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Anyone has them?


Interesting idea, but in all my years of internets, I can't say I've ever seen it...


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Only places I remember seeing that term is awkwardly translated hentai. Even then, I think it might have been done ironically. I can't remember any examples I can link to offhand though.

Are you referring to men rubbing their dick on women's armpits? Like how paizuri is for tits? If so, I'm sorry I don't have anything like that and I don't know the proper term to search for it for an example. Maybe someone else knows the proper search term. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a lot on pixiv though, if only you know how to find it.

On the otherhand, if you're talking about literally having a pussy in her armpit, well the only thing close to that that I think of would be some of Borusen's works. I'm posting an example of that, mostly because I find the idea amusing.


I'm talking about literallly.
maybe you can post another?




That's not even in the armpit though, that's in an amputated stump...

Despite having never seen it, I feel that it must be allowed to exist. Rule 34 must be enforced. Any willing drawfags want to take up the challenge?


>>11227 It is now on my to-do list. Might take a while though given my track record... or maybe I'll draw it tonight. Can't say for sure xD



it's censored.




bump for rarity.




attention bump.




I just had an idea: what if instead of a pussy per se, it's a piercing of sorts that goes in one armpit and out the other?
From what I know this could be done without going through any vital organs or arteries, although I doubt there's many doctors willing to go through with the procedure in real life ^^;


sorry, but no.


long time no bump


here's bump




now it exist


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^ To save everyone else some time, here's the actual picture.




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any new images?


There's a David Cronenberg film called Rabid featuring a woman who stabs people with a spike from her armpit. Might be the closest thing you'll see with this idea unless Japan.

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