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Remember my thread on Saiyans and monkeypeople? I decided to expand it to include *any* one with tails. That is to say: humans with tails, not furries. This does get fuzzy (no pun intended) when it comes to things like catgirls.


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Hope you don't mind a guy with a tail! :>


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A Source link would be nice.


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ht tps://
Here you are! :D


File: 1523189530666.png (909.86 KB, 2000x2550, 51575939_p9.png)



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Don't you hate it when your teenage son decides he wants to be a catgirl and you yell "Ow!" and put a bandage on it whenever you're sitting by a table because he walks by and you don't want to be all degenerate and stuff.


File: 1528257507787.jpg (80.17 KB, 540x540, tumblr_o2qfzyWAha1ud2fmho1….jpg)


File: 1528257638763.jpg (660.05 KB, 675x1050, 177.jpg)

Why is this boy so cute?


File: 1528257713479.jpg (65.29 KB, 540x648, tumblr_o9cf2skVh91ud2fmho1….jpg)


File: 1528257802795.jpg (38.4 KB, 530x662, The Night Goku Was Conceiv….jpg)


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