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As the title says, I'm curious if there's been any new hentai movies in the past 5 years or so that have actually had any guro in them?

Actually, aside from I think just Annerose episode 3 or 4, and maybe Euphoria I guess (though not really).. I really haven't seen anything that wasn't incredibly tame.

Seems to me that most modern hentai's follow the same (boring) formula, of very mild content and roughly the same situations.. even rape is pretty rare nowadays, or not very impactful. What ever happened to the really gritty stuff with monsters and badguys ripping hot girls apart after brutally raping them? I even prefer earlier hentai artwork to the newer "better" animation by about 100 miles.

But I disgress.. my question is still very simple.. because I'm actually looking for, and hoping I may have missed them..

If you know of any hentai movies with gorey scenes or guro rapes, or even animes with hot girls getting gored in potentially sexual ways in perhaps the past 5 years, but maybe even the past 10.. let us know.

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