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I was reading School Selection again, and the idea is just so cute, looking for new ones


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Apparently, someone has locked 'Dickless mk3'. Anyone wanna start over where it left off?
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aaand this is all I got


There's a separate Cuntboy thread that needs some love

>>17797 onwards are repeats from the older threads, and have been renamed for some reason, but the effort is still appreciated.


Wait, .bmp? Are you for real?

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...because the love for beauties with detached heads never ends~

Thread #1: http://www.gurochan.cx/f/res/2.html
Thread #2: http://www.gurochan.cx/f/res/9304.html

Edit-only thread: http://www.gurochan.cx/f/res/355.html
/3dcg/ thread: http://www.gurochan.cx/3dcg/res/260.html
/fur/ thread: http://www.gurochan.cx/fur/res/1215.html
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Bumpy bump, ‘cause we can still post in this thread.


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A Commission Directly Inspired From Kraze and Ayaswan :) From Mawlymaws

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New thread since the old ones can't bump anymore.
No photoshop/edits please.
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It's funny to see a picture you draw getting shared in another thread

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Post girls (or boys?) stuck in a position in which their feet are by their head.

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I havent seen anything like this around, so here we goooo

Thread for pictures showing abusive situations, incredibly sad situations, the kind of situations where the victim would wish to be brutally murdered instead. Includes depictions of rape.
Made a specific thread for this bc most of the things I see are either way too much, like the person is dead, or not sad enough, or sometimes even if its tagged as rape the person looks like they are enjoying it. Im talking full on tears and screaming. Its harder to find what I like than expected lmao
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Please someone help me remember who artist is this and where I can find their work.


Carl / AKA Robert Adler

File: 1526134307206.png (775.33 KB, 960x720, horny_bunny_headless_lipsh….png)


It time to put Lips on the girl body

No furry and male please

Photoshop still welcome
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File: 1548730560753.png (1.08 MB, 960x952, headlips_3.png)


This shit again?


This is just dumb…


No male? Aw. There's a gif I found of Robin Williams' Genie from Aladdin turns into one of these while explaining his three exceptions of wishing.

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Self-explanitory, really. Pretty men and scary monsters getting it on. Male/male encouraged!
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