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Probably my most messed up fetish.


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Special preference for anal/intestinal worms and leeches.


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Scat warning (which is to be expected with this kinda stuff)


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Probably because of just how extreme this is, I haven't even been able to find much of this sort of the dark web let alone shock porn/hentai sites. I can understand why there's such an aversion to parasites. I don't know, I think it goes well with scat. The only way to be sicker than bubbling with liquid shit is to be bubbling with liquid shit with worms crawling inside of it.


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>>13293 Make sure you have a look at "The Village and the Girl with the Vision" over in /lit/ ;)


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souce plz?


Congratulations - it's a long time since something has truly made me go "what the fuck?".

Though maybe that's partly due to the moonrunes. Translation?

Particularly what's with the burqas and stars'n'stripes panties?


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>>14818 no fucking clue, just there for the worms. It's probably some particularly weird race thing? But there's not much for this kink so I don't really care.


Link? I couldn't find it. I'll also reciprocate with a link to the topic on scat.

Would also love to see more of this fetish! Totally agreed with >>13296


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Did a little edit


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Well I'm impressed. It's stupefyingly hard to find a kink so extreme that it's actually rare on the fucking internet.

I agree with >>13296
I don't care for scat itself. I'm attracted to sickness and shit is one of the side effects of stomach sicknesses. Parasites are about as sick as you can get.


What manga is this from?


Ooh, insects and parasites are my favorite. Such a shame there isn't more. Perhaps I'll draw some sometime >:)

You might want to check out these pixiv tags:

寄生虫 [parasite]
寄生 [parasitism]
蟲姦 [intercourse with insect]
苗床 [seedbed] - characters being used for "birthing" insects, parasites, etc
サナダムシ [tapeworm]



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My two favorite kinds of parasite fetishism involve tapeworms/roundworms and ticks. I can find a lot of worm/bug parasite guro but it's usually only ever entering/exiting the mouth or vagina unless it's doing everything at once. I vastly prefer anal worms!
As for ticks, I just haven't been able to find much of it.


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Bumping this thread again

It would be nice to have some pictures I don't already know about

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