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Can we get a centaur guro thread going?
I'm looking for one pic in particular, it was a black haired white girl freshly sewn onto a white mare, she was holding the unused skin from her and the horse atop her head like she had just taken off a shirt, hawt shit.


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...i'm assuming huge centaur horsecocks are okay to post, since i don't really know why else someone would have this fetish (unless you're like me, and have a really weird thing for hooves...)


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i've also got some female centaur cuties, i'll go ahead and post a few of those, too


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...i can't have been the only one with "funny feelings" during this scene in fantasia as a kid...both the male and female centaurs were so hot




I think that scene made me a horse lover
Horsecocks are rad. Moar!


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i don't have many centaur cocks left in my folder, would a satyr be fine too?


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There are things to like about centaurs other than penises. I personally like centaurs because it's a combination of multi-leg and monster girl.

(I like futanari as well, but the presence of a penis on a centaur has no bearing on whether I like it or not)


Image source:


File: 1414029365400.jpg (56.84 KB, 1161x745, 38eb66cc145a161f9a38003509….jpg)

Humans are made to find beautiful things attractive, so centaurs being the combination of two beautiful creatures, man and horse, end up becoming attractive in its own right. By removing the less attractive head of the horse and replacing it with the upper body of a man, it becomes something we find more intriguing as a whole.

Also, you can ride them!


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i know the dick isn't the only draw, i was only kidding around a bit since it's the most obvious.

like i said, i personally have a weird thing for hooves and a HUUUUGE fetish for long, flowing hair. the idea of beautiful long hair at both ends...the way the tail lifts when a centaur is aroused, making a waterfall of silk...UNF.


I like cantaurs partly because I am a straight up Equiphile, but also for similar reasons that they are two creatures combined.

I have been writing a story for a long while about sewing a girl's torso atop a horses body. I have had to do a lot of reading at the medical library, and I think I have a fairly accurate procedure down that would make this transformation theoretically possible.

:: Hint Hint:: Provided that a human has no immune system, their muscles and brain could be sustained perfectly well on the blood supply of a horse's body.


File: 1414120173012.png (225.93 KB, 605x666, 133877575181.png)

>>1471 are fueling a lot of fantasies for me, now. imagine, to look down over the newly broadened expanse of your body, to see those powerful legs ending in elegant hooves, to feel those huge muscles moving effortlessly, under your own skin now, the power, the strength, the beauty...



I would read the SNOT out of that. Is there a webpage I could bookmark so that I could check in/when in the future you post this story of yours?


Muscles do nothing for me, but I definitely like me some long-flowing head & tail hair.


If you are interested, join my email list by sending a message to



Is it automatic or something? I literally just sent an email with the subject line of "A message" and the body text being "This is a message."


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That may have been the most unusual thing I have read in my email lately.


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He's a cuntboy, too! ♥


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File: 1434842650995.jpg (180.97 KB, 965x1000, Dickgirl-centaur.jpg)

Its still Alive!

Glad to see you all are still here. I dissapeared due to schedule but am still alive, around, and lurking well.

Haven't written the story yet, but will... someday when I least expect it. Some storyboarding has happened. Coauthors welcome?


File: 1472936738951.png (856.51 KB, 1600x1242, sierra__s_p_e_c_i_a_l_by_d….png)


File: 1473074641789.jpg (87.68 KB, 684x887, 1472868038999.jpg)

If anyone has more pictures of May from Shining Force II I'd appreciate them. Hard to find anything of her.


File: 1473193765742.jpg (553.93 KB, 2000x1500, father_and_son_by_yuni-da0….jpg)


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I may be explaining it horribly, but does anyone know of a sequence, where a woman is turned into a centaur? It was something about "how to grow your garden" or flowers or something, and she was partially buried in the ground and some centaur guy was tending to her and fucking her until she emerged as a centaur or doe-taur or something like that



I think this may be what you're looking for - 'Dryad Sex For Dummies' by Sparrow:


Have some OC


File: 1492760906987.png (342.08 KB, 667x649, BUT Y THO - banner - small.png)

More OC


File: 1498210442026.jpg (364.37 KB, 989x1280, centarded_by_danaume-d5vqb….jpg)

Danaume, artist of HentaiFoundry, Pixiv, and Deviantart.


File: 1498210544703.jpg (659.26 KB, 905x1280, draw_a_centaur_day__2016_b….jpg)


File: 1498210770747.jpg (95.47 KB, 1017x786, rynuna_bre_by_danaume-d5ty….jpg)


This was supposed to be this image, just higher resolution. Apparently was too large to gurochan. If you would like the full sized image, visit Danaume's deviantart gallery.


File: 1498210860138.jpg (401.48 KB, 989x1280, Danaume-200219-Draw_A_Cent….jpg)


File: 1498210930888.jpg (483.75 KB, 905x1280, Danaume-287258-Street_Trot….jpg)



This is another case where the image file was too large. Unfortunately, there wasn't a smaller file size to download that I could post here. To see the image, visit Danaume's Pixiv gallery, and look for a piece titled "Centaur Jenny".


File: 1506553612812.jpg (264.23 KB, 600x450, shepherd0821.jpg)

Are not-horse taurs acceptable?


File: 1532570675753.jpg (494.33 KB, 700x521, 1413950070367.jpg)



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