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As the title states, the Cannibalism 2 thread was taken down, due to the artists request, as almost all of what was posted there at this time was art by this artist, put behind a paywall by their choice. Apologies to users for the sudden removal of the thread, and apologies to the artist for having taken this long to have taken down their art after the request. If anyone has any questions, I can try my best to answer them civilly here, thank you.


This isn't really related to the deletion of the cannibalism thread, but do you know if any of the suggestions from the feedback thread will be implemented?


I think most new implementations have been slowing down over the last month or two, but I know myself and other mods on here still read the feedback threads. I myself have little to no input or know how for the layout or more technical sides of the site, but people are indeed still working, if slower now that things are less bumpy.


Good to hear, thanks.


Is there a decent cannibalism thread anyway? Almost all stuff I saw here was just some autocannibalism, non-cannibal guro and furry vore. Oh, and big dudes eating lolis.

No female cannibals butchering, cooking and eating a female or male.


As an occasional contributor and regular reader I'm upset by this draconian decision that punishes everyone for the actions of one fellow or a few individuals at most.

Certainly it took longer than what would have been ideal to delete that batch of arts from that particular artist, but I don't remember that "almost all posted there" belonged to him. Even if that were the case you could have deleted only his art. There was no need to take down the whole thing just because it's been requested.


Well, there is this anti-piracy witchunt, and nobody cares that it might affect those people who were uninvolved in it. For example, a whole thread got wiped by offtopic longposts of some butthurt artist, even after the pirated content got removed. Btw, noticed that all the really good stuff isn't produced by such people. Cause, you know, real artists are busy doing art, while mediocre art-making capitalists are busy hunting pirates.


Gallowsgirl amy, adm. terrence hood, stephanie smbd (dont remember the full name), spookiie, pestilence, ahmedse, all are top tier creators, and all make their stuff free to view. And still get the money, somehow. Non-guro porn creators. Shadman. Armando Huerta. Studio FOW…


I don't really care about pirating one way or another, but Twistd was far from "mediocre".
>can only list fucking SHADMAN and a bunch of hack CG "artists" to support his point


Well, perhaps you have a better list, and it's not some vague unpainted crap that a child can draw. For such stuff is often the one protected by antipirates.


That's a shame. Did anyone save the non-pirated stuff? I was unable to download it with OrFox far.


There's a recent copy on, unfortunately there aren't full pictures for all the thumbs, but probably you can reverse search anything that you need.

Interestingly looking again at the thread confirms my suspect that the claim "almost all of what was posted there at this time was art by this artist" is pure and simple bullshit, I see only ONE picture (the 4th one) made by Twistd, it's even watermarked with the url of his website.


This was the most stupid action done by gurochan mods in all gurochan history. (and not because of that ridiculous paywall respect.)

I was not even interested in that thread but since it made such a fuss, I checked it on as suggested by >>9972

This thread has none of the paid pictures of that butthurt artist, but from the discussion, it can be suspected that 250 of them were posted.

the problem with gurochan mods is that they do not even take any slightest effort to check what is going on there and deleted the thread after the person who posted those pictures deleted them himself and there was no more any reason to delete the thread anymore.

Ironically enough all of those pictures are fully available on the internet for free already and anyone willing to get them just needs to do google search and find them. It is unclear if gurochan was the source of that torrent or pictures from the torrent were just posted on gurochan but either way, it is too late anyone who wants them can get them for free. So those pirated pictures happens to be the only content saved from that thread LOL

Looks like a request for forbidden feast pictures on req board also got deleted.

I suspect now the artist is supposed to quit as promised because fortunately there is no way to stop piracy. Maybe finally everyone will understand that this is a futile fight, sooner or later everything will be posted for free if it has any value. If you try to base your payment model on the attempt to prevent people from accessing your work that will absolutely fail.


I can't find it. Can you give me the thread number or something? I want to at least reverse image search for stuff I don't have.


Not certainly in that way. I saw that thread. There they posted not only the drawings that were on the torrents. Namely, new drawings. Some are even unfinished. But for some reason, the comics weren’t fully uploaded. In any case, they did not sag for a long time and were removed. And then the thread disappeared.


Forgot to add. The web archive did not manage to save the thread by all appearances.


Sure, it was 64456
It did, but luckily for Twistd it missed the (pretty long) time when the pirated stuff was available. The latest archived version is dated 25 August, after the pirated stuff was purged and shortly before the deletion of the thread, while the previous version dates back to June.

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