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Apparently, someone has locked 'Dickless mk3'. Anyone wanna start over where it left off?
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borrowing a couple things from the mega upload linked in the nullification/dollification thread… obvs we're missing some nips and vulvae, or exposed urethrae etc, but if you're super bothered, get on and edit them back in, I'm a bit short on the necessary tools and time.


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site appears to be breaking…


File: 1559671273450.jpg (292.54 KB, 689x1020, 74588359_p0_master1200.jpg)


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might be a repeat


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not great, but eh


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nullo trio


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/r/ someone with the skills to edit back in the balls and vag from the original, sans dick



wow, she actually look like a woman. In real life, most transexuals looks and sound like men with wigs.


Welcome to the realm of fantasy, especially that of manga/anime hermaphrodites, transsexuals and crossdressers.

Though to insert a little realism for a moment, your prejudice might be interested to find that the associated cosmetic (and vocal tract) surgeries have undergone quite a bit of improvement in recent years, a transwoman with access to up to the minute medicine (and/or the money to buy it) can pass much more competently unaided than used to be the case. Of course, it's still dependent on the canvas the artist has to work with, and it's still possible to make a pig's ear of it, but things do continually improve.

Odder thing is that they still tend to insist on cutting out and discarding almost all of the original hardware, even though it'd be more realistic and have a better outcome to retain the majority and reshape/relocate it to match its counterpart organs. But the 3D-printed-organ future (rather necessary for a realistic, fully sensate interior to the neovagina that doesn't tend to close up) might make that an irrelevance anyway.


Does anyone have this w/o the barbie boobs, great image otherwise but the barbie boobs kill it for me



lol yea cuz you can tell when someone who looks cis is trans huh?

that's some dumbass logic right there.

there's plenty of trans people who've never had anything major done who still pass, you just sit there in your blissful ignorance assuming they're not trans.



actually its easy to know: they have male voices, the have big torsos like men, they are tall like men…



and the ones who don't have voices like men, who aren't tall like men, who have no giveaway whatsoever when you see them in public, you somehow know they're trans because…?

you don't. that's the point. you only know the obvious ones, so you think that's ALL of them lol.

it's not that hard to understand. unless you're just dumb as shit



"and the ones who don't have voices like men, who aren't tall like men, who have no giveaway whatsoever when you see them in public"

those ones dont exist in real life, they only exist in anime or manga. Looks like you live in a anime world…


penis envy everywhere lol


NVM the trans racing driver who was on the news sometime in the last few months who I 100% thought was a natal woman and it being a story about female racers at first because I tuned in halfway through the article, and after the reveal still lowkey thought it might have been April 1st and I'd misread the date? Kinda kills your stuck-in-the-20th-century argument. Maybe the frame might have given it away if she'd undressed, but in the overalls there was no clear tell. Probably had a natural advantage from being short to average height and of slight build to start with, but facially, vocally and in mannerisms it was a perfect pass.

As I said further up (not logged in for a few days), the state of the art has advanced. There are plenty of tfs who transitioned many years ago and haven't had the benefit, so have a hard time passing even after years of practice and copious amounts of older standard surgery, but on the cusp of the third decade of the 21st century we can do much better.



Oh really? I guess I'll have to tell a lot of people they don't actually exist. That's going to be awkward…


File: 1560348415364.png (1.19 MB, 811x1162, секретные-разделы-Jairou-N….png)


nice work. i might have a go at blending the two to make it a full chop.


…or not, there's just too much missing once the dick is erased to make a convincing MSPaint rebuild. Ditto flipping it all around and pasting on the other side.



lol plenty of such people exist. you just don't know about it cuz you're too stupid and too transphobic for them want to tell you they're trans. dumbass



haha he's a real dumbass

guess i'll have to tell myself i don't exist then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

imagine being the dumbfuck who typed out 18643 consuming this kinda porn while choosing to deny the reality of trans women who exist and do not fit his ignorant stereotype of trans women. what a trashfire


Less sjw buzzwords more dickless cartoon characters pls


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File: 1561391664005.png (1.59 MB, 962x1378, pojudickless.png)

this, though for different reasons. It wasn't exactly that relevant anyway.

close enough for govt work, and at least someone's posting images.

At the risk of over flooding this end of the thread with too many similar pictures, I figured I could use that one as a jumping off point. The line of the scrotum didn't seem to attach particularly naturally, and the scar just looked kinda weird. Also there's not really much sense in the girl being basted head to foot in cum, but it'd be interesting to suggest the boy is still somehow being stimulated to orgasm… maybe shoulda tried to draw in the control for a butt vibe or something, but, eh, effort.


File: 1561478222848.jpg (400.81 KB, 850x850, sample_8fce5631c015ff8c808….jpg)


Meetings with with pure flame elemental can't got good.



File: 1564548112944.png (1.12 MB, 1078x1400, chaste1.png)

The chaste couldn't fuck, so they fought.


File: 1564555772267.png (506.83 KB, 960x1386, off1.png)

What have you done?


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Anything more like this would be greatly appreciated


There is so hard to find non-anal image that can have point or possible to make:
- deep oral\ball sucking\urethra
- front view of penis
- not a gayshit


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