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Here's a half-Dragonball themed subject. The other half is quasi-furry.
Basically, this is a thread for monkey girls and boys, but generally starring the most famous lot in all of anime. However, this isn't the thread for literal "monkey girls/boys" as in furries who happen to be monkeys. It's more "anatomical humans with monkey tails and/or postures".



What's with the Goku / Gohan hate?!

Good question though: Is Saiyan furries?


TMW you realise her tail attaches far too high up her back and essentially forms a T-junction with her spine instead of being an extension of it... :/



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"What's with the Goku / Gohan hate?!"

They bankrupted my ramen shop as well as my entire village, and now have a massive bounty on both of their heads. But obviously no moron's gonna try to collect it, so I'm ***fucked***.


But Goku is, as far as I know, actually incredibly wealthy due to his tournament wins and such, and is also close friends with one of the richest families on the planet (what with them owning Capsule Corp and all that), not to mention the probable kickbacks they all get for keeping the planet safe and/or not casually destroying it whilst training.

And he's a pretty decent guy, on top of that. Moreover, if Bulma and Chi-chi got to know about it, they'd both kick his ass until he paid up. So you may as well just go explain the situation and ask if there's any way that they can help rebuild, either physically or financially...


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I think someone already sent a hit squad though, so that dude's finna die.


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Lady wukongs are best wukongs

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