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As the title says, I'm curious if there's been any new hentai movies in the past 5 years or so that have actually had any guro in them?

Actually, aside from I think just Annerose episode 3 or 4, and maybe Euphoria I guess (though not really).. I really haven't seen anything that wasn't incredibly tame.

Seems to me that most modern hentai's follow the same (boring) formula, of very mild content and roughly the same situations.. even rape is pretty rare nowadays, or not very impactful. What ever happened to the really gritty stuff with monsters and badguys ripping hot girls apart after brutally raping them? I even prefer earlier hentai artwork to the newer "better" animation by about 100 miles.

But I disgress.. my question is still very simple.. because I'm actually looking for, and hoping I may have missed them..

If you know of any hentai movies with gorey scenes or guro rapes, or even animes with hot girls getting gored in potentially sexual ways in perhaps the past 5 years, but maybe even the past 10.. let us know.


No dice huh? Not even one?..


Nope, no dice, and I too am saddened by this.
We need to win a war if the future is to hold good content.


I don't know how old is that anime, but it gets pretty severe. with amputations and eyefucking.

unfortunately cant remember its title. but it starts with the guy getting lost and entering some house. with 2 women.
in the first episodes it is just plain BDSM but in the later 2 episodes it gets gory.


You know what? Let's start by coming up with a list of good titles with a short summary for each. I will start off with my list.

Lowest possible rating (—), highest possible rating (+++)

Ail Maniaxxx

- Rape - Frequency (+++), Quality (+++), Severity (++)
- Torture - Frequency (+++), Quality (+++), Severity (+++) - Sticking skewers through breasts, branding with hot iron, pouring strong acid into a pussy.
- Humiliation - Frequency (++), Quality (++), Severity (++) - Inflation, golden shower
- Snuff - Frequency (+), Quality (+), Severity (+)
- Negatives - Could only find a censored version.

Angel Blade
- Rape - Frequency (- - -)
- Humiliation - Frequency (+), Quality (+-), Severity (+-)
- Negatives - Some almost rapes, but never carrying through


- Rape - Frequency (++), Quality (++), Severity (++) - Rape by giant, gang-rape.
- Torture - Frequency (+-), Quality (+-), Severity (+-) - Girl has a stick in her vagina where she needs to put all her body weight on (sitting on the stick). Too bad scene is too short.
- Humiliation - Frequency (++), Quality (++), Severity (++) - Raped by giant in front of her father
- Negatives - Sometimes the girl start to enjoy the rape
- Inflation (+) - Frequency (+-), Quality (+), Severity (+) - When raped by the giant

Dragon Pink

- Rape - Frequency (++), Quality (+++), Severity (++) - Rape by giant, by jelly-monster. Fairy raped with mushroom to extract her ‘juices’ to sell on the market
- Torture - Frequency (+), Quality (++), Severity (++) - Forcing a fish into a pussy from which sharp spikes eject)
- Humiliation - Frequency (+), Quality (+), Severity (+-) - Fairy rape with mushroom
- Negatives - Some enjoyable scenes should have been longer, more extreme and graphic

Demon Beast Invasion

- Rape - Frequency (+-), Quality (-), Severity (-) - There is some rape and plenty of very promising scenes, but most of it ends before it gets interesting. There are some scenes worth seeing.
- Negatives - It should be more graphic, have better and more rape scenes by aliens and monsters. And it just gets awkwardly weird.

Fairy of the Forest

- Rape (loli) - Frequency (++), Quality (++)
- Torture - Frequency (++), Quality (+), Severity (+) - Kicking wooden block into girl’s pussy, hitting with wooden branch
- Negatives - (spoiler) in the end it was all part of her plan


- Rape (+-) - Frequency (-), Quality (-), Severity (–)
- Negatives - Rape scenes should be more graphic and longer

Himekishi Lilia

- Rape - Frequency (+++), Quality (+++), Severity (++) - Being raped by tentacles, her brother, a frog-like demon.
- Humiliation - Frequency (++), Quality (+++), Severity (+++) - Forced to suck the cocks of her protectors under the threat of killing them if she doesn’t, miking their balls dry, filling a large glass and then having to drink all of it
- Inflation (+++)
- Negatives - Sometimes the girls that are raped end up enjoying it or at least have an orgasm

This is one of my favourite titles even sometimes it gets a bit weird

Ikusa Otome Valkyrie

- Rape - Frequency (+++), Quality (++) - Defeated and captured heroine raped by enemy orcs (fantastic genre)
- Torture - Frequency (+-), Quality (-) - Just some nipple biting is what I remember
- Humiliation - Frequency (+++), Quality (+++) - Princesses raped in front of their mother. Battle maiden raped in public in the castle courtyard and offered to all the imprisoned men to be impregnated.
- Vaginal bleeding - Frequency (++)
- Negatives - Most of the victims eventually give in an enjoy being the orc sex slaves. Unfortunately no inflation despite the large and long dicks.

Memorable scenes:
- The initial rape scene where the captured warrior heroine is humiliated and rape by an orc.
- Where a queen is force to witness the rape of her princess daughters. One of which seems to be a loli. Both bleeding profusely from their ruptured pussies due to the oversized orc dicks.

Inyouchuu - Rape (++) - Lots of rape, but all is weird

Jiburiru - Rape (++)

Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru part 1

- Rape - Frequency (+++), Quality (++), Severity (+++) - A captured female warrior gets thoroughly gang-raped by half a dozen orcs that want to avenge the death of their friends on her.
- Inflation - Frequency (+++), Quality (++), Severity (+++)
- Negatives - Could only find a censored version. No vaginal bleeding of the warrior girl, despite the enormous orc dicks and eventually the warrior start to like the rape. The queen does bleed initially during the rape after which she is given to a group of men to enjoy.

Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru part 2

- Rape - Frequency (+++), Quality (++), Severity (+++) - Nuns raped by small demons in order to draw female warriors off of the tower where they are safe. It’s basically one rape scene flowing into another long rape scene where the princess is raped by her father’s advisor.

Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru part 4

- Rape - Frequency (+++), Quality (++), Severity (++) - Female warrior raped by her father-in-law. A queen raped in front of her citizens after which she is donated to the men.
- Torture - Frequency (+), Quality (++), Severity (++) - Female warrior whipped in front of crowd.
- Humiliation - Being raped in front of the crowd as queen.

Legend of Lyon Flare

- Rape - Frequency (+++), Quality (+++), Severity (++) - Many women/girls get raped by aliens invading a planet. The princess gets thoroughly raped as well.
- Torture - Frequency (+), Quality (++), Severity (+++) - The opening scene is with a girl being torn apart while being raped by the alien master.
- Snuff - Frequency (+), Quality (++), Severity (++) - The opening scene and the scene where the alien master enters the room of the princess and rapes two female servants to death.
- Negatives - Would have enjoyed seeing the female servants bleed during the rape and their bellies inflated. You don’t actually see the princess being raped. Only hinting of it.

Mahou Shoujo Ai

- Rape - Frequency (++), Quality (+++), Severiity (+++) - This is my favourite title. Many graphic and long rape scenes where the female never gets to enjoy it.
- Torture - Frequency (+-), Quality (+++), Severity (+++) - In episode 4 our heroine gets utterly and thoroughly raped after which she is impaled on a metal I-beam in her pussy. I would’ve like to see her breasts tortured further, perhaps even removed after cutting them up. One girl gets shortly raped after which the tentacle thrusts through her womb and all the way through her body, coming out of her mouth, killing her.
- Stretching (+++)
- Negatives - Even though I cannot recommend this title enough, there are some things I would’ve like to have seen improved. Ai, the heroine suddenly gets magic from somewhere just before she dies impaled on the metal pole. If I had my way with the story I would have two or three magical girls of which one would die there on the pole due to vaginal haemorrhaging and from her breasts. There is some little damage done to the nipples with a little blood coming off, but that is all. Her nipples should be bleeding blood during the rest of the scene. Her vagina never really bleeds despite enormous stretching. Also some points in the brutal rape/torture scene, the drawing/animation is a bit awkward and of lower quality. I would’ve really like to see the rebirth (or more likely hatching from her belly) of the defeated demon who regrows himself inside the womb of a girl.

Venus 5

- Rape - Frequency (-), Quality (-) - Besides some quick scenes of (hinted) rape of ‘extra’ girls, there are some really promising rape-scenes of the heroine main figures, but those girls are always rescued before anything interesting happens
- Humiliation - Frequency (-), quality (-) - Don’t remember any
- Negatives - Just about everything…

I will come up with more titles and reviews in the new year.

P.S. Inflation is where the belly inflates either from the size and/or depth of the insertion or the womb being blown up from the amount of sperm.


Gr8 idea!

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