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Masks. There are so many cool ideas in movies, games, comics et cetera.
In movies I've liked most Vidocq, in games crazies from Manhunt "please stop me" (Smileys), in muisic obviously Slipknot and Corey Taylor Vol.3: The Subliminal Verses mask (because he could move the "mouth" of his mask:)).
You are serial killer, Antichrist or some kind of superhuman being. What would you put on you ugly, ugly face?


Whatever most beautiful mask I out on, it will be much uglier than my ugly face LOL

In that case I would rather use motion capture to represent myself as cute anime girl or boy.
since my communication with the world will be done over internet or TV anyway

If i had to show in public I woud use latex face mask to represent myself as someone else possibly some existing person but make it look like I am not wearing any.


File: 1568171558074.jpg (42.53 KB, 500x500, 5191fQhCjjL.jpg)

A halloween werewolf mask, like this one. I wouldn't wash it, I'd just let it get covered in blood from my kills


I would wear a huge, full-head mask from a mascot outfit. Or a big papier-mâché thing with a dopey face on it. I would drive to the kill area, steal a motorcycle a few blocks from my car (somewhere without cameras), then ride to the target wearing my ridiculous headgear. Gun down some rich pharm exec, lose anyone tailing me, get back to my car and drive home.

Papier-mâché would probably be best for the headgear. I could toss it somewhere on my way back to my car then make a new one for the next kill. Other than that I would wear really non-descript black clothes and black shoes. Black to minimize visible detail, so that if I have to ditch the motorcycle and papier-mâché I can walk on foot like a normal pedestrian even as cop cars whizz past me.


It's reversed cliche and I lke it!

Brother, you're close, but they will still find you:(. Brother no body, no murdah
dat de thing
Got time? Pigs? Deep hole?
Fuckas r everywhere
Wish u luck

Or maybe I'm trolling;)lol

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