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I was trying to find a Drawthread on this board but there isn’t
It’s just like any other Drawthread on this website
You either request something or do requests for others
Anything is allowed (I think)

Pic is related (my version of a human asriel from undertale)


Will modular/living headless requests be accepted?




Okay. Requesting Tetra and Midna in pieces. Modular, of course, not gore.


File: 1512320065742.png (1.66 MB, 1000x967, IMG_2463.PNG)

Can you let them have a half dick. A dull left of their penis?


im mean stump not dull


File: 1512378596845.png (549.23 KB, 600x933, D99A4B94-EBE5-492A-90A5-C8….png)

Simple request: Can you draw her in a standing pose with her gloved hands squeezig her tits?


File: 1512380649086.png (588.22 KB, 1014x315, 1a3.png)

Simple request,any one of these ladies headless and touching/feeling her neck stump (Poking,rubbing,scratching,doesn't matter),assuming modular/NBM/headless requests are allowed.


Or take the whole thing. But leave the balls of course.


File: 1512497979794.jpg (391.47 KB, 800x1103, IMG_4684.JPG)

I like it more if there is a stomp of the dick left.
Something like this.



I'd also love this.


No guarantees, but my interest is piqued. Unfortunately, I have no idea what modular means. Got a definition/reference?


Modular in this sense basically means stuff like detachable arms or legs and headless stuff,basically the same as the other two (NBM is basically the same thing as modular,really,it stands for "natural body magic")... There are a few threads on headless and detachment stuff on here,actually,if that helps.


different (non-)strokes and all that... there's room for both in this infinite interweb


File: 1512580138354.jpg (323.7 KB, 1632x1003, 1500810743249.jpg)

Requesting a limbless Hinata during a "diaper" change.
Make her diaper open with the vibrator and catheter removed,giving her gaped pussy and urethra.Keep the anal toy inserted and make her diaper drenched with her juices.
Optionally put her into rubber baby clothes and/or make her whole body completely hairless and covered in transparent rubber.
Her age and any other details are up to the artist.


File: 1512781051960.jpg (628.55 KB, 650x1855, 37101732_p0.jpg)

Requesting limbless loli in this suit,about to get stuffed into her mothers pussy.


File: 1544934996026.png (771.85 KB, 1050x800, vulvectomy add.png)

I requested it in the /art/ drawthread too, but I imagine that requesting it in two different boards is ok.

I'd like to see more Cliterectomy / Vulvectomy / Female Castration propaganda in any form.

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