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There is no good way to start a thread like this. I like to think my threads are, hopefully, asking existentional and philosophical questions worth answering. But what can I wrote, which won't end up pretentious and overdone to death?
We're all redundant.

How do you deal with loss? With pain? With anger?

With the past?

I've tried denial, and it was working like a charm for almost 20 years. But the fucking mask is cracking as I write this shit down.

How to find peace with yourself? Maybe you never needed that and you re accepting yourself for who you are?


The solution is pretty simple. Nothing that you do has any meaning. Life is a game so try to have fun. If possible, to make that game more interesting and pleasant because it is a pretty crappy game with only one life.

If you were a woman it would be pretty simple your purpose would be baby-making but since you are a guy you have absolutely no purpose you are a god, who exists just for his own fun. By some random chances, your genes may be transferred to another generation but it is not your purpose to do it.

You probably would not complain that MMORPG game characters are all redundant or the fact that you slay a dragon changes nothing because he respawns next second. So no reason to worry about redundancy.

The thoughts like yours typically happen when your denial was about denying the fact that life is the game and you spent it doing things you don't like because of some obligation or duty to something transcendent. Later you find out that all that as a waste but you can't accept that you actually wasted 20 years of your life on pointless suffering because you are an idiot and did not notice the obvious things.
The loss is when you invest in something and all your investment is gone with no trace. denial just makes it worse, because you refuse to accept the fact that your investment is gone and continue to invest into something that already went bankrupt instead of trying to cash out whatever is still possible. But the more you deny it the worse will be your consequences.
By the way, this is even told in the bible by Jesus.

Fortunately for me, I was just lucky and dodged the bullet. I never married or had children got a pretty easy job which later transformed into a business. I would even claim extraordinary luck that I practically escaped death several times along with my relatives so nobody even got hurt. If feels like I am walking on the edge of the abyss for so long and still did not fall.
The only real problem for me is that it is not so easy to find someone to play this game of life together.
I have no regrets (besides the regret that I did not mine any bitcoins) and my only concern is that this good life is eventually going to end in one way or another. But maybe I will get lucky again and my project, which is beyond the dreams of the most delusional narcissist, worth several sextillions dollars, will succeed and I will be the person who turned the entire universe upside down. So not all hope is lost yet.

The recipe for happiness is to have hope for the best and expect the worst.
Either way, whenever your dreams will come true you will lose that dream and what you get will typically be far worse than you expected. If the dream does not come true you at least get to keep the dream.


Simple, I scream


Man, if life was a game, I would love for you to be the final boss (no sarcasm!). That kill would be hella satisfying. I like how strongly I disagree with your ideology, and I love how much you believe in it. Imagine Fallout 2/New Vegaslike (SPEECH 100) showdown!

If this isn't obvious, you are a very smart guy. But you are wrong about me. Also you went way out off topic.
How do you deal with pain? With bad thoughts? I don't believe you never experienced those. I don't need patronizing advices from egocentric sociopath. I'm one myself. I like "recipe for happiness", but it's just poetry, not universal truth.

ALTHOUGH! If in future you'll manage to achieve immortality, forget what I've wrote above, because I'll be very interested in siding with ya, my dear, dear friend!

I like you.


How do you deal with loss? (I edited it out somehow:/)


You know when you kill the last boss the game usually ends ;)

I do not really have anything much to lose and I was still lucky enough not to lose anything important yet, and not even experience any significant pain.(unless we count in my acute appendicitis that hurt like hell. LOL)
Of course, it will happen eventually but it is hard to tell now how I will deal with that then. Maybe it will not be that horrible because when you lose something you gain more freedom.

So what I said before, is pretty relevant to how I deal with loss. I understand that losing something also gives me something back because every "asset" is also "liability". so in those situations, my thoughts to revolve around the plans how I will move forward and will be able to do things that I could not do before because of that thing I lost.
If I think about the situation when I lose everything completely where I will be sure that I have no future anymore I will have to end my life with something resembling a suicide in some fun way. sometimes I even envy people whose life was not as good as mine, because the fact that it is pretty good, makes me value it so much that I cannot do things I would love to do.

My usual problem is not so much losing something but the perspective of such loss happening in the near future.
waiting for a loss is worse than the loss itself because you can't do anything at all, neither you can prevent loss neither you can move forward from that.
It happened to me a few times on a medium scale, but by some miracle, everything resolved somehow.
In those situations, I was under pretty big stress because of my inability to do anything at all. It is neither pain or bad thoughts it is the situation when you are just stuck, same as if you are tied and cannot move. And this is the worst thing I ever experienced. I think it is depression. I could even fell how my body is breaking down at that time.


>because the fact that it is pretty good, makes me value it so much that I cannot do things I would love to do.



this song is pretty relevant here:

But it cannot be described in some list of things I want to do in life, it is how I am forced to behave.

If for example, someone hurts me I can't kill that person or even respond in any meaningful way. I have to act civilized, but if I was about to die anyone who will show even slightest disrespect would immediately die.

You know those degenerates whom you can find on the street where if you say something wrong to them you will typically end dead.

also, I could approach women more easily because I would not care about damaging my social status So I could act like a dick without any fear. now I can't just approach a woman on the street and say something "hey you look sexy let's go fuck" or grab her but or tits or do other stuff which is inappropriate but whats degenerates do without any fear and actually have good success.

So if my life was about to end I would act like a typical sociopath. I may end in jail or get killed but who cares if my life is not even worth dime, engaging in the fight with police is also one of the fun things to do. (like playing GTA in the real-life LOL.)

Another idea is to take as much debt as possible and go for a vacation in Thailand

Maybe hijack some plane and fly around.

Take sweet revenge on everyone who hurt me. ( Not people who did something random but who treat me like shit.)

In general, I would love to do everything intense and exciting, It does not really matter what. I am pretty flexible here.

Since life is a game, the purpose of life is to have maximum fun before you die.

But doing 3d loli porn for gurochan is also a good way to spend time. During all of my life, I still had more fun that those sociopaths. And I still have the potential to get even more.

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