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Hello everyone, I was seeking for advise, in the past I've made a lot of drawn commissions about my OCs ending up in all kind of terrible situations, which is something I really enjoy, especially giving the artist some freedom about what happens to them so they can come up with their own Idea, this is even hotter :)

Lately I started wondering about something new, I love when it's a female "aggressor", and I was linked a youtube series made by a youtuber named Reitanna "Diary of a serial killer" which is about a serial killer describing the various murders of her "career". I loved one of the episodes where the victims matched my interests, and I was thinking to commission a voice actress that could be interested in doing a similar story where she'd voice a killer describing how they killed my ocs as victims. Ideally I'd give her freedom to create the story and do something she likes, but I understand it would mean more work for her and I could come up with something myself if she prefers.

My question was just the following, do you know anyone that could potentially be interested in doing such a project ? I've started to look into amateur voice actresses who do commissions, but I'd rather find one with an interest in guro to begin with. If you've ever met someone who did similar things, or if you know of another place where I could look for someone interested in both gore and voice acting, I'd love to hear about them :)
(picture is one of the many previously mentioned commissions by an artist named scvmmy on da :) )

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