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Does anyone have the image set of the girl that cuts her head open and feeds her brain to her dog? I saw it on one of Gurochan's previous domains before it went down.

Sorry for not having a relevant picture. I didn't save any of the images when I saw them.


I wish I did. The same artist (I'm pretty sure) also created a series of pictures about a world where brains weren't strictly speaking necessary, and would grow back, though losing yours still lost you most of your higher reasoning ability until such time as it did.

There was one girl whose gym teacher egged her on to destroy her head with an explosive bullet, which she did, removing pretty much everything above her lower jaw. He commented that her parents would not be amused, but it was treated pretty much like some teenager coloring their hair might have been.



Shouldn't this go in /g/ rather than /f/


No. Gore with real or realistic results (e.g.: remove brain, body stops) belongs in /g/. Gore with unrealistic results (e.g.: remove brain, live without higher thinking capability) belongs in /f/.


It was over in /art/ the first time around. Alas, no archives.


Does anyone remember the artist's name?


File: 1509726276052.jpg (80.77 KB, 513x802, brainless01.jpg)

No idea who the artist is



File: 1509726284290.jpg (86.88 KB, 527x802, brainless02.jpg)


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File: 1509726350030.jpg (84.31 KB, 476x740, brainless10.jpg)


File: 1509726358210.jpg (73.65 KB, 534x798, brainless11.jpg)


I'm fairly sure this is the same artist I was talking about.

Alas, image search does nothing.


Oh wow, thank you! I have no idea where I would have found these without you!

Does anyone have the other pictures >>13849 talked about?

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