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Firstly, Sorry if that discussion have been dealt before.

Title. Which one do you like more? Which one is hotter do you think? What are your general opinions?


Well I prefer (and write) guro oriented stuff, with just enough plot to hang the juicy bits together.

Of course there's room for both though, and both types seem pretty well represented in /lit/ for example.

But if I'm reading a story for the guro content, I don't want to be skipping ahead to get to the salacious bits.


The problem for me with fiction that includes guro is that I get attached to the characters and feel bad or just unable to masturbate to their deaths and gruesome situations.

I like guro oriented fiction, but I still want some realism and not completely absurd and or sexualized scenarios. So I guess what I would prefer is something in between.



Oh, almost on the contrary for me. Of course I do feel bad when the characters I got attached died but this way, it increases my pleasure too. Sadness and sexual pleasure mixes in that case for me :D


I think if I let myself indulge in the lustful feelings I get from sadness mixed with sexual pleasure, I might actually like it, but I kind of prevent myself from indulging since I just feel it's wrong lol and hold the characters and the story to some form of purity.

Do you happen to know any examples of stories, movies or any fiction that includes guro?


Yes, there's definitely something erotic about the bittersweet aspect of snuffing a character that you've grown to love. I've played a bit with that in my story, like in chapter 4, "Bittersweet", and perhaps to a lesser extent with the twins in chapters 7-10. But I haven't committed to doing that fully (yet). Even I struggle with making bad things happen to my readers' favourite characters, even though some are egging me on to do so lol.

Ah! the old "It's nice, but I don't like it" thing!

I'm thinking something like TSade's "Dolcett Girls" is probably a kind of middle ground. It' a solid story with a decent amount of guro included.


I second that.
if story is too serious and makes me attached to its characters it turns into tragedy not guro.
But also I want to see decent plot in the story as well. if story is just an alphabet soup it is not fun to read either unless it is very short.

the best solution is when story is based on some unconventional motives to drive its plot. something to show it on another angle to prevent turning it into tragedy for example presenting it from the perspective of some other character. or another way is when guro is not really the topic of the story but just a thing to spice it, or when its main characters do not die.

If story is actual plain tragedy after all for me it leave no other choice but just avoiding falling in love with its characters or treating it just as meaningless work of fiction. but this kind of approach takes away lost of pleasure which I could have if I could get fully immersed into the story.


I suspect that you are a masochist then ;)



Yeah, I guess I'm kinda masochist when it's movies, comics, animations, or stories etc. I like tragedy stories :D

Well, I just find it deeper I think. Same thing happens for normal porn too. When I'm reading a comic or just watching a normal porn, it gives me more pleasure when I'm attached to the characters and they are familiar instead of some random people.

(I'm that 9754 and 9759 btw)

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