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Hey, I recently got DAZ 3D (hence a complete noob), but they don't seem to "do" anatomically correct young characters. I can't seem to find anywhere that has them. Where do young characters come from? Surely people don't build them from scratch? Thanks!


What exactly does it men anatomically correct?
If you speak about missing genitalia, it is separate item like hair.

If you just need child models you can look for AngelWings stuff, that guy makes very good child models.
but also you can just use any model and use "growing up" morphs to change age. or alternatively you can just adjust head eye size and scale it down


Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I thought the genitalia had to match the model, i.e. V8 genitalia only matched V8 models? And they don't do that for any of the younger/teen models? I'm a total noob though, so I may well be mistaken. I will definitely look for AngelWings, is he on a specific site, like renderotica, etc? And first I have heard of growing up morphs! You can apply them to any model? Thanks tons!


Yes of course genitalia has to match the base model, but all models you find will be based on V7 or V8 aka G3-G8
so whatever young model you will find you can use adult genitalia. V8 genitalia is also usable for V7-G3

Yes, you can apply growing up to any model, but there is a catch that those morphs will typically mess up your long hair since they alter head/shoulders proportion.
so if you use long hair it may be preferable not to fit the hair but just parent it to the head or use short hair. Some long hair actually works fine.

You can find AngelWings models almost anywhere just google them. his official shop is on to check wahst is available.
Generally, I would recommend to check site and quickly fill all your model needs. it has everything you may use. so do not even bother downloading everything in a row, just chose what you can actually use.

You may have a problem with boys as it is not that easy to find matching genitalia textures but there is a solution as well if you need it about which we will talk later if necessary.

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