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How does today, a holiday celebrating America's temperance and the revelation of its hypocrisy and bull headed narcissism, compare to your other faves?

A babe born that day is now old enough to legally vote, smoke, and die for their country!
….in a war waged on false pretenses that murders countless innocents across several nations..


I'll forever mourn 2001 as the last dying gasps of the post Cold War euphoria of the 90's.
Osama deserved the bullet to the head he got.


He waged war on a hostile empire and targeted matured economic and military headquarters. Yeah he deserves to rot and he's not the only one


According to the testimonies of his children Osama was just totally insane freak even if he was pretty good at organizing things.

But I highly doubt his significant role in 9/11. especially when even public CIA documents point to Arabs as a main source.

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