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I havent seen anything like this around, so here we goooo

Thread for pictures showing abusive situations, incredibly sad situations, the kind of situations where the victim would wish to be brutally murdered instead. Includes depictions of rape.
Made a specific thread for this bc most of the things I see are either way too much, like the person is dead, or not sad enough, or sometimes even if its tagged as rape the person looks like they are enjoying it. Im talking full on tears and screaming. Its harder to find what I like than expected lmao


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Big ole forced slavery harems are more than welcome as well


I dont have any images saved, but kawady max does this perfectly. Incredibly depressing abuse. Lovely.


This should be more to the gore thread


I debated between the two threads, but I choose Freakshow because I didn't think it was really gorey enough to be on Gore. That's more for life-ending full on gut explosions in my mind


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And of course, an old classic


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Last one isn't physical abuse, but it's subtly depressing


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Ok I return with some kawady max pages because they are perfect

This is from my favorite thing he has done, and maybe the longest. Its quite a few chapters long, I think 16, has a whole story arc and character development and backstories that are all filled with abuse too. Its called Sexually Tortured Girls.


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This one isnt so violent but more depressing. The girl is very obsessed with being clean, and was confident and happy with herself. Oops.


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This one is also depressing. Their parents left and she scrounged up money enough to buy strawberries for her ill sister... Welp.


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This isnt abuse, just very depressing. The drawings on the box talk about warm food and a house and her family.


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maybe I'm alone in thinking it's depressing, but cold, shivering girls BREAK my heart, they need hugs...then a quick hanging to end the sadness <3


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getting her head shavedisn't sad....but most of the reasons i can think of for doing it are!


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happiest new year, lovies. stay fresh &BESTWISHES. let me in


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This image is in two parts. First one is more gory, but this one fits the depressing theme quite well.


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Does anyone have sauce for this btw?


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That’s awesome


It's just a girl walking up to her frieds taking a selfie. .
I got nothing for everything else here tho...


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Fan-fucking-tastic idea for a thread! Beepboop VERY correctly assessed that Kawady Max was literally made for it. Here's some choice pages from one titled "Hako no Naka no Mii". Unfortunately, I don't have an English translation, so I'm not 100% sure what's going on. All I know is they're BRUTALLY raping this smoking hot little loli, and it's fucking EXQUISITE! Oddly enough, none of these images make me depressed. Hell, they make me happy as all fuck. Ha ha ha!


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These girls all need some mad hugs.


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Naa, these girls need some more SERIOUS rough raping. Ha ha!

Here's another artist named: Ketsune. His stuff is fucking spectacular for this subject matter as well. He mostly does Loli, and little elves, which just means loli's with elf ears. He doesn't get into the strait up beating and torture that kawady max does, but that doesn't make them any less brutal, or depressing if you like, because these girls and elves are just used like fucking meat, sometimes till their dead in a few of his works. These first few are some of his more well know works.


File: 1521011676900.png (569.74 KB, 600x600, 04.png)


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Now here's one of his sets where one of his little elf loli's is literally just raped to death. No beating, just fucking her so hard and in so many holes at once that's she's eventually just left on the ground a pile of cum covered meat. Some would say "Depressing", some would say "HOT AS FUCKING HELL". Ha ha.


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Please no ban


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Go watch the 1984 UK documentary "Threads" and look at this picture again


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