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I recently moved and had to switch internet providers. Theres so much gobbeldygook on the internet about what ISPs restrict, so does anyone here have experience with Spectrum internet?

I had to switch from Xfinity and i didn't have an issue browsing this site, but i was wondering if Spectrum is any different. I havent had any issues *yet* but this is my first time visiting this site under a new provider.

Ive heard of the crackdowns by ISPs and credit card companies centered around adult/degenerate content. Im american so do I need to have any real concern about Spectrum following suit or getting anal about questionable sites?


>Im american so do I need to have any real concern about Spectrum following suit or getting anal about questionable sites?
No, I don't think so. An ISP blocking a website that isn't hosting illegal content would be grounds for some sort of lawsuit, considering the US has the first amendment. I think you'd have some issues if you lived in some authoritarian shithole like the UK, Australia, Korea, China, Russia, etc


I am pretty sure ISPs will not do any such things on their own, because there is no reason to play a moral crusader.

But I have similar problems in my place with other sites. my mobile internet fails with lots of sites for some reason and my fiber optic cant access renderotica without proxy from my IP and some time ago I had problems accessing same subnet IPs

My suspicion is that there are some errors in routing settings. Internet is pretty messy today and it is quite easy to screw up routes making certain ip adders ranges unreachable


Ideally, you should be using a VPN service to access these websites. The VPN should be through your router, such as a DD-WRT based router. Open-VPN. Set the VPN outbound server to a former Soviet republic. Also use TOR, and to access a website like this one, set your Tor security to it's maximum level.
TLS over TOR over VPN. If you are not doing all of those things, the authorities will be likely to be watching you, and at some point, paying you a visit. Protect yourself.


ISPs in the USA generally try to avoid censoring websites because of the first amendment debates they would be in the middle of. But if they did, it would probably be trivial to get around. Just enforce HTTPS and switch to DNS over HTTPS/TLS/DNScrypt/whatever. I would just browse over Tor anyway though. This browser doesn't need Javascript to function so just block it.

The idea here is good, but your conclusions are off.
VPN to Tor has no real benefits. The Tor project itself says this; if they manage to intercept and decrypt Tor traffic, then this spy would probably not struggle with doing the same with your VPN (or they might not have to, most VPNs won't go to court for you and will just pass it over to whoever asks).
The most practical thing to do would be to connect to Tor through Whonix and do everything there. Even if the Javascript was compromised in a way it could escape the browser, it would still be unable to know your IP or anything outside the workstation. Block the USA (or wherever you live) and its close allies in the config for a bit of extra protection. Or beg for a V3 address so that this isn't a problem. Most Tor users are unmasked by poor choices like reusing information that is tied to their real name on some level.
Not that the federal government or even the local cops would care much about degenerate porn habits as long as they aren't genuinely illegal. Nobody really wants to deal with the legal trouble or the bad publicity that would happen. Hell, you can easily pass this website off as an interest in transgressive art, it's pretty well known in the art world. They would only be paying you a visit over Gurochan or "other degenerate sites" if you were up to something that is actually against the law. A more realistic threat would be a man in the middle who wants to blackmail you.


Guys, you probably forgot that you are on gurochan not on 150chan.

There is nothing illegal here. If it was, this site woud be already closed long ago.

Also if VPN or TOR has vulnerabilities police is not going to disclose them by going after totally innocent internet users just to harass them. and encrypting traffic is impossible you need to use other ways.

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