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Let's get this going again.


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actually before i start dumping what i have archived and sorted, even though this is a dickless thread, what do you guys feel about sequences of events similar to my last 4 posts or do you just simply want the smooth and stumpy?



I liked it lol



sequences are awesome!


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This is my EXACT fetish. Thanks anon.


File: 1411532499927.jpg (181.43 KB, 500x684, 1402338800080.jpg)

had difficulty reaching the site last few days o i am sorry anons.

i'll keep trying to dump some stuff daily


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I realize earlier incarnations of this thread were for chicks w/o dicks, but can we post male nullification stuff too? I recently gotten into this, and it's really hard to find non-furry non-guro stuff.


There is nothing stopping you from making your own thread


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male is fine here, title (intentionally) doesn't specify female


File: 1411783589725.jpg (292.86 KB, 676x1000, 43606435_big_p3.jpg)

Actually there is; I don't have enough images to start my own thread. Regardless, OP apparently made it this way on purpose so it doesn't matter.


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hmm, got sauce on that or its original version?


File: 1412014940627.jpg (229.43 KB, 600x800, 5555-6336.jpg)


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Make more such futa dickless images please!))


File: 1412036607691.png (1.05 MB, 773x1000, 1382857417093.png)


File: 1412069893824.jpg (177.05 KB, 800x600, 135583446252.jpg)


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more such futa dickless)))


File: 1412308548939.jpg (634.5 KB, 1439x1072, 1386596646120.jpg)


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I have the most ironic boner right now ... I'll have to see what I might have stashed away that hasn't already returned, but the second GC death caught me by surprise and I hadn't securely saved very much from that version of it by then...


File: 1412661475940.png (324.03 KB, 601x849, 1399834105840.png)

i dont think any of us did, thankfully a few of us have private servers or home servers that scrape websites for archival purposes


At least it's something. Hell, I think I *made* that one (which is why it's all unfinished and amateurish), but dunno where the original file is.


File: 1412695717536.jpg (142.66 KB, 623x1048, temp.jpg)

freshly minted, entrust this to your care, gc ... the file shall not remain on my machine, at least not for now

the king has no dick!


File: 1412729053049.jpg (60.55 KB, 476x750, tumblr_mgs0voDUj51rfk0byo1….jpg)

made himself


File: 1412938711976.png (711.14 KB, 1198x1192, Untitled.png)

let's finish the job, doctor ;)


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File: 1413027066462.jpeg (418.43 KB, 608x850, Newhalf-секретные-разделы….jpeg)


File: 1413126408951.jpeg (76.05 KB, 612x800, 1399833468371.jpeg)


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File: 1413137221625.jpg (530.87 KB, 1052x1398, aa1.jpg)


File: 1413293108412.jpg (131.42 KB, 700x700, FMA_DL.jpg)

Hmm, not sure about the ribbon pics... anyway a few quickies for you. Hopefully the quality isn't -quite- as rough this time as my usual.


File: 1413293134703.png (778.92 KB, 1280x853, lesballs.png)



File: 1413293148729.jpg (126.75 KB, 741x956, poke_DL.jpg)



File: 1413293165954.jpg (211.29 KB, 810x1000, twin_DL.jpg)

4 and done


File: 1413293569931.jpg (845.72 KB, 1200x1709, cursedtoiletDL.jpg)

ah what the heck. another turbo edit :p... 5 and actually done


So... er... I just uploaded five different pics to this thread...

Where did they go?




Better check yoself before you wreck yoself, pally. I posted several others besides those which don't fit your more narrow tastes. But there's nothing in the title or OP that specifies it's futa-only.

By all means start your own dickless futa thread if you wish to and are able.


Does that mean you're gonna derail the thread with endless pedoshit like the last 3 times?


Don't see you posting anything... if you have a problem with what IS being posted, I suggest you take it to the mods.


Anyway I'll let you into the secret of the production of my own edits; as I'm no artist and don't have much in the way of sophisticated software, I basically scrape this and other imageboards for reasonably high resolution pics that look good to start with and can be easily edited using the tools and skills I have... edit them... then upload them. Without much discrimination over actually what they depict. Beggars can't be choosers, basically - I end up closing more tabs without saving than with, and then give up on editing more of the pics than I complete.

Everything goes in the pot, futa, male, solo, couples, older, younger, f-on-m pegging and more besides, and what comes out are the ones that happen to be editable. The ultimate balance of subject matter is nothing to do with my own preferences - my condolences if they don't match with yours, but tough tits, that's how the world works.

They are however all images that have otherwise been allowed on here or other common boards, so if you want to complain about the content of the edits, you also wanna go and complain about the presence of the originals as well. You are the only person complaining it seems, and if you want an over-18 female-bodied-only thread and can scrape together or make at least three pics to start it off, you can just go make one. The best way to bury the things you don't like is to drown them out with the things you do, rather than being a whiny little bitch. I'd suggest getting in quickly on the /fur/ board as for some reason there's a lot more easily editable furry ones and I have a bit of a backlog of them waiting to start a thread on there too (I'd have put them in here but feel it'd cause drama).

"Other three threads", by the way? I think you confuse me with someone else.


fuck, just realised the one with the pony / pokemon charas (original futa btw) probably counts as furry. Hopefully it can scrape by just this once. Guess I wasn't paying enough attention. They aren't really that furry after all, but for two sets of ears and one tail you could pretty much handwave it as bodypaint.


File: 1413481021379.jpg (279.18 KB, 751x951, 01.jpg)


File: 1413481043871.jpg (285.65 KB, 751x951, 02.jpg)


File: 1413481061778.jpg (284.49 KB, 751x951, 03.jpg)


File: 1413488161583.jpg (181.73 KB, 635x852, 1a.jpg)

Some photoshop fun in 4 pictures.


File: 1413488171677.jpg (178.41 KB, 635x852, 1c.jpg)


File: 1413488184183.jpg (179.66 KB, 635x852, 1e.jpg)


File: 1413488196113.jpg (175.97 KB, 635x852, 1g.jpg)


File: 1413488370059.jpg (85.93 KB, 570x589, 1405050565930.jpg)


File: 1413488570068.jpg (107.18 KB, 628x1162, 135367068637.jpg)


sorry, got excited about dickless boy, if someone is like, I have nothing against.I like futanari, I laid out the site 16 images futa dickless. And I hope that the site will be going futa dickless.

P.S. If something vaguely sorry for my english


File: 1413924657523.jpg (133.42 KB, 750x563, 2237d6cdc4ics002.jpg)

Someone is in for a surprise when they wake up


File: 1413934304382.png (524.01 KB, 880x1100, 6c1b05d65a4e673b2d9d5b9f27….png)


File: 1413934325427.jpeg (119.06 KB, 600x670, 22.jpeg)


File: 1413934397724.jpg (293.69 KB, 600x900, 1367441721702.jpg)


File: 1413934429304.jpg (335.19 KB, 1028x1200, out.php.jpg)


File: 1413935490978.jpg (232.61 KB, 1000x1100, 217309.jpg)


File: 1413972564803.jpg (469.15 KB, 721x1000, 27719690.jpg)

So I was just looking for content (again) when I came across a few pics by this artist, and I realized that what I was into wasn't purely the nullification, but also the implication of feminization that came with it. Anyone else feel that way and/or have similar content that isn't shota/loli?


That's edging pretty close to cuntboy territory, but as it's plainly a case of the character originally being male I think it's allowable.

Now, going *looking* for the thread's general subject matter will usually have you drawing blanks other than in a very very few specialised places, and most of them will probably have stuff recycled from the old gurochan. Hell, I'm not even sure that'd actually be the case, even, it could even be that this is the only place. I'm just extrapolating from there having occasionally been something similar on fchan's "alt-hard" board... and all that is strictly furry stuff.

But, oddly enough, you're likely to have more luck in your endeavour here. Castration / nullo / penectomy (in that order of quite steeply decreasing prevalence) arts - showing the actual process usually in the latter case, with it normally being quite traumatic, so more /g/ material than /f/ - are at least findable on other sites like gelbooru and such. Not super-common, but can at least be found when you go looking.

I'd say the vast majority of content in this thread so far is GChan-user-created, from (relatively) more mainstream originals. Shit, I made a fair number of them myself.


On which note, I'm pretty sure
>>1389 and
are more just general "little penis, uncircumcised" than dickless, or even docked. Certainly I've seen the original of 1389 and it's just heavily censored rather than implying anything out of the ordinary ( far as shota+pegging is concerned anyhow).

The latter at least should be more convincingly modifiable though.


File: 1414032421948.png (700.71 KB, 900x1200, 590403688.png)

1. These two images I made myself)) can someone like


File: 1414032467330.jpg (153.08 KB, 950x1000, 677454241.jpg)



If I do something like that yet, I'll post it here.


I guess that's sort of the problem, that I'm into the aftermath rather than the process. Maybe after I get my new tablet I'll contribute...


File: 1414042953696.jpg (171.26 KB, 539x976, 198_1000.jpg)


File: 1414043076874.jpg (583.19 KB, 852x1600, a5.jpg)


tell me honestly here somebody fluent in Russian? I zadolbalsya write in English))


Entirely fair, not everyone has the ability or the motivation to fling pixels. It just happens to be that case that when you get down into the more niche fetishes, often you may end up having to produce some of the material yourself if you want there to be more of it :)

As for "aftermath vs process", I'd say I rather prefer that in terms of the portrayed scene, also. Which actually makes things a bit trickier as I suspect it's easier to make a half-amputated dick than a fully removed one.


>>560 >>915 >>1084 >>1391 >>333

While I'm thinking of it, anyone got delicious sauce on these particular pics? Google's not doing too well.


File: 1414074106043.jpeg (168.99 KB, 551x815, 6ca9b8bd902786940dbaab6c2….jpeg)

oh hey. the /34/ #penectomy tag covers some of this shit now


File: 1414074135336.jpeg (257.83 KB, 724x880, 285f83c16f046d6d75dc3054c….jpeg)

this one might already have been posted here, i've lost track


File: 1414074420471.jpeg (148.39 KB, 573x788, 29b7ef804262b5d6758400db6….jpeg)

and final for now


half-amputated dick not very pretty((


and looks ugly, not sexy and it is not believable. do not want to offend anyone this is my personal opinion.


How about you guys stop being trolls?


Think it might just be one guy.

I do kind of share their opinion, but, each to their own. I'll keep on posting/making/appreciating the smooth-look pics, and the stumpy fans can keep on doing the same with those. And the less fussy viewers can enjoy both.


File: 1414180415261.jpg (303.85 KB, 1200x1920, 135507983041.jpg)

Here are found several. enjoy))


File: 1414180456077.jpg (229.97 KB, 737x1080, 135234766439.jpg)



File: 1414180553653.png (384.34 KB, 500x666, tumblr_na7mgriRKw1r6wwpso1….png)

3 did it myself))


File: 1414180603469.jpg (268.7 KB, 950x705, 135245956059.jpg)



File: 1414180638298.jpg (208.67 KB, 1039x1417, 135568100794.jpg)



File: 1414180735315.jpg (196.75 KB, 436x1000, 135583321936.jpg)



File: 1414180759406.jpg (213.16 KB, 700x779, 135390406442.jpg)



File: 1414180784872.png (510.04 KB, 525x779, 135034844228.png)

8 did it myself))


File: 1414180867058.png (873.06 KB, 800x1000, 135773412186.png)



File: 1414180898377.jpg (423.42 KB, 1144x1600, 135755939852.jpg)



File: 1414180924018.jpg (98.74 KB, 578x800, 13541353965.jpg)



File: 1414181218700.jpg (270.92 KB, 615x873, 1397317954498.jpg)

12 Well, the last for today)) if I can find more, it will appear here.


heroic work :)


File: 1414343046245.jpg (237.78 KB, 600x450, a2.jpg)

This was a fun one to photoshop.


Nice to see my work (shops, not original) is still on here. I really did it kind of a spur-of-the-moment and didn't think it would stick around that long.

If people would like more manips done, find a picture you want 'shooped' and message me on reddit.


File: 1414652027737.jpg (109.69 KB, 700x990, Untitled-3.jpg)


File: 1415200184534.jpg (204.3 KB, 639x818, Untitled-2.jpg)




File: 1415226705426.jpg (195.04 KB, 940x900, 1.jpg)


File: 1415226741349.jpg (407.11 KB, 1815x1200, zaa1.jpg)


File: 1415226753611.jpg (309.9 KB, 1449x1118, littlecum1.jpg)


File: 1415227303133.jpg (247.86 KB, 1108x1421, horse.jpg)


OK, that's enough for today. Hope you enjoy these 'shops!


File: 1415280538158.png (3.11 MB, 1815x1200, dmitrys-DL1.png)

you're pretty good at these ^_^
though, i think I prefer it with the original face, as attached :)

probably nothing that makes sense in THIS context. google goggles might help. or drawing the characters into gtrans yourself...


sounds legit, i think we should call this company and see if they're interested. i think i can scrape together some buttons. maybe see if they take payment in dented tins of smartprice beans.


File: 1415282201225.jpg (41.13 KB, 451x840, 140527211975.jpg)


File: 1415282242682.jpg (49.39 KB, 483x604, 140527219596.jpg)


File: 1415282269300.jpg (155.7 KB, 1000x1559, 140527202992.jpg)


File: 1415282303032.jpg (59.29 KB, 604x453, 140527188935.jpg)


File: 1415282328862.jpg (96 KB, 800x859, 140527211988.jpg)

And boys too.


File: 1415282611187.jpg (187.58 KB, 989x1280, 240760.jpg)


File: 1415337067596.jpg (441.5 KB, 700x1278, _angel1_S.jpg)


File: 1415337091243.jpg (160.43 KB, 620x810, _chain.jpg)


File: 1415369087188.jpg (291.77 KB, 1500x1000, sg-dl.jpg)

bit sloppy, thought this one would be easier than it actually turned out to be


File: 1415369124595.jpg (294.86 KB, 1500x1000, sg-dl-fut.jpg)

and a slightly sloppier still futa version :p


File: 1415593861698.jpg (115.55 KB, 600x666, relm_19.jpg)

All that cum has to go somewhere...



Love it! More like these would be glorious! Imagine just how much she lost, if her balls are that big, no?


> balls directly generate semen
> some kind of direct connection between genitourinary and GI tracts
> removing penis removes usual direct connection between GU systems and outside world

lol, #hentailogic


Does anyone have similar pics with loli and dickless shota?


maybe lurking somewhere in a hidden and passworded archive on a different computer, but nothing that falls to hand.

most of the things posted here are user-created edits, anyway, so you may as well have a shot at creating your own and seeing how it comes out.


File: 1416266207930.png (788.14 KB, 1300x1300, _001_Yoruichi_Futa_by_34sa….png)

A perverse masochist, Tatsuki could still cum when her severed cock was touching her hot ass...


File: 1416266224304.png (997.29 KB, 1400x900, _1.png)


File: 1416327591123.jpg (275.63 KB, 1147x1024, 45994828_p7_master1200dl.jpg)

Nice work.

Now a bit of Sonnaro and his entertaining 19 y/o models.
They're a bit shy at first...


File: 1416327617367.jpg (196.54 KB, 1107x1024, 38940186_p10dl.jpg)

...but soon perk up once you get them into bed


File: 1416327641735.jpg (153.61 KB, 710x1024, 45559486_p2_master1200dl.jpg)

They do seem more confident in pairs than flying solo however


File: 1416327674671.jpg (217.06 KB, 975x1024, 29660735_p9dl.jpg)

But weirdly outdoors exhibitionism isn't that much of an issue


File: 1416327756271.jpg (221.21 KB, 877x1024, 46535282_p2_master1200dswa….jpg)

...and did you ever wonder where all the dicks were going? Well, all those futa aren't going to create themselves.

He doesn't seem too happy about it, but you wouldn't be, would you. And no-one's yet told him that he's going to be her first, either...


File: 1416328480680.jpg (264.49 KB, 975x1024, 29660735_p9dldressrough.jpg)

bonus roughwork... only the boys with dicks get to wear the manly clothes


I like dickless peeing. Do you have more?


huh. whilst searching for sauce on that, i didn't entirely succeed, but i did find what seems to be a ... korean? taiwanese? -maybe- japanese counterpart to gchan. Rather more generalised with less division between board content, oddly, even though it has many more of them. EG fair warning that this link is a castration thread both with and without gore...

(if you reduce that to you can see the rest of the site... pic itself is on the third page, ie page 2)


oh almost forgot. eventually led back to this somewhat less promising pixiv keyword :p


aha. delicious sauce.
that's me for now, i'll stop here.


File: 1416386332517.jpg (293.78 KB, 663x1000, d1.jpg)


File: 1416386363428.jpg (970.77 KB, 1280x1825, d2.jpg)


File: 1416485955223.png (1.18 MB, 1158x1600, dickless9.png)


File: 1416486034106.png (349.81 KB, 824x800, dickless2.png)


File: 1416486101421.png (293.12 KB, 604x453, dickless7.png)


File: 1416520925946.png (1.57 MB, 1158x1600, 1416485955223 - копия.png)

Author, urethra had to be done below. correct this, you poluchetsya better than me.)))


File: 1416521651996.jpg (240.05 KB, 800x1130, 1400925231448.jpg)

Let's finish it to the end!))


File: 1416572776740.jpg (160.24 KB, 650x911, kemomimi_dl.jpg)

found some promising new sources... just need some more time :p


gah, i'm having posting/refreshing problems again... test.


File: 1416573222960.jpg (180.41 KB, 612x765, 47103943_p0_master1200_dl_….jpg)

(bit of a WIP therefore)


File: 1416573673786.png (363.94 KB, 618x1000, 47095711_p0_ballz.png)

i could do with learning how to shade, i guess...


File: 1416861108720.jpg (500.32 KB, 850x1077, 1403473847283.jpg)

He is no longer a boy, but he does not have a vagina! there is only the urethra and labia.


File: 1416861608708.png (388.31 KB, 864x1297, Newhalf-1638589.png)

Trap Dickless in panties))) 01


File: 1416861677186.jpg (53.15 KB, 683x1087, 1405021206155.jpg)

Trap Dickless in panties))) 02


File: 1416861801897.jpg (242.45 KB, 698x1200, 1405197406285.jpg)


File: 1416862055678.jpg (347.1 KB, 800x600, 1399849164912.jpg)



File: 1416862611384.png (416.9 KB, 723x1023, 5f4a94fcb027d5ced374546276….png)

Who can make it dickless? Come forth great. Just need something to cut!)))


File: 1416874756362.png (486.99 KB, 723x1023, test.png)

I shouldn't really indulge such things when it's not always that difficult to DIY it, but it looked simple enough...

...sadly I've reached the limits of what MSPaint can do in combination with the amount of time and patience I have tonight. There's some subtle gradienting for a start, and then there's the issue of blending the scrote into the belly. But I've started it off for you at least.


thank you you're done!)))


File: 1416947250674.png (109.31 KB, 1280x1024, mulatto.png)



File: 1417035392150.jpg (322.92 KB, 1936x2384, 1401730204908.jpg)


think he needs a little help?


File: 1417198001021.jpg (83.81 KB, 676x1000, 43606435_p5_better.jpg)

figured I'd improve the simpler pixiv source image for this in a different direction


File: 1417198254901.jpg (233.77 KB, 852x1200, 41999801_p1_dl.jpg)

...and may as well drip feed another one of these ^_^


#2277 -560 The first option urethra was better . truer


you've inspired me
I think I'm going to try to edit the balls out later


I didn't make any changes to that part, I just removed the sheath-like foreskin.

go for it - just bear in mind you may need to post the result in the cuntboy thread if you make the result look feminine rather than neuter.


Not tonight josephine. I think I looked at that one and dismissed it as probably being too tricky.

Still, if you're THAT keen on that particular image, why not have a go yourself? I'm no artist, and I don't even have photoshop. Very nearly everything I've posted so far has been made using the Windows 7 version of MS Paint, nothing more (but for some very old ones done with PSP 7 under WinXP, and an abortive attempt at using GIMP), and it's mostly trial and error.

Also you might want to calm yourself down a bit there, dude, because, damn, slightly scary :D


File: 1417476827351.jpg (76.25 KB, 605x776, image001.jpg)

reposting images from the thread in the last Gurochan plus some new ones, not the best quality which is more obvious on some of the later ones I post, as my shop skills leave something to be desired (even though I'm only using MSpaint)


File: 1417476884458.jpg (130.07 KB, 802x746, image002.jpg)


File: 1417476928088.jpg (96.45 KB, 489x777, image003.jpg)


File: 1417476955435.jpg (154.04 KB, 563x776, image004.jpg)


File: 1417477030242.jpg (66.19 KB, 517x776, Image005.jpg)


File: 1417477148901.jpg (109.88 KB, 521x775, image006.jpg)

And now for those I didn't post in the last Gurochan, once again some of these aren't the best quality.


File: 1417477226443.jpg (79.6 KB, 481x639, image007.jpg)


File: 1417477275550.jpg (108.75 KB, 502x708, image008.jpg)


File: 1417477411781.jpg (87.17 KB, 613x776, image009.jpg)

Last one from me for awhile, if anyone wants to try their hand at cleaning these up or making their own edits then go for it :)


File: 1417575164849.jpg (156.33 KB, 850x1133, sample_e21995e77e28e834637….jpg)

Make of these images dickless , if you feel it is not difficult.))) P.S
Necessarily with the opening of the urethra.


File: 1417575330188.jpeg (512.92 KB, 924x1200, Newhalf-Solo--Cum-1706486.jpeg)

Image 2 )))


File: 1417609280987.png (412.96 KB, 627x709, dickless10.png)


File: 1417609875116.png (935.2 KB, 924x1200, dickless11.png)


File: 1417676503748.jpg (210.18 KB, 1080x1440, 138635631487.jpg)


Not bad, anon. I seem to remember trying a couple of those myself and having trouble with the linework, getting impatient and just upping the half-done WIPs :)

If you're using Vista / 7 / 8 paint, btw, a hint to nix those somewhat obvious jaggie lines: Use the "brush" tool to finesse things. In all but the smallest size (where it's basically the pencil), the edges are somewhat anti-aliased, so you can use it as a crude smoothing tool so long as you're careful to pick the colours in the right order (so as not to leave a big obvious block or an overtly rounded edge).

Who needs photoshop :D


File: 1417722853797.jpg (1000.21 KB, 1600x2850, 1417721954819.jpg)


File: 1417752242341.png (519.58 KB, 900x1200, 90e120d37b00c319fe95da1187….png)

Thank you, great job ))) If you can do so well I'll upload here simplicity and class images newhalf- trap, to skillful hands turned them into dickless. if you show they are quite simple. )))

Here's another sample, it is quite simple and if you are interested, I would like you to do this dickless urethral orifice. ))) P.S thanks in advance )))


File: 1417753308762.png (1.16 MB, 850x1503, Dickless 1112.png)

This is already my personal work )))


File: 1417768415900.png (480.86 KB, 900x1200, dickless12.png)


File: 1417769201067.png (480.97 KB, 900x1200, dickless12_.png)

I didn't read your post and at first do picture without urethral orifice.


File: 1417787287950.jpg (298.76 KB, 1028x1200, 45824195_p0.jpg)



File: 1417787302703.jpg (311.38 KB, 1028x1200, 45824195_p1.jpg)



File: 1418085961667.jpg (142.57 KB, 769x1100, 51703f0be8c72aeaa01e9a5c53….jpg)


seems like she is very excite his balls. She probably was the initiator of the boy's penis removal.




File: 1418534731608.jpeg (157.64 KB, 793x743, 6c81ecd7c951160d0f8991992….jpeg)

Good girl. You deserve emptying your balls, dickless-chan.


File: 1418536177599.jpg (557.05 KB, 2176x1664, 3f8c161052654764f9df2ec4a7….jpg)

You've become so sexy without a penis. The boys are so cute without their hoses. And so sweet gentle in bed, especially when their balls hang down from the semen, accumulated in them.


File: 1418558970855.jpg (163.96 KB, 600x800, a728d179e8e36e6d7c4f630ad3….jpg)

- Oh, y-y-y-yeas, please, keep rubbing my prostate!
- I will teach you how to be a a good girl, my dear. Who needs a penis when you know how to get an asshole orgasm?



I nominate you as the new official /f/dickless drawfag. These are good :D


File: 1418650083982.jpg (151.06 KB, 850x1074, nice_balls.jpg)


File: 1418835165938.jpg (158.95 KB, 810x650, dfg.jpg)


File: 1419217486599.jpeg (202.15 KB, 665x1269, hh1.jpeg)


File: 1419217503690.jpg (93.14 KB, 665x1269, hh2.jpg)


File: 1419217539030.jpg (87.25 KB, 665x1269, hh3.jpg)


File: 1419369076237.jpg (154.41 KB, 1243x1400, V0.2.jpg)

I made a couple image dickless ))) 1


File: 1419369138657.jpg (189.38 KB, 1050x1575, Shemale-Rudolf-Toy-by-Plas….jpg)

Image 2 )))


File: 1419369491728.png (261.82 KB, 850x680, nude-1_1442106446.png)

Image 3 ))) I can not get myself to do the urethra :(

If anyone knows how to do yourself )))


File: 1419369855549.jpeg (72.76 KB, 850x1022, sample_5f5a36df6725e472fe….jpeg)

Do this dickless at my request.))) I can not on their own.



File: 1419369996948.jpeg (520.65 KB, 1000x1382, 2f2bd9afec7e5f7b399de20b6….jpeg)

make it diskless 2


File: 1419370079958.jpg (217.14 KB, 840x1729, ae87f15c74dc01a0f63327387b….jpg)

make it diskless 3 thanks in advance )))


that's an edit, right?


If you're talking about my image, yes.)))


File: 1419747503155.jpg (103.63 KB, 500x705, 5121 - crossdressing littl….jpg)

Today did a few more dickless image ))) 1


File: 1419747544315.jpg (298.39 KB, 1050x1500, 1411249696742.jpg)



File: 1419747581415.jpeg (237.53 KB, 745x1050, tags-armpits-arms-up-blon….jpeg)



I see she's showing off her dumplings.


damn, was hoping it was a femdom doujin.


File: 1419962194967.png (644.09 KB, 850x1448, nodick.png)

i am happy without dick


Я из России, давай пообщаемся:


File: 1420322674345.png (917.06 KB, 758x1200, tfudyrsuftdyterutbcvfftdt.png)


File: 1421619121874.gif (392.86 KB, 270x600, littlerabit.gif)

I'm a little rabbit


File: 1421785927290.jpg (113.13 KB, 1138x750, 128199087720.jpg)


File: 1421786001040.jpg (60.66 KB, 600x407, 684779782.jpg)


File: 1422044916469.png (439.16 KB, 784x850, V.2.0.png)

remade ))) 1


File: 1422045088098.png (594.11 KB, 900x1156, 14111.png)

found 2


File: 1422045152410.png (851.52 KB, 1200x1262, 14192982.png)



File: 1422045235965.jpg (138.85 KB, 1200x1500, 53445.jpg)

4 )))


File: 1422563521562.jpg (291.19 KB, 752x1132, 1236_34.jpg)





File: 1422720015318.jpg (229.45 KB, 818x1199, 2.jpg)

Editing doujins kind of feels like cheating since there's no color/shading to worry about, but hey, it works.


File: 1422721556850.jpg (79.03 KB, 570x608, 3.jpg)

One more I did real quick in paint. I really need to learn photoshop as shading seems to be my arch nemesis.


Dialogue is still the best though anyway


File: 1423006061912.jpg (1.06 MB, 1400x1920, 12-75.jpg)


File: 1423208186225.jpg (153.57 KB, 1243x1400, V0.1.jpg)

altered, New)))


File: 1423208216806.png (262.35 KB, 850x680, TrapgirlNot Dick.png)

altered, New))) 2


File: 1423208329059.jpg (115.8 KB, 760x760, teenGirlTrapDickless.jpg)



File: 1423208811691.jpg (373.41 KB, 1181x1748, analsexDICKLESS.jpg)

2 )))


File: 1423245475726.jpg (930.15 KB, 1006x1402, 2girls.jpg)

The only way they get of is public exposure.


File: 1423318737088.png (1.95 MB, 1600x1200, 37d5af91b420caa87d7189e4b6….png)


File: 1423424496533.jpg (133.02 KB, 400x686, 11643438484.jpg)


File: 1423610451506.jpg (200.13 KB, 600x786, 741667775.jpg)


File: 1423640441021.jpg (242.7 KB, 800x1031, 2up2down_b.jpg)


File: 1423665390628.jpg (152.78 KB, 595x841, 1.jpg)


File: 1423760581084.jpg (481.66 KB, 909x800, 1.jpg)

More tubes needed.


File: 1423846539511.jpg (523.72 KB, 850x1216, Untitled-2.jpg)


File: 1423848802671.jpg (498.1 KB, 848x1200, 253653.jpg)


File: 1423848820282.jpg (205.17 KB, 566x800, 40ddf28879e56a632488488e5c….jpg)


File: 1423848838687.jpg (213.74 KB, 582x842, 30284b8da1b167a531a1651bb3….jpg)


File: 1423938411520.jpeg (331.75 KB, 733x900, dd3955ca3893f510680a4f67b….jpeg)


I asked my russian skype friend what means "zadolbalsya". And he told me to tell you... hm... fonetically it's looks like "DA-WAII-PEE-SHEE-SOOKAH"


Oh, yes, he told me that means "Please continue to communicate in English". I hope so.


I lol'd нахуй.


File: 1424137399725.jpg (119.19 KB, 462x555, Untitled-5.jpg)


File: 1424137407545.jpg (175.96 KB, 537x705, 7a.jpg)


File: 1424142595756.jpg (281.99 KB, 600x793, j3.jpg)

Since she lost her pussycock, the girls help her cum buckets by massaging her ass and balls.


File: 1424145026855.jpg (80.95 KB, 478x800, ba3b0d162282b23176f86a07d9….jpg)

That's amasing, my beauty! I did not even know that you can cum so powerfully. It seems that your penis bothered you to show yourself in bed.


File: 1424146715571.jpg (142.61 KB, 577x826, 6.jpg)


File: 1424146723647.jpg (124.9 KB, 400x605, c1.jpg)


File: 1424146731850.jpg (131.22 KB, 612x768, h1.jpg)


File: 1424146740139.jpg (235.53 KB, 796x638, q1.jpg)


File: 1424146747621.jpg (118.98 KB, 383x1024, s1.jpg)


File: 1424162864669.png (1.61 MB, 1600x1200, 1423318737088.png)

Look, my stitches almost resorbed!


File: 1424163599875.jpg (246.45 KB, 850x1258, sample_509f3cc6141a2d02f53….jpg)



Oh, my god. Winger's stuff is fucking perfect for this.


File: 1424208596865.jpg (253.29 KB, 471x750, b3.jpg)


File: 1424305331180.jpg (198.53 KB, 717x1024, a2.jpg)

The captured slaves have their cocks removed


File: 1424320890291.jpg (310.03 KB, 500x869, chains.jpg)


File: 1424564637541.jpg (70.74 KB, 460x750, tumblr_mc7wj2JZSZ1rgc55qo1….jpg)

You aren't a boy anymore...
You need to pee seated...


File: 1424796816788.jpg (125.13 KB, 768x962, d1.jpg)


More like this!


File: 1425304070841.jpg (105.63 KB, 700x524, d1.jpg)

While the censorship sucks, I had a bit of fun with this one.


File: 1425559829041.jpg (129.81 KB, 675x900, Dickless shota.jpg)



File: 1425560730978.jpeg (557.35 KB, 1181x1465, Trap Dickless in panties .jpeg)

Trap Dickless in panties 2!)))


File: 1425560771015.jpeg (99.8 KB, 630x900, Newhalf no dick.jpeg)



File: 1425560833621.jpeg (389.17 KB, 859x1212, TSdickless1.jpeg)



File: 1425560885520.jpg (64.74 KB, 800x600, TS 2.jpg)



File: 1425560941482.jpg (126.93 KB, 850x1200, 9407782f.jpg)

5. )))


File: 1425561681260.jpg (102.53 KB, 659x855, 1399139252324.jpg)

so are born shota trap girls dickless. girl trap without a penis. (sorry can cause disgust) )))


File: 1425561769160.jpg (134.58 KB, 537x869, 1397441791675.jpg)


File: 1425561813354.png (348.14 KB, 675x900, 384c5ce8520ec9d9a9b6833ea3….png)



File: 1425561856125.jpeg (180.79 KB, 675x900, 1a3bd69fa5d3b23e911b46922….jpeg)

2 ))).


File: 1425590879658.jpg (461.01 KB, 628x858, w77.jpg)


File: 1425650625178.jpg (170.46 KB, 815x630, d2.jpg)

Just one of the girls now.


If this is original, can I see a link?


File: 1425727835635.jpg (577.52 KB, 3817x1800, 1393450185475.jpg)

A few more dickless! ))) some of the images are taken from other sites, some made by me


File: 1425728009978.jpg (229.7 KB, 640x998, 1393450301413.jpg)


File: 1425728037248.jpg (239.62 KB, 1312x1080, 1393528462889.jpg)


File: 1425728058171.jpg (215.22 KB, 1152x960, 1397498850654.jpg)


File: 1425728203987.jpg (143.57 KB, 836x1000, 1397134307750.jpg)


File: 1425728323756.jpg (524.91 KB, 1147x1646, 1375755497000.jpg)

And now the image made by me! )))


File: 1425728454690.jpg (104.53 KB, 608x895, 131103b_as015.jpg)



File: 1425728545041.jpeg (39.4 KB, 366x600, 70176 - bed black_hair bl….jpeg)



File: 1425728571632.jpeg (166.63 KB, 804x1210, tags-armpits-arms-up-blon….jpeg)



File: 1425728630408.jpeg (87.05 KB, 700x650, tags-accident-blush-botto….jpeg)



File: 1425728840062.jpg (189.05 KB, 1050x1575, Shemale-Rudolf-Toy-by-Plas….jpg)



File: 1425728871819.jpeg (204.48 KB, 1000x1382, 2f2bd9afec7e5f7b399de20b6….jpeg)



File: 1425729135079.jpg (219.79 KB, 840x1729, ae87f15c74dc01a0f63327387b….jpg)

So far that's all. if I do something else, they will appear here! )))


And I look forward to your work on the DICKLESS images!

Let us together will advance this topic! Do more dickless images! )))


File: 1425729792207.jpg (212.68 KB, 911x650, sex .jpg)

YPS! forgot one more picture! It also made me! )))


Never relax near the blacks.


File: 1425871749733.png (195.08 KB, 600x780, DL_pirate.png)


File: 1425873476189.jpg (167.54 KB, 497x690, _a1c.jpg)

Chef's surprise.


File: 1425893072951.jpg (80.81 KB, 478x775, image017.jpg)

Another dump from me, you know the drill. Expect minor mistakes, edits from other shops, etc. Enjoy!


File: 1425893108373.jpg (149.86 KB, 641x660, image018.jpg)



File: 1425893156576.jpg (116.67 KB, 557x776, image019.jpg)



File: 1425893224254.jpg (104.88 KB, 639x777, image020.jpg)



File: 1425893267158.jpg (126.57 KB, 524x777, image021.jpg)



File: 1425893316881.jpg (101.62 KB, 687x659, image022.jpg)



File: 1425893345162.jpg (89.07 KB, 491x658, image023.jpg)



File: 1425893474864.jpg (83.28 KB, 508x659, image024.jpg)

Last one for now.


File: 1426038581673.jpg (733.47 KB, 873x1300, 137790813097.jpg)


File: 1426102285446.png (1.03 MB, 844x1024, pee.png)


Is there any comics/manga about dickless "girls"?


I would like more images trap dickless "girls" peeing! )


I don't think so.


File: 1426705168300.jpg (105.05 KB, 444x787, d1.jpg)


File: 1426719355305.jpg (97.18 KB, 687x659, 1425893316881.jpg)


File: 1426719418595.png (962.9 KB, 1277x1280, 1415171187602.png)


File: 1426719439251.jpeg (104.34 KB, 797x1200, hisakawa-riho-futanari-се….jpeg)


File: 1426719502497.jpeg (85.81 KB, 600x600, futanari-секретные-раздел….jpeg)


What I really like about this one is the way her eyes are drawn.


Wow this thread is super sexy. I getting a sex change anyway but idea doing nullo rather than full women is so appealing right now.


File: 1426876591800.jpg (206.29 KB, 1042x1339, d1.jpg)


Did she rape someone?


File: 1427063122714.png (925.42 KB, 1181x2670, 48-5232.png)


File: 1427545909113.jpg (86.01 KB, 504x797, d1.jpg)


Can she go?


Yes but she worried that it will trickle all over and make a mess which means whole world would then know about her little secret of having her willy cut off. She has to sit and pee like a real girl from now on.


I wanna see more like this


File: 1427713917726.jpg (119.85 KB, 750x900, 27362.jpg)


File: 1427731963020.jpg (1.88 MB, 1056x5492, d1.jpg)

Tried something a little different.


Ooh, comics! I wanna see more like this! Any without Photoshop are to be labelled.


File: 1427799202757.jpg (91.67 KB, 500x910, 064378c5be8c960e918e7e31c2….jpg)


File: 1427799251985.jpeg (612.27 KB, 600x1444, 543.jpeg)


Source please.


File: 1428269360293.png (812.46 KB, 640x800, 1419621037903.png)


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that comic is also an edit. I know because I've edited the original of it myself before. Heck, I can't be entirely certain that some of the frames there aren't polished-up versions of my own with altered dialogue...


It's pity. Do you plan to draw the continuation?


File: 1428524037449.jpg (356.06 KB, 1000x1498, 168097.jpg)


File: 1428524994493.jpg (381.7 KB, 750x1164, 75278-63.jpg)


File: 1428626079869.jpg (813.43 KB, 1520x1125, Untitled-5D.jpg)

It's not the only thing we can take...


I think you misunderstand. I'm not the artist, nor am I *an* artist. I found the original somewhere and edited it along similar lines is all. Not really that difficult to do some erasing, clone-brushing and the occasional carefully sculpted new solid black line on a piece of existing lineart after all.


File: 1428813837384.jpg (510.54 KB, 1300x920, 1d6348a1e9888e129cfa133a0b….jpg)

make it dickless 3?


File: 1428980544769.jpg (1.18 MB, 961x1476, Untitled-4.jpg)


File: 1429313549123.jpeg (328.13 KB, 872x1200, dickless.jpeg)


The "move the dick downwards by two inches" is > thataway :/


File: 1429383013956.jpeg (124.47 KB, 1024x724, bc57ecc962c220e953a04b2f3….jpeg)

Make sora dickless, but keep the dick in the picture, like severed!


Can someone help?


VERY nice. Like my fantasies bout transgender transformation @ childhood. You should definitely continue.


MM... it's REALLY tiny prick. Lkl I've new fetish now.


File: 1431202895348.jpg (132.48 KB, 508x800, peeing without a dick.jpg)


File: 1431202929011.jpg (767.47 KB, 1852x1225, Russian shemale solo dickl….jpg)


File: 1432439294703.png (326.23 KB, 640x900, 287436981.png)


File: 1432786900202.jpg (315.69 KB, 1181x1654, tkpenectomy.jpg)

oops I accidentally takeru


File: 1432823883449.jpg (168.46 KB, 600x800, eunuch.jpg)


File: 1433169676557.jpg (314 KB, 1065x884, Untitled-2.jpg)


File: 1433323650458.jpg (282.65 KB, 493x699, 1399141474467.jpg)


File: 1433341304073.jpg (346.26 KB, 1000x1100, am a girl now.jpg)


File: 1433355171771.jpg (353.06 KB, 1000x1100, 868767.jpg)

The creator of this image, a big request! Please take away the penis on the neck and make the urethra just below! Or make an egg above a very cool picture, but not true!


Aww, but the severed dick is the best part!



These are irrelevant to this thread, please make sure you post in the proper threads.


File: 1433506690656.jpg (345.28 KB, 1000x1100, new.jpg)


That's cool! Thank you pay attention and altered images! ))) I can distribute the images here that can be done feet dickless


File: 1433694864181.jpeg (343.66 KB, 960x720, 084449ac2c887e834fbf35185….jpeg)

Here are some pictures from which to draw futanari dickless,
If you are interested, do it futa dickless. ))) 1


File: 1433694908478.jpg (687.68 KB, 979x1000, 286693.jpg)



File: 1433694975762.jpeg (996.34 KB, 1492x1120, NinjaOi-Newhalf-Cum-Newha….jpeg)



File: 1433695008537.jpeg (89.77 KB, 487x750, futa-solo-futanari-секрет….jpeg)



File: 1433695050737.png (1.02 MB, 951x1920, lvlapple-futa-solo-futanar….png)



File: 1433695131277.png (916.14 KB, 888x1920, futa-solo-futanari-секретн….png)

6 simply remove the penis )))


File: 1433695979091.jpg (205.52 KB, 745x1050, 151510793.jpg)



File: 1433696069001.png (539.88 KB, 723x1023, 141687475.png)

Make realistic urethra )))


File: 1433720654973.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1120, Untitled.png)


File: 1433720928617.png (1.18 MB, 745x1050, Untitled2.png)


File: 1433815676579.png (1.22 MB, 745x1050, xcsovxtv.png)


What software is that?


VERY nice. But severed penis on floor...

Please continue. Also you can remake it at /3dcg/


File: 1434486245657.jpg (110.76 KB, 723x1036, _a2.jpg)


File: 1434677064990.jpg (214.05 KB, 1012x1433, 7566448.jpg)


File: 1434762028586.jpg (215.6 KB, 1280x960, 55555555555555555.jpg)


File: 1434762046851.jpg (232.75 KB, 1637x1600, 55555555555555.jpg)


File: 1434769710578.png (1.74 MB, 1491x1120, 1433720654973.png)

Want to make beautiful, do it yourself! ))) I am remade


>that scraps of cocks


File: 1435521793031.jpg (288.66 KB, 800x800, 555513289.jpg)



This one reminds me of a story I read online. It's about a guy who is kidnapped and put under hormone therapy and penectomized so he could be tortured by his own libido.


File: 1437310123719.jpg (633.12 KB, 1924x1600, b9c9eb54a6bba2d7720c65258a….jpg)

Request make this dickless pls, and if possible one of them dick no balls


can someone tell me where #666 comes from?


File: 1437310245593.jpg (628.6 KB, 1200x900, 33559d02fe1e812383468d1ca1….jpg)

And will appreciate if one can be dickless and other ballless


File: 1437342175292.png (108.92 KB, 463x600, DL_humangal_buttsex.png)

A fun thing to make edits of.


File: 1437342343846.png (687.16 KB, 850x1200, DL_dgal_001.png)


File: 1437347126599.jpg (502.75 KB, 1000x1077, 256898.jpg)


It looks nice


File: 1437519997584.jpg (121.34 KB, 433x600, 1437519069900.jpg)


File: 1438009341920.jpg (757.85 KB, 1280x1383, 651846576534416451461.jpg)


File: 1438130959426.jpg (178.93 KB, 856x1300, Untitled-6.jpg)


File: 1438391055647.jpg (409.88 KB, 750x1000, 63622.jpg)


File: 1438474772261.jpg (252.53 KB, 650x919, 01565.jpg)


Monotesticle, lol. Just one, but large.


File: 1439215980068.jpg (450.16 KB, 941x1369, 1427069039327.jpg)


Welcome back, GC - where the fuck did you go?


File: 1439766066180.png (76.25 KB, 800x600, kisekae_img.png)

Penises are not allowed on the beach...


File: 1439859144180.jpg (713.86 KB, 4354x2000, 003.jpg)

Please follow the rules to ensure a safe, phallus-free, and fun environment.

Areas around the pool are slippery.

In water under 5ft.

If this is your first visit, please remove any penises before entering the park.

Be respectful to other guests.


File: 1439859200630.jpg (704.85 KB, 2000x1600, 006.jpg)


[mom] - Hey son. See this pictures... Was pregnant you when I and your father entering the park.

[son] - But, what happened to dad's penis?

[mom] - Penises are not allowed into the Dickless Park... He had his penis cut off 3 months before.

[son] - It's so cool... :D

[mom] - Next month we go again.

[son] - Can I go too?

[mom] - Nope... because you have a penis.

[son] - Awwww... Can i cut off my penis too?

[mom] - Are you sure?

[son] - yes!!!

[mom] - Tomorrow we go to a clinic schedule the surgery

[son] - Good!!! Thanks mom!!! :D

One month later.....................



File: 1440604924950.jpg (455.29 KB, 819x1200, a1.jpg)

What do you think of this 'shop?


hhhhmmmmm.... good


File: 1440763970306.png (678.08 KB, 707x1541, beach.png)

First day on Dickless Park


How is his time there?


File: 1441510394263.jpg (51.29 KB, 907x718, FNCBFO2I9YBJLK7.LARGE.jpg)


Probably fine. Doesnt seem to be many dicks there, mostly nice people.


Is he horny or anything, right now?


File: 1441831938464.jpg (457.49 KB, 780x911, 716195 - DeStijl Rapunzel ….jpg)


File: 1442704570092.png (414.13 KB, 1280x1280, 2688556555.png)


File: 1442706047593.png (780.03 KB, 750x1255, 22458335289994688.png)


File: 1443046349786.png (242.04 KB, 390x600, nopenis.png)


...Anyone remember or have that comic that involved a brother and sister pair with docked cocks? the boy didn't have a shaft and the sister's was just cut off at the tip.


File: 1444059641952.jpg (617.48 KB, 931x1119, Untitled-1.jpg)


File: 1444417017195.png (577.19 KB, 1280x960, Dickless annilingus.png)

Couldn't get the cum right on this photoshop, so I left his peehole blank.


File: 1446241240415.jpg (480.46 KB, 1003x1200, 52581264_p5.jpg)


File: 1446241285633.jpg (493.51 KB, 1003x1200, 52581264_p6.jpg)


The most minor of nitpicks: you've put the urethral reroute off to the side of where the urethra actually is (...the slight ridgey bit just to the right) ;)

omg, is dat sum original contents? can we have source plz?


that's weird, I thought I posted a couple others.

Anyway, they're all by pxkanif on pixiv.


File: 1446167122137.png (631.99 KB, 650x800, 1432209013488.png)

Please, More futa dickless-penectomy-nullification, like this. )


File: 1446167727360.jpg (160.42 KB, 1003x1200, More dickless!)).jpg)

And something like this. )) Or at least throws sauces


File: 1446168583187.png (572.95 KB, 900x1500, 1427069132716.png)


File: 1446168629271.png (322.28 KB, 1000x1000, Newhalf-секретные-разделы-….png)


File: 1446168665680.jpg (233.8 KB, 496x701, 1427193206644.jpg)


File: 1446168704630.jpg (423.73 KB, 850x1133, 1432208319420.jpg)


File: 1446168736494.png (725.08 KB, 707x934, 1427069582727.png)


File: 1446168811346.png (1.92 MB, 850x1173, 1426879961063.png)


File: 1446168837970.jpg (511.4 KB, 850x1133, 1427070170621.jpg)


File: 1446168861853.jpg (88.88 KB, 712x1024, 1426880096170.jpg)


File: 1446168928967.jpeg (161.33 KB, 730x934, 1426121875766.jpeg)


File: 1446168953497.jpg (140.93 KB, 550x777, 1424100935042.jpg)


File: 1446168979999.jpg (1.01 MB, 1600x1163, 1417785978435.jpg)


File: 1446169004434.png (305.46 KB, 450x720, 1426121917690.png)


unfortunately this is the last that I could find, so if someone would find on the subject do not forget to fill it here. if someone is able to do something like this do not be lazy and do more. )


File: 1446397891594.jpg (345.46 KB, 518x768, red2.jpg)


File: 1446409208453.jpg (448 KB, 1500x1091, yours.jpg)


File: 1446410499534.jpg (402.91 KB, 1496x1012, 0141_IC0055.jpg)


File: 1446426031371.jpg (49.92 KB, 500x571, 500.jpg)


File: 1446426108285.png (1.03 MB, 1455x1946, halloween.png)


w00t, fresh dumpage! <3


File: 1446440180035.jpeg (271.99 KB, 979x1000, penectomy.jpeg)



File: 1446440252031.jpeg (487.98 KB, 979x1000, penectomy cumshot.jpeg)



File: 1446442699807.jpg (123.54 KB, 500x750, 7842021.jpg)


File: 1447301335090.jpg (396.93 KB, 974x1200, 52484619_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1447360775345.jpg (223.59 KB, 540x803, a2.jpg)

She can still cum buckets with the right incentive.


File: 1448386903740.jpg (140.36 KB, 1000x840, 14254.jpg)

Lead her by the stump.


How about some pics that pay attention to the balls? You know, what's usually left after a penectomy?



File: 1448589770567.jpg (289.34 KB, 850x850, 265132168.jpg)


I think this one's trying to cope with the loss of her penis and her inability to orgasm.


File: 1449369561970.jpg (612.66 KB, 900x1200, 2.jpg)


File: 1449648398877.jpg (452.73 KB, 1000x1000, Untitled-3b.jpg)

She still pouts because I wear this necklace...


File: 1450078428766.jpg (185.3 KB, 533x700, a1.jpg)


Wow, that's a good one! Original drawing?



Can we have more pictures like this???


Thanks ilovebees - but it's a 'shop.


Don't worry, I'll settle.


Very nearly everything in this thread is...


File: 1451408089820.jpg (101.14 KB, 877x620, Misc_Futanari_2_9Cloud_us_….jpg)


File: 1451409159820.jpg (159.63 KB, 1023x843, Misc_Futanari_2_9Cloud_us_….jpg)

She liked to fuck her with her own stuffed cock.


File: 1452317213489.jpg (207.41 KB, 861x800, 9185611_p2_master1200.jpg)

If any of you wonderful editors are still around, this looks like it would make a good pic of this fetish. There's also other pics with different facial expressions in the main (one with his eyes closes and shouting in pain)


File: 1452669158203.png (604.68 KB, 861x800, Edit1.png)

It's been awhile. I hope you enjoy it.


File: 1452809761622.jpg (506.05 KB, 850x947, 997.jpg)


File: 1452809784289.jpg (499.6 KB, 850x850, 998.jpg)


File: 1452809805509.jpg (1.06 MB, 1500x1653, 999.jpg)


File: 1452928010342.png (701.96 KB, 861x800, g10.png)


File: 1452998564008.png (400.37 KB, 550x803, 1452986000913.png)


Isnt loli and shota banned, why is there so much of that nasty shit in here?


Check yourself (and the homepage) before you... yknow


File: 1453034568239.jpeg (187.39 KB, 800x1009, 1452977525376.jpeg)


it's not banned anymore I guess
I wish they'd at least make a separate forum for it or something
I'm not going to judge, I just don't want to see it.


Not a fan either. I just skim over loli, and you can hide threads here. Or view other imageboards in catalog.


File: 1453271749108.png (1.12 MB, 833x1600, 1450424020493.png)

Why not share non loli content? There's a ton of shit I don't like here, kind of a niche website really. But why bitch about it? I just don't understand you guys. I really don't.

Some of us editors like loli. If you don't, feel free to ignore them and enjoy works like this I just did up.


It's not like I'm saying you shouldn't be able to have it, I just think you should have your own place for it.

It's the same reason people post guro shit on /g/ instead of some vanilla porn board, other people don't want to see it. Worst case scenario, you have two threads worth of content to check instead of one, does that really sound so bad?


File: 1453439682366.png (1.04 MB, 1100x1600, edit3.png)


File: 1453491278527.jpg (139.56 KB, 480x640, 6d07e4032bd06aacc76064d9b5….jpg)


>comes on GC
>bitches about the exacting type of unconventional / extreme porn that they see
>even though it'd probably pass by without comment on gelbooru if I was to crosspost it there


gelbooru is different because all you need to do to filter stuff out there is type -loli and it's removed from your search. You can't do that here.

Keep in mind that all I'm advocating for here is a separate section, which is intended as a fair compromise; hardly what I'd call "bitching"

like if your argument is "lol gurochan" then why even have separate boards for gore and scat? Why isn't it all in the same place?


or furry for that matter

what a fucking joke


File: 1453624365023.png (1.23 MB, 1000x1200, Edit4.png)

Speaking about sections, /dis/ exists. I don't give a shit where this gets posted, by I honestly don't like listening to people bitch about a genre so niche that it basically doesn't exist (all edits.)


File: 1453695831380.jpg (298.31 KB, 617x842, 8542258965.jpg)


File: 1453704069714.png (864.58 KB, 830x1693, Edit8.png)

I loved how this one turned out, I actually saved it as a challenge to see if I could do the fishnets alright.


File: 1453789156329.png (817.67 KB, 1200x1600, Edit5.png)


File: 1453867401032.png (719.87 KB, 1200x900, Edit6.png)


File: 1453957136201.png (648.72 KB, 900x992, Edit7.png)


File: 1454045376583.png (802.13 KB, 750x1164, Edit9.png)


First up - thank you for that excellent and long awaited dump, kind fellow perv. May your days continue ever fruitful.

...and now, sadly, onto this BS.

I suppose a better expression of the point I'm trying to make is that this is generally how imageboards work, you have to work with the rules and setup each one comes with, particularly as you're being served with stuff for free that you likely won't find anywhere else at all.

And that with this particular extremely tight niche subject a lot of it will be (or at least seems to be) a bit on the juvenile side anyway - which in part is the reason for the 3DCG sub-board, because things start to get a little too realistic there sometimes and that can have legal as well as personal taste repercussions.

Sure, you could separate it out into separate threads, but then if you listen to everyone's "I don't wanna see that, wah" complaints you end up with twenty different threads with three or four images each spamming out the index, which will annoy far more people than the one or two complainants who kicked it off.

Everything here is thumbnailed anyway, so just bleep over it and only enlarge / save / whack off to the ones you actually like.

What this board DOES seem to lack which I've seen elsewhere is a "hide this post" button. That might be a fair compromise, but don't hold your breath waiting for it to appear.

The separation into guro, scat, furry, other is run along much, much broader lines than "omg you got loli in my penis amputation". Bloody violence and large amounts of excrement are things that tend to turn a LOT of people off (vs some hand-drawn cartoon characters who look a little bit young, as cartoons inherently tend to anyway), and they're the main thrust of ALL the different threads in that section, rather than being one element out of many in the same picture.

(and yes, I could have taken it to /dis/, but that'll divorce the argument from the place it specifically refers to, and will be read by far fewer people, with possibly no overlap between that section and this; my impression of that board was that it was for more general discussion of things to do with or peripheral to the site as a whole, or at least not a particular thread. hence why we're able to write text-only posts here at all...)


btw i'd say they turned out extremely right.

additional challenge: extend them down her stomach so the cutout ends up a good bit tighter to the balls and just below the top of where the shaft once was. it looks a little strange in the original position now :)


I don't see how you can argue that furry is a bigger category than loli, or that guro or scat is a bigger turnoff than pedophilia

I'm not going to complain about free content, but I think pedo stuff should be in it's own section. What's the problem with that?


File: 1454188436605.jpg (628.51 KB, 1600x1200, 345345jhd.jpg)


File: 1454433284861.jpg (127.15 KB, 500x692, a1.jpg)

After the accident, she tried to get off with BDSM - so far without success.


Feel free to go petition the admins for a /loli/ board then, or make your own "Dickless (no loli or shota)" thread, and we'll see what happens.


Or to put it another way, this thread has been here 18 months, and you've just arrived...


don't know what that's supposed to mean, I've been here the whole time
the only reason I'm talking about it now is because someone else brought it up
figured I'd join in because I knew if I didn't people would be thoughtlessly shitting on them for the crime of not wanting to see child porn


I'd suggest that if you don't want to see the occasional loli or shota then a semi-underground hentai imageboard is probably not somewhere you want to frequent too often, as there's going to be shit-tons of it floating around.


It's a bit like going to drink in a strip club and then complaining that the music's too loud and some of the poledancers are a race you dislike.



Mod here. Unless a thread has something in the title or desc STRICTLY declaring no shota or loli, shota or loli is fair game. Feel free to make your own thread, but this is not yours.



I may agree with your point but please keep your arguments to one post. I'm not going to delete your posts as opinions are allowed to be voiced, but someone reported you for "spamming" :p

Thanks for making a point though.


It's posts like this that make surfing so much plreause


It's posts like this that make surfing so much plreause


File: 1455077934108.jpg (123.44 KB, 500x750, 1454927361236.jpg)

thanks for the clarification I guess? seems a little tangential to the point I was making, unless you're talking about me discussing the larger subject of CP on the board in this thread which is fair. I'll make a new thread and link it here so that we can stop derailing the thread, but first
it's more like if that club had a drink that you really can't get anywhere else, and then you casually said "hey, since this stuff isn't going to be available anywhere else anytime soon do you think we could maybe have separate sections so I don't have to sit in a strip club to drink it?" and then the retarded strip club patrons started getting on your case about how much they like the stripping and other inane garbage that has nothing to do with what you actually said

yes, I realize this site is for alternative porn, that's why I'm looking for my niche nullification fetish fuel here. The thing is, the loli shit wouldn't be floating around if it had it's own section, which is the thing I've been suggesting literally this whole time.

People are disgusted by scat; it has it's own section. People are disgusted by gore; it has it's own section.

fucking furry has it's own section

but child pornography? Deal with it, it's your fault for wanting niche porn.

why the double standard? Stop dismissing me sarcastically and activate your brain for two actual seconds.


I'd love to, but unfortunately there's no "edit" button to add the extra points that come to might JUST after hitting submit ;) so a follow-up post it has to be.

Also, thinking there might be some bitterness behind the report? I don't really want to be here arguing over BS rather than viewing/posting/occasionally having time to do a new edit of my own (it's been a while), but sometimes when someone starts making silly complaints there's a need to exercise one's right to reply.


(damn, i didn't scroll far enough to see this)

Because it's not CP. There's a distinction between these drawn fantasy things and real imagery. That's part of the reason, as I said, why 3DCG is off in its own section, because the quality of 3D renders these days is becoming decidedly photographic and the combination of that plus what is otherwise represented here in drawn artworks squicks a lot of people a lot more than the artistic version, and in some areas can even bring greater trouble from the law.

Most of the things depicted in the guro pictures, many of the furry ones, etc would be deeply illegal as well, if it were photographic. Or at least, if it wasn't, carrying out the actions needed to create those photos would be.

And, as a cartoon medium from an area of the world where puberty tends not to hit as hard, and with looser attitudes to sex and ages of consent, there's a lot of younger-looking characters and suggestive stuff in anime and manga just inherently (look at things like Strike Witches, which, you must bear in mind, is an actual anime that was drawn, animated, committed to DVD, then sold, in stores). It may well seem off to western sensibilities but that's just an inherent part of the medium (jeez, somewhere I have a 90s copy of AnimeUK where they explain the different drawing styles, and there's literally one called "child bodied", in which the characters are still understood to be adults but are drawn in a more cutesy fashion pretty much, well, that's how they've been drawn; but even the most common style is described as following the usual global cartoon pattern of making bodies a little more squat, heads larger, eyes larger and lower on the face etc, all of which are juvenile characteristics), and the easiest way to avoid it is to choose a different fandom. Or maybe use a site where you can specify "-loli -shota" and so-on.

Yes, it is problematic, can cause misunderstandings and/or trouble as a result, it's a known risk that comes with the hentai territory... but you'll just have to play it by ear on that front, and -bleep- over the ones you don't like, unless the mods rework the board structure (tags, or a specific /cake/ board, and/or a "hide" button would be good, I suppose?). You're in the wild west, and if the piano player isn't playing a song you like, but you haven't got the fastest gun in the room, you'll just have to choose between listening, or leaving the saloon. No-one asked you to ride into this town. It's a small miracle it's even here right now, given its past record, and there isn't much that acts as a potential replacement. There's enough I find distasteful as well that appears amongst everything else in certain threads as well but I just put up the decade-and-a-bit honed filter of ignorance and scroll on.

I mean, I'm sorry on your behalf that it is the way it is, but an image thread isn't the place to whine about. Go raise the matter in /dis/, or hop on IRC and talk to the mods directly, or... etc


File: 1455313082102.jpg (421.57 KB, 1200x1029, n1.jpg)

In spite of having no cock she always came the most when she got properly wound up.


File: 1455820381500.jpeg (86.38 KB, 532x666, 1393445176400.jpeg)


All members of the futa harem require you to have your penis removed to prevent sodomy.


File: 1456478249386.jpg (704.2 KB, 1200x900, 48237874_p0_master1200.jpg)

This would be a much better picture without that pesky penis in the way.


File: 1456489516458.jpg (673.49 KB, 1200x900, 1456478249386.jpg)


Or he could be prepping to have it removed in the first place.


File: 1456604593809.jpg (345.91 KB, 924x1100, 669.jpg)


File: 1456604620132.jpg (410.6 KB, 1280x794, 670.jpg)


File: 1456604650102.jpg (492.78 KB, 1002x1482, 671.jpg)


File: 1456953134522.jpg (93.31 KB, 855x1150, Untitled-1b.jpg)

They kept the slaves severed cocks as part of their leash.


... I'm reminded of Diamanda Hagan's thoughts on castration "Cut off the cock so they can't cum, not the balls so they don't want to!"

Tho, I'm not into this AT ALL, I'm here for a friend. Does anybody have an archive of this stuff I can find for them, since they're reeeeeeeeally into this, and I know the pain of having a hard-to-find-good-stuff-for fetish even with my mere Transformation fetish?

Also, do you know of any good fiction featuring this trope? My friend also is looking for some of that, but it's impossible for me to find. Or, heck, even some good mainly-orgasm-denial focused fic, /d/ doesn't even have that in their archives.


File: 1458330335925.jpg (202.49 KB, 1200x1639, thong1.jpg)


Try They have a pretty big library of fiction.


Try They have a pretty big library of fiction.


Try They have a pretty big library of fiction.



My favorite ones are the ones that have a part of the story after the guy loses his penis, and becomes very horny without release.


Yeah, but you have to register, and the mods are bastards for refusing sign-ups...


File: 1458592582353.jpg (190.46 KB, 960x1280, 110p.jpg)


Can anyone do the gayrapes with dickless?


File: 1459045569969.png (1.8 MB, 1350x1350, 1430677951945.png)

She loves touching her full balls.


File: 1459045668370.jpg (45.79 KB, 458x750, dl2.jpg)

I had a wet dream.


File: 1459047388545.jpg (231.89 KB, 500x745, witches1.jpg)

The sacrifice was great, but she never hesitated for the sake of her sisters.


File: 1459047882676.jpg (580.18 KB, 850x1173, tumblr_ntm607W0jz1u7uncmo1….jpg)




File: 1459507538351.png (223.89 KB, 738x750, 006.png)


File: 1459546427939.jpg (302.96 KB, 850x667, cath2.jpg)

She loved making her new slaves cum into their piss jar.


Does she like to snip their little penises off too?


File: 1459816401748.jpg (1.8 MB, 1400x1927, 358854.jpg)

give this naughty boy who likes to dress up like a girl a full penectomy please! nothing bloody though, just a healed up little hole


those tits and lips seem a bit more than "dressing up as"


>>9268 what now?


File: 1459906845775.jpg (1.81 MB, 1400x1927, 555555.jpg)


File: 1459948171602.jpg (176.6 KB, 1169x1181, 004.jpg)


File: 1460227452877.jpg (450.22 KB, 829x1300, 3666.jpg)


File: 1460227484640.jpg (348.67 KB, 850x751, 9699999.jpg)


File: 1460227510017.jpg (279.07 KB, 800x700, 64512588.jpg)


File: 1460227533805.jpg (213.79 KB, 633x1221, 55522232954.jpg)


File: 1460591670534.jpg (171.18 KB, 425x1200, 54545112.jpg)


File: 1460591698256.jpg (289.03 KB, 744x1078, 666663.jpg)


File: 1460651707263.jpg (418.68 KB, 850x1056, painter1.jpg)


File: 1460738191505.png (220.23 KB, 556x939, Dickless Demon.png)


File: 1460753256920.jpeg (95.41 KB, 928x1200, 51407525_p0_master1200_.jpeg)


File: 1460907149495.jpeg (135.98 KB, 1223x873, Amarsrashta_Govire_Jao_Ar….jpeg)


could someone edit this image so that she's sucking on her own detached dick


File: 1461260701478.jpg (167.11 KB, 637x1024, 33273527_p1_master1200.jpg)


I too would like more of this.


File: 1465086909808.png (730.08 KB, 756x1052, 6639.png)


File: 1465280669532.jpg (55.32 KB, 537x758, 046.jpg)


File: 1466484617279.jpg (147.1 KB, 586x833, 35590630_p0_master1200 edi….jpg)


File: 1466484695121.jpg (150.28 KB, 586x833, 35590630_p4_master1200 edi….jpg)


File: 1466484888229.jpg (154.18 KB, 828x1159, 56665102_p0edit.jpg)


File: 1466710069931.jpg (221.16 KB, 680x1356, aneto01.jpg)

not dickless but good...


Sauce, please?


what "Sauce" is? gaga~~


Are there other pages?



Just give us the title and/or the artist's name. Galleries on exhentai(dot)org cannot be viewed unless one is signed in.


It's a comic about a hentai artist who keeps getting distracted by and jacking off over what he's drawing, and so missing deadlines. Not sure who the girl is but this was her solution to help him stay focussed and, ultimately, pay the rent.

Not actually much other action of that kind in it, so don't get too excited.



Ane To Josou To Ero-mangaka

Someone apparently translated the first 2 chapters, but I haven't been able to find more.


File: 1467122929979.jpg (90.92 KB, 1280x1024, 019.jpg)


File: 1467172332153.jpg (130.26 KB, 489x750, dicklessorgasm.jpg)


File: 1467174828874.jpg (93.58 KB, 631x901, ballsonly.jpg)


File: 1467383780467.jpg (56.4 KB, 500x706, goo1.jpg)


File: 1467383792001.jpg (215.31 KB, 1280x975, trained.jpg)


Oh guys, dickless futas are my new fetish.
I tried hard but didnt find any movie with dickless trap, is it possible? Maybe you, anon, will have much more luck then me, share if you have or will find it.


File: 1468418338874.jpg (123.8 KB, 720x1280, hidesnothing.jpg)



The closest I've ever seen to anything like that is post-op shemales after a botched surgery. It's probably not what you're hoping for, but kinda hot in a fucked up way.


not them, but I'm interested



heh good luck finding any

the penectomy fetish scene is pretty cis-normative. it's often about cis men losing their cocks.

i would say you'd have more luck looking in the permanent orgasm denial scene, although once again that is somewhat cis-normative. cis girls can want to lose their clit and it's fetish. trans girls want to lose their dicks and it's suddenly because they're trans.



File: 1468819819821.jpg (210.04 KB, 849x1200, vit1.jpg)


File: 1470348526132.jpg (285.27 KB, 808x1200, fighter.jpg)

Having no dick lets her channel her rage into fighting.




File: 1471285317935.jpg (169.5 KB, 600x715, CpXLUISWIAADebl.jpg)


File: 1472511557914.jpg (329.5 KB, 850x1133, Untitled-2.jpg)


File: 1473679842344.jpg (76.56 KB, 565x800, 14378680436240.jpg)

Make this dickless, pls


Got a higher rez, uncensored sauce?


Nope - i found just rhis


File: 1474153732555.jpg (328.25 KB, 723x1023, 55534324.jpg)

I help


File: 1474597668482.png (414.98 KB, 900x1000, 1472785149584.png)

Can you make the boy dickless, please?
There seems to be almost no dickgirl x dickless guy content


File: 1474793789070.jpg (60.28 KB, 600x600, 14378756789403.jpg)

Thanks, its cool. Maybe you could do this?



File: 1474856028036.jpg (324 KB, 900x1000, 969631546.jpg)


File: 1474944967527.jpg (199.05 KB, 650x885, 57705503_p9_master1200.jpg)

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.
If it's not too much of a bother, try this one next?


File: 1475953278252.jpg (260.25 KB, 650x885, nonon.jpg)


A little rushed, but here go


File: 1475974485602.jpg (709.14 KB, 900x1200, FBJ.jpg)



This looks like an original piece! Awesome work.


File: 1476933196742.jpg (99.34 KB, 800x601, 1572117066.jpg)

Edited or not, I seriously love pics like these, and would love to find more, or find and artist, who would take such a gruesome commission...


Translation, anyone?


File: 1477453441052.png (891.96 KB, 850x1056, 760860e557f5912431a18cb09e….png)


File: 1477483829780.png (589.28 KB, 707x1000, c3581491591d6f2d31307bb37f….png)

Could someone make this dickless? Also, if you have the time, could you also make variants where she has stitches (like #115) and where she has a stump (like #1465)?


File: 1477532775837.jpg (389.83 KB, 707x1000, 46432.jpg)

Sloppy job, but she's not penetrating anyone again.


File: 1477532807066.jpg (386.42 KB, 707x1000, 34265.jpg)



If you can, can you make this one similar to >>11249 but with a bandage like >>663 ?


File: 1477708402040.jpg (73.62 KB, 850x600, sample_c87de74a373bf0594ec….jpg)


File: 1478426583425.jpg (122.83 KB, 998x1300, 14782039962962.jpg)

Make this dickless, pls 1


File: 1478426626826.png (985.44 KB, 843x1413, 14782041612552.png)

Make this dickless, pls 2


File: 1478426653310.jpg (185.99 KB, 607x900, 14782033178660.jpg)

Make this dickless, pls 3


File: 1478426691287.png (813.26 KB, 1228x868, 14782041339103.png)

Make this dickless, pls 4


File: 1480182397975.jpg (158.74 KB, 850x600, 1404456239921.jpg)


File: 1480192056568.jpg (119.96 KB, 480x800, be893881-34db-4711-aba6-28….jpg)


File: 1480276301488.png (1018.62 KB, 594x844, 60084777_p0.png)


File: 1480372629581.jpeg (264.4 KB, 607x900, 1478426653310null.jpeg)

made a nullo version

if you want the balls it's going to cost ya


File: 1480376929841.jpeg (264.48 KB, 607x900, 1478426653310null.jpeg)

meh, I'm obsessive
here's a better version


File: 1480438703389.png (1.19 MB, 843x1413, 1478426626826 edit.png)

bloop. if anyone else was doing this one you should still upload it, since it's probably better than my attempt


What are your prices like? We're desperately short of material right now and I'm having trouble finding the time even to log in let alone do anything. I can probably spare a few internets here and there though


What are your prices like? We're desperately short of material right now and I'm having trouble finding the time even to log in let alone do anything. I can probably spare a few internets here and there though


What are your prices like? We're desperately short of material right now and I'm having trouble finding the time even to log in let alone do anything. I can probably spare a few internets here and there though


What are your prices like? We're desperately short of material right now and I'm having trouble finding the time even to log in let alone do anything. I can probably spare a few internets here and there though


File: 1480875889669.jpeg (256.4 KB, 627x768, d85a62ba71568c6f90647942c….jpeg)

please give this gal a full penectomy (no gore plz)


I'd like a version of that as or just after it happens


File: 1481067228824.jpeg (396.86 KB, 850x1133, pee.jpeg)


I have to figure it out (like, how much I would charge as well as how I would go about accepting the payment and everything)

I'm really busy with life stuff right now, but I should be in a better place to figure it out and work on shit by the end of the month.


I hope you realise that wasn't a serious offer and just playing along with what you said as a way to make a point about the occasional dearth of material in here :p


File: 1483135167927.jpg (207.04 KB, 480x706, whitey.jpg)


File: 1483136724725.jpg (798.46 KB, 975x1200, autofuk.jpg)

Once I lube you up, I am going to fuck you with your own cock!


File: 1483137864694.jpg (1.06 MB, 2356x1607, cumspurt1.jpg)


File: 1484200478905.png (895.68 KB, 868x1228, edit11.png)


File: 1485588884409.jpg (165.12 KB, 672x950, 148463407120 edit 3.jpg)


File: 1485589005067.jpg (210.43 KB, 707x1000, 61037699_p5_master1200.jpg)


File: 1485589061432.jpg (924.85 KB, 1300x1033, causticcrayon-477708-Lipst….jpg)

requesting this please


... Why do they always request the difficult ones that would take an hour of skilled photoshopping?


because knowing some pic editor struggles is another fetish of mine.


Fitting, i guess, but the more of the original that's likely to need to be redrawn, in someone else's style, rather than more simply patched over, the less likely it is to happen. That one would certainly be beyond my own reach... Though there's at least a couple others operating (heh) in this thread so it may yet happen.

It's not like the provision of fresh source material isn't appreciated, but we're not all 15 year old tumblr recluses, such an investment of time and effort literally has to be planned for ;)


File: 1486378946302.png (716.27 KB, 829x1300, 1219800cddec1b0d67c19520a2….png)




File: 1486593924377.jpg (280.58 KB, 1280x1179, cantfix.jpg)

The one part of me they couldn't fix.


File: 1486594716419.jpg (168.5 KB, 540x764, Untitled-3.jpg)

Just as much fun without it.


File: 1486595509010.jpg (228.87 KB, 706x1000, Untitled-4.jpg)

Mandy was a top line escort: Her balls kept her horny while her lack of penis made her obsessed with taking them in any hole.


File: 1486598870635.jpg (469.18 KB, 1002x1536, splop.jpg)


Not quite, but you're close


File: 1487222017478.jpg (121.12 KB, 1100x668, a2.jpg)


File: 1487223378764.jpg (107.5 KB, 850x665, harder.jpg)


File: 1488892594569.jpg (660.37 KB, 1271x900, (DragonFu)59230483_p0.jpg)

Request for this one.


File: 1488892671443.jpg (644.01 KB, 1271x900, (DragonFu)59230465_p0.jpg)

This might help...


File: 1488950719073.jpg (266.95 KB, 1504x1240, 19698529_p5 edit 4.jpg)


File: 1488950747951.jpg (184.87 KB, 750x1000, 48670343_p6_master1200 edi….jpg)


File: 1488950788125.jpg (308.15 KB, 1280x1024, 61187685_p0 edit.jpg)


File: 1488950909934.jpg (56.82 KB, 400x566, f8.2.jpg)


File: 1488950998818.jpg (165.24 KB, 900x686, a7da7865c85ab15674b1e82fe1….jpg)

and one more for you fine fucked up loons


Good going :)

Though there's a bit of a glaring oversight on the right hand side of that last pic, and you could do with an anti-aliased brush for the urethra and scarring.







File: 1491102462547.png (1.23 MB, 1280x1770, 1482459005788-1.png)


Guess they just REALLY like that picture?


That last pic has got me wondering if ovarian prolapse could ever be a thing. Sadly Google has nothing except a medical text from 1907. Anyone know what it would be in moonrunes for a pixiv search?


File: 1492619006087.jpg (451.79 KB, 1280x1850, p016.jpg)

Wait for it...


File: 1492619130679.jpg (362.14 KB, 1280x1850, p019.jpg)


File: 1492619528952.jpg (384.29 KB, 1280x1850, p020.jpg)


>>12609 Sauce? plz?


File: 1492632550313.jpg (442.48 KB, 1280x1850, p021.jpg)


File: 1492632575186.jpg (397.7 KB, 1275x1850, p022.jpg)


the name of the comic is castrato


File: 1492850139560.jpg (492.03 KB, 1285x1850, p023.jpg)


File: 1492890981753.jpg (509.82 KB, 1275x1850, p024.jpg)


File: 1492891414489.jpg (471.15 KB, 1280x1850, p025.jpg)


File: 1492894828355.jpg (454.83 KB, 1280x1850, p026.jpg)


File: 1492898181349.jpg (388.39 KB, 1280x1850, p027.jpg)


Their Grasp of anatomy is laughable, but the story is HOT


File: 1494152134545.jpeg (404.39 KB, 935x1200, f9ed33192e4b44471c43f5802….jpeg)

Oh how long have I waited for a place to share the fetish for my favorite kind of degeneracy.
Although I'm more fan of a full nullo, but this is closely relevant to my interests too.


Both are fine... I think that pic already exists further up though ;)


File: 1494416770147.jpg (432.81 KB, 1026x1200, 49725848_p2_master1200.jpg)

Dunno, I've only seen the ones by the same artist, maybe I missed it.
He is good though, maybe the reason I got into this fetish in the first place.


File: 1496280716656.png (327.46 KB, 595x626, Capture 3.PNG)

Could I get both an edit with a stump and an edit with stitches? And for the edits, could I get you to replace the word "dick" with "stump/stitches" respectively for each edit? Maybe replace the "I'm" with "I was".


I am so happy to see gurochan alive again, I don't know what I would have done without this thread


File: 1498598742486.jpg (130.5 KB, 700x800, Untitled-7.jpg)


File: 1498599386776.jpg (82.22 KB, 490x700, Untitled-8.jpg)


Anyone up for drawing any unphotoshopped pics for this thread?


If I but had the skill and creativity... the editing is hard enough :D

I wonder even if there's a pixiv tag for this...


There is, the thing is i forgot to save it.


guys save what you can, this thread isn't bumping, its gonna disappear soon.


Fuck, really?
Well, its had three good years, almost. Probably make it further than that before finally being saged to oblivion.

Funnily enough I took a save of it only last week (expand all, wait a few minutes, right click - save as - "webpage, complete", wait a whole lot longer whilst chrome gets its shit together, receive HTML with an accompanying folder holding all the full rez pics)... So basically a full dump if I save the two most recent ones as well. Can restart with a greatest hits, like.

Is there any way of archiving it to e.g. LoveIsOver etc?


Just as reassurance, mind - i took a quick trip to the bottom of the /f/ index, and the last thread there was started at about the same time (which is when this iteration of GC came online), but had its last post in September 2015.

So the definition of "soon" with regards to disappearance is probably quite loose. In fact there's no way of telling, at this time, whether ANY thread has yet been deleted. There's nowhere near enough traffic or enough individual threads for it to have become strictly necessary yet.


just so you know, that could be upgraded with
xhamster dot com/photos/gallery/3937145/66219292 ;)

might do it myself if I have a mo


File: 1500900280974.jpg (83.73 KB, 483x739, 9a0598deb1167ca0591e05085e….jpg)

I know the timing is abysmal, but I was moving some old backups around and found a few early, not entirely brilliant (no scars, peeholes, whatever) attempts buried away in a long forgotten folder, so may as well dump them.
There was one furry one also that will go in the relevant /fur/ thread...


File: 1500900298651.jpg (55.25 KB, 480x640, 00015do.jpg)


File: 1500900322664.jpg (44.94 KB, 300x768, 117248510632do.jpg)


File: 1500900390571.jpg (119.21 KB, 878x1151, hmm.jpg)

ok actually not "a few", more like 20 including the stray.

still, i'm sure i had another similar folder somewhere with a lot more in, some of which might have made it here before, but mostly not. will have to see if that also turns up.


File: 1500900405920.jpg (12.25 KB, 369x393, Image1.jpg)


File: 1500900427277.png (52.18 KB, 350x480, Image2.png)


File: 1500900448605.png (161.53 KB, 460x650, Image3.png)


File: 1500900483070.jpg (19.56 KB, 500x347, Image4.jpg)


File: 1500900528710.jpg (37.49 KB, 470x697, Image5.jpg)

also i know the resolution isn't great, but that's just the source files i had to work with. that and it would have been my older laptop which had a plain old XGA panel...


File: 1500900545675.jpg (50.74 KB, 533x746, Image6.jpg)


File: 1500900559704.jpg (39.58 KB, 557x750, Image7.jpg)


File: 1500900577703.jpg (82.14 KB, 700x858, Image8.jpg)


File: 1500900593115.jpg (47.04 KB, 558x800, Image9.jpg)


File: 1500900810427.jpg (56.34 KB, 600x700, Image10.jpg)

they didn't take the whole thing, but they did cut out most of his erectile material and outer skin before patching everything back together... jackin' it is no longer an option, and the harness stretches what's left out as far as it can go... all that's left for stumpy is someone playing with the head as if it's a clit, even more so when not strapped up... though at least out of the bonds he can flick his extra large bean on his own terms...


File: 1500900835322.jpg (49.16 KB, 595x800, Image11.jpg)


File: 1500900869234.jpg (85.64 KB, 800x733, next.jpg)

don't know how come these got gender stratified, but the last four are all ex-futa...


File: 1500900885877.jpg (89.33 KB, 749x589, penec2.jpg)


File: 1500900903245.jpg (100.68 KB, 725x938, sacky1.jpg)


File: 1500900924570.jpg (79.73 KB, 575x800, sacky2.jpg)

happy ironic fapping y'all


File: 1501388539506.jpg (75.94 KB, 600x800, 1397368191540.jpg)


if anyone want to cut my dick please!


File: 1501455836771.jpg (286.35 KB, 1280x1121, tumblr_otw474EEZD1vo6odbo2….jpg)

could someone give her cock the snip and replace it with a neat little hole


Bump we need more little boys being tamed into docile lil girls


typically it's not the dick that's responsible for that characteristic... rather the other items...


File: 1503156872190.jpg (74.04 KB, 545x800, e - 635054 - 1boy bottom….jpg)


Just a reminder that as this thread has been officially marked as "old", bumping no longer works. Your options are to start a new one, or just remember that this is here and keep non-bump posting images in it up to the point where it falls into the archive bin.

I hate to use up one of the remaining posts (there's a certain maximum count) on explaining this without having any new shit to insert alongside, but hopefully it may prevent several other wasteful posts.


File: 1505747898336.png (21.58 KB, 500x500, 63132350_p0.png)

only got a bare few extras i found, but should have sources to make a couple more later


File: 1505747955576.jpg (286.44 KB, 500x500, 60842584_p0_master1200.jpg)

they're going to have some fun later...


File: 1505748044366.jpg (274.66 KB, 875x1200, 49725848_p1_master1200.jpg)

dunno if this'll upload because of a mistake in the cuntboy thread but it might have been rectified already...


New thread now at




looking for a picture, I think "mamabliss" drew it. it was of a bunch of fairys cutting off a shemales penis, can anyone post it?

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