next five are a bit shit, but, eh, when it's this sparse, content is content. the final one will be slightly better.


File: 1547555649730.jpg (289.84 KB, 802x1200, 67221272_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1547579170653.jpg (289.84 KB, 802x1200, 67221272_p1_master1200.jpg)

picking up again…


File: 1547579190012.jpg (262.69 KB, 816x1200, 66488455_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1547579225483.jpg (317.39 KB, 812x1200, 66703401_p3_master1200.jpg)

-flood protection-


File: 1547579255243.jpg (328.47 KB, 795x1200, 66590434_p2_master1200.jpg)

barely worth waiting for really, but eh


File: 1547584510089.png (240.82 KB, 604x930, 1473032489300.png)

and, if it posts, one lonely bonus from the otherwise bloodier sister thread over in /g/


File: 1547586779760.jpg (364.09 KB, 816x1056, pen.jpg)


File: 1547586970624.jpg (168.5 KB, 540x764, pen2.jpg)

FEK, wrong board for that one


File: 1549319565565.bmp (3.87 MB, 846x1200, sz7492b4.bmp)


File: 1549396245978.jpeg (276.13 KB, 676x1000, eunuch1.jpeg)



not sure if this pic counts, as technically that's a trans guy


File: 1549396321239.jpeg (297.04 KB, 676x1000, eunuch2.jpeg)


File: 1549396352921.jpeg (496.11 KB, 1003x1200, eunuch3.jpeg)


File: 1549396406408.jpeg (404.39 KB, 935x1200, eunuch4.jpeg)


File: 1549396455762.jpeg (266.68 KB, 1028x1200, eunuch5.jpeg)


File: 1549396470974.jpeg (278.21 KB, 1028x1200, eunuch6.jpeg)

aaand this is all I got


There's a separate Cuntboy thread that needs some love

>>17797 onwards are repeats from the older threads, and have been renamed for some reason, but the effort is still appreciated.


Wait, .bmp? Are you for real?


File: 1551109170437.jpg (2.1 MB, 3000x3300, _774ee267cac5a969f8b75aa99….jpg)


File: 1551109208375.jpg (107.24 KB, 1158x1300, _af328fdbb97287631e0b89143….jpg)


File: 1551109242182.jpg (335.81 KB, 1775x2291, _Untitled-6.jpg)


File: 1551110425405.jpg (152.76 KB, 1000x1000, 57302db80378cbc9c23b18ad75….jpg)


skill. well, at least 3 out of 4 are, and the other only misses by a fraction.


Everytime I'm in a Dickless thread my mind gets fogged by the fact if you wanted to make these characters femme/stay femme you'd remove their balls, not the cock (or remove both) as the nuts are where the majority of testosterone comes from.


File: 1551726014947.jpg (427.36 KB, 2066x3966, Untitled-4.jpg)


Don't go hauling inconvenient reality into our fantasy fetishism, now.

Anyway, hormones and plastic surgery are quite powerful things, as demonstrated by real life ladyboys who still have their full package. There's such a thing as chemical castration, and RL TGfolk typically run through a course of everyday-life transition based entirely on synthetic hormone treatment and other low-level cosmetic adjustments before a surgeon's knife goes anywhere near them.

In any case, we're starting out usually from the base of a herm/futa rather than a full male (except for the few traps or chopped obvious-males within the catalogue), so that's already a break from reality, and essentially we're taking an already feminine-figured (and minded) character that happens to have male equipment and… removing some of it.

I mean, even in cases of full surgical sex transition, there's a limit to how far you can go. Unless you actively disrupt normal puberty and supplant it with that of the opposite sex (and even somewhat if you do), the replacement hormones and removal of the original complement doesn't do a great deal for the skeleton - including facial structure, hips, hands, etc - and only a limited amount for musculature and fat deposition. Often there's quite a lot of actual cosmetic surgery needed to pass completely with ease, and anyone who looks really closely at the "tell" points like figure or hand/foot structure will still realise something's up.

tl;dr it's just not that simple, and whilst there's a grain of truth in what you say, leaving/removing the nads doesn't have as fundamental effect as might be expected, especially in combination with (or despite) the interference of modern medicine.


oh, and I meant to say - feel free to start a eunuch/castration thread if you like, covering both males and herms… though I think there might be one in /g/ already as that tends to lead to bloodier images.



you say that, but i know plenty of girls who have testosterone running through their system and you wouldnt know they're trans. im not on hormones myself and i've been passing as a femme cis woman for the last 10 years


Still have balls?



only thing i did was grow my hair long.

and hahaha no who the hell would put their pic up on gurochan of all places. nice try :p



Damn I wish it was that easy for me :|



File: 1554403357245.jpg (32.85 KB, 700x700, 1407422490515.jpg)

Well, lets reborn the pic-request. Make this dickless, pls 1.


File: 1554403461501.jpg (37.82 KB, 600x461, 14287924458810.jpg)

Make this dickless, pls 2. Detter, if left guy will be looks like his dick cutten right now


File: 1554403499044.jpg (241.25 KB, 900x1100, 155234016185062.jpg)

Make this dickless, pls 3.



get MS paint and do it yourself, they're rather low rez but still going to need an awful lot of redrawing to look any good. /r/ and drawthreads are > thataway anyhow. What dialect is that btw?

Are you joking? I presume you mean make it look like she's bitten part of it off, otherwise it'll just a girl showing off her bits whilst crouched next to a fully clothed guy.

I mean, request whoring is one annoying thing, but doing it with badly chosen pictures… dude. Try it yourself first.


File: 1555869203246.jpg (189.4 KB, 900x1100, 1554403499044.jpg)

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